It’s very quiet in the house.

Look at the cat on the couch and get the KEYS out of his mouth. Take the ANTENNA from the TV set and pick up the BOOK from the floor. Take the yellow JACKET from the wardrobe and leave the room. There’s your father and the empty birdcage. Use your father to get an ARROW out of him. Use the keys on the cupboard to unlock it and find a MAGAZINE and a LETTER inside.

Leave the room through the door on the left and in the hall use the door on the left to go to the street. You must find out more about the cult and you must find Grim.  Walk to the right and go into town. You need an ID card to get into places. Enter the youth center to the right of Holly’s.

Grim’s father, who is chief of police is guarding the door. Talk to him and ask him to let you inside. To go there, you need to either pay 15 bucks or a dildo. Take the BOTTLE standing next to him and use the stairs to go up. The door on the right is Ben’s studio but the door is shut. Use the antenna on the door to get inside and use the box on the floor to open it.


Look inside the box and find a CROWBAR. Use the door on the right to leave again and use the stairs to go down.Walk to the right and leave the building. In the street walk to the left and walk further down the street. Enter your own apartment left of the book shop. Use the door upstairs and once inside use the door on the right to go to your own room again. Use the crowbar on the drawer in the desk to open it and look inside.

You’ll take the SUNGLASSES, your own BOOK and a PHOTO of yourself. Use the door to return to the living room and use the door on the left to enter the bathroom. On the bath is a roll of TOILET PAPER. Take it. Use the bottle on the toilet to fill it with URINE. Leave the bathroom on the right and the house using the door next to it. Use the door on the left to go down the stairs and hit the street again.

Enter the book shop next to your apartment and talk to the man behind the counter. Ask about the book and he’ll tell you it’s not for sale. He’ll tell you about the men in yellow coats that made him jump. In your inventory use the yellow coat on yourself to wear it and add the sunglasses. Talk to the man behind the counter again and he’ll drop dead.

Take the BAT from above the bookshelf on the right. Take the TOMAHAWK from the wax Indian on the left. Leave the shop and outside use the tomahawk on the BOOK to cut it loose. Walk to the left and enter Church Road. Walk toward the church and go inside. Talk to the nun and learn about her family tree. Ask her to join you to the concert. Leave the church on the right and walk south to your own street.

Walk further to the right and keep walking to the right. Then enter the park. Talk to Sherlock standing next to the bench and he’ll tell you he wants a drink. Tell him you want something in return and when he asks what, tell him you want the ID card.

Give the bottle with urine to Sherlock and you’ll get the ID CARD. Walk to the right and leave the park. Enter Grim’s place left of Holly’s. Use the light switch next to your head to make some light. Take the SOCK from the floor and use the drawer next to the chair to open it. Take the LIGHTER from it and use the drawer under the TV as well. In this one you’ll find a MOBILE PHONE. Open the wardrobe and pick up the GUITAR.

Take the photo from your inventory and hold it on the sticky white stain on the desk. Then stick the photo on the ID card. Leave the room on the left and try to enter Holly’s bar again. With the right ID you now .. still can’t but Grim steps outside.  Talk to him and tell him the whole story.

Grim takes off to the youth center for the concert. Follow him into the building. In your inventory use the lighter with the bat to melt the plastic. Put the plastic over the mobile phone and you have your DILDO. Give it to the chief of police and he’ll open the door.

Don’t go inside yet but leave on the right and in the street walk to the park on the right. Pick up the BOTTLE lying in front of the bench and leave the park again on the right. Enter the youth center again and this time use the door next to the officer to enter the concert hall.

Angeline will be there and Grim will go on stage. Listen to his song or just talk to him. Give him the book from the book shop and he’ll tell you to get a holy weapon. Walk to the right and Enter the door north to go to the toilets. There’s someone in need of paper. Against the wall on the left is a STICK. Pick it up and in your inventory put the sock over the bottle. Then use the bottle on the sink to get some clean WATER. Give the toilet paper through the gap in the door to the person on the toilet.

Use the door on the right to leave and walk further to the right to leave the concert hall. Next to the stairs you have other business and when done, enter the concert hall again. Talk to Grim, ask why he’s walking away from you and he’ll give you CHEWING GUM.

Look at the chewing gum to chew it and look at the guitar to keep the STRING. Use the chewing gum on the stick and add the string to it to create a bow. Walk to Angeline and give her the water. She’ll make the bow into a holy bow. Give the bow to Grim and he’ll tell you to bring him to the church.

Walk to the right and use the door to leave the hall. Use the door on the right to go to the street and walk to the left. Enter the street to your own house and keep walking to the left and enter Church Road. Use the front door of the church to enter. But if it was such a good idea…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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