You need to get a bus ticket to get back home.

Use the information board in the street to see where the bus station is and that you need $50 for a ticket. Walk into the Not A Yahtzee store and talk to the shopkeeper. Eventually ask him what’s for free and you can take any item. Walk to the left and take the X-rated MAGAZINE from the shelf.

Walk south to leave the shop and talk to the bum in the street who now seems to be an alien. Ask for something for free and he can only give you something if he gives you a Scid’s beer. Enter Scid’s left of the alien and talk to the barman. Ask him what the beer costs and he’ll tell you about the trade with the magazine. He’ll give you the magazine and you get the BEER.

Walk south to leave the bar and outside give the beer to the alien. He’ll give you a KEY. Enter  Baits Motel and talk to the man behind the desk. He’ll tell you about the key of his make-up kit. He’ll give you $50 for it. Give him the key and receive the $50. Use the door to leave the motel and walk to the right until you reach the ticket office and the barrier.


Give the $50 to the cashier and receive your BUS TICKET in return. Put the ticket into the machine next to the barrier and you can go home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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