You need to get that postcard.  Use the sidewalk and turn right into the street. Follow the sidewalk until you see the post office across the street. Cross the street to the post office to find the entrance guarded by a dog. You need to get rid of him. Walk south three times and then north along the sidewalk.

On the left are mailboxes and left of them is a fence. Walk towards the fence and find the gate. Use the latch on the gate to unlock it and enter the park. In the snow is something buried. Look closer at it to see it’s a dog toy. Pick up the DOG TOY and go south four times to return to the crossing. Turn right, and follow the sidewalk again until you’re back at the dog in front of the post office.

Throw the dog toy on the ramp to the right of the dog and use the entrance to enter the post office. Inside talk to the clerk and tell about your key. He’ll give you your new mailbox KEY. Leave the post office and use the sidewalk south three times to return to the crossing. Then take the sidewalk north to the mailboxes. Look at the keys in your inventory to see the number of your mailbox. Use the key on the second cabinet from the right, the third box from the top in the left row of boxes. That’s your mailbox.


Take the postcard from the mailbox and look at it. On the back side you’ll find the address of your friend and eventually travel there the next morning.

Alexander isn’t in his room. Look at the chest on the floor to open it. Pick up the metal container inside to put it on the drawer chest. Leave the chest and open the metal container. There’s a bright light. Reach for the bright light and lose consciousness.

When you come to, the metal container is back in the CHEST in your inventory. Look at the floor to find a blue pill. Pick up the PILL and leave the room. Walk south to the road and north down the road. When facing the church, turn right twice to see the shops. In front of you is the pharmacy. Enter the pharmacy and talk to the lady behind the counter.

Ask her to examine the pill and give her the blue pill. She’ll tell you it’s Haldol, used to treat schizophrenia. Leave the pharmacy and walk north into the street to the elevator. Enter the elevator and talk to the person in the ticket booth. Ask her if she’s seen Jorge and tell her you’re a friend. Ask everything you can to find out about the wind power generator and his strange behavior. The lady will give you a MAP to show the location. Leave the lady and select the map. Travel to the green pin, the wind power generator.

Wind Power Generator:

Look at the gravel right of the tower to find a footprint. Check out the forest behind it to find another print and follow the trail into the forest. In front of you in the sand is another shoe print. Look at the to follow the trail further towards a hut. Enter the hut on the right.

On the left is a book on the box. Pick up the BOOK and read it in your inventory. You’ll learn about the three stones and the Oracle. On the desk is a JOURNAL. There’s also a bottle with PILLS next to it. Look at the bottle of pills in your inventory to see it’s more Haldol belonging to Alex and it can cause drowsiness. Look at the journal to read more about Alex’ findings and the girl at the ticket booth.

Leave the hut on the south and walk north onto the beach. Turn left to see a person fishing in see. Go towards the person and talk to him. Ask about Alex and he’ll point towards the cliffs at the stick in the sand. Go south to head back and turn left twice to face the opposite direction. Walk north until you find the float. There you’ll also see the cliff. On top of the cliff, right of the float you can see a metal bar. You’ll realize you need some equipment to get up there.

Head back south and turn right. Walk north from the beach and enter the hut on the right again. Look around the hut more. In the bin to the right of the desk you can find some ROPE. To the right of the bin is a quiver with an ARROW inside. On the shelves on the left is a tin and inside you’ll find three SHOTGUN SHELLS. Above the tin is CLOTH and when you look at the lamp you’ll find a LIGHTER behind it. On the wall right of the shelves hangs a TUBE you can use as cannon. In the hanging basket on the left you can find a STOPPER. Take it and leave the hut.

Walk north to the beach and forward to the float. In your inventory open the knife and use it on the shotgun shells to get the gun powder out. Put the powder into the map tube. Wrap the cloth around the stopper and put it on the powder filled map tube. Tie the rope to the arrow and put this in the map tube as well. Your cannon is now ready. Use the lighter with the cannon to shoot the arrow to the metal bar on top of the cliff. Once launched, tie the anchor to the rope and your grapple hook is ready for use.

Use the rope to climb on top of the cliff. Look at the hole which has a metal plate inside with a groove in the shape of a key. Pick up the METAL BALL and place the metal ball in the mould. Now you have to wait for lightning. Use the map in your inventory and select the blue pin on it to return to your apartment.


Use the door to go inside and the bed to get some sleep. The next morning, use the map in your inventory and travel back to the wind generator at the green pin.

Monte Sobras:

Walk north into the forest and follow the shoe print to the hut. Then north to the beach and turn right. Walk north to the float and use the rope to climb the cliff again.

Use the hole to notice the cannonball is gone but the mould is stuck in the hole. Use the knife from your inventory to pry the KEY from the hole. Use the map to return to Nazare.


Walk south to the road. Walk north down the road and in the center turn left. Walk north towards the street vendor. You can start a conversation but she doesn’t speak English.

Go to the telescope and use the money from your inventory on the coin slot. When viewing through the telescope look up and left twice to find a mount in the back. You can see a watch tower on top of the mount. That was like in Alex journal. Open the map and travel to the black pin: Monte Sobras.

Monte Sobras:

Climb the stairs in front of you all the way up until you realize there are guards inside. You can overhear a conversation and conclude that you can lure them away from there if you’d have a two-way radio. Use the map and travel back to Nazare.


In front of the apartment walk south to the road and north to follow the road into town. Turn right twice and walk north towards the elevator. Enter the building and talk to the lady in the booth.

Give money to the lady to buy a ticket. Walk north into the elevator and use the cable cart to travel down to the other side. Inside the car turn around and take the RADIO from the left of the console. Use the map in your inventory and travel to Monte Sobras again.

Monte Sobras:

Climb the stairs until you’re under the watchtower and turn left to a secluded spot.

Take the radio from your inventory and use the knob on top to turn it on. Use the up-button on the front to switch to the right channel: CH69. Then use the button on the left side to talk to the man in the tower. Tell him you’re tower Gamma and talk to the man about the supplies. Tell him to check them and eventually he’ll leave the tower.

Put the radio away and walk south to under the tower. Climb the stairs to go inside and find a cup on the desk. Use the Haldol pills on the cup to make the guard drowsy and take the SCEPTER. Leave the tower and return to the secluded spot where you’ll wait until the guard is asleep. Leave the secluded place and climb the mountain top behind the iron ladder. Use the scepter on the village. Look at the scepter to use it as cross-hair and you’ll find the lighthouse. Use the map in your inventory and travel to the red pin: the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse:

Walk towards the front door to find it locked. You need to find another way in. Walk back and go towards the barrier on the right. Move the broken fence so you can pass it and follow the path running next to the lighthouse. Keep following the path until you reach the metal stairs. Use the stairs to climb down to the cliffside where you’ll find a cave. Go inside and in the dark look at the metal in the center. On the metal you’ll find a hole. Use the key you moulded earlier on the hole and discover a secret room.

Use the ladder to climb up and in the room you’ll find a dead body in the corner. Search the dead body to find it’s Alex. In hand is a note that you’ll read. Return the note and look at the pillar in the center. Open the chest in your inventory and take the metal box out. Put the metal box on the pillar and take the lid off. The light beam is split into three and now three portals are created. Use the portal on the left to visit the monastery.


Walk ahead towards the table. Turn to the right and enter the hallway. Use the entrance on the left to enter a small chapel. To the right of the candle stand is a SNUFFER. Pick it up and walk one step back. Then enter the other chapel through the opening on the right. There are two large bells. Use the snuffer on the bells to hear what sound they make.

Walk back twice and enter the chapel altar behind the tomb. Look at the tableau and find a pan flute on it. Try to get the same notes as you heard with the bells: the second and fifth pipe from the left. You’ll hear stones slide. Step back and look at the secret chamber to find a RED STONE that has to be put on the pedestal.

Walk back, turn left and walk south, up the isle and back to the portal.

The lighthouse:

Open the chest in your inventory and take the metal tin out. Put the tin on the pedestal. Take the red stone out and put it on the pedestal as well. Take the lid from the metal tin and use the portal on the right to travel to the castle.

The castle:

In the courtyard climb the stairs on the left side. Next to the stone steps is a BUCKET. Take it, walk up the stone steps and go through the doorway in the back. In the torture chamber enter the archway on the right. There’s a display case showing different weapons. Use your knife on the lock to open the case and take the spiked CLUB from it. Leave the room and walk back. Go down the stone stairs and walk back again.

Enter the second doorway on the right, behind the broken column. In the display case is a statuette. Use the club on the display case to smash it and take the STATUETTE. Leave the room and climb the metal stairs on the left again. Walk up the stone stairs and through the doorway on the right.

Put the statuette on the lunette of the guillotine and cut the rope with your knife to behead the statuette. Pick up the FIGURINE again and look at it in your inventory. Inside you’ll find a BLACK STONE. Walk back and down the stone steps. Walk back even further and then south back to the portal.

The lighthouse:

Open the chest in your inventory and take the metal tin out. Put the tin on the pedestal. Take the black stone out and put it on the pedestal as well. Take the lid from the metal tin and use the portal in the middle to travel to the garden.

The Garden:

Follow the pathway north to the machine and look at the machine. The water level is too low to scoop it. Leave the machine and walk one step further north and then take the pathway to the right where you’ll find another machine. It’s a giant drill. Use the handle of the drill to pump water and quickly put the bucket at the end of the machine to catch the WATER. Be quick though.. (use handle and right click to open the inventory quicker).

Walk back twice and look at the first machine again. Throw the bucket with water on the plate at the end and watch two Greek symbols appear at the end of the runways. It’s Alpha and Omega.  Leave the machine and walk back on the pathway one step and take the pathway to the right where you’ll see two posts.

Set the lever on the left post to Alpha (top position) and the right one to Omega (middle position). Leave the posts and walk all the way north until you find a device with rings. Turn the inner ring once and the outer ring once. The device will go back to the default position and in the beams a BLUE STONE will appear. Take the stone and walk all the way back until you’re in the lighthouse again.

The lighthouse:

Open the chest in your inventory and take the metal tin out. Put the tin on the pedestal. Take the blue stone out and put it on the pedestal as well. Take the lid from the metal tin. You’ll find the Oracle! Take the ORACLE from the pedestal and use it on the dead body of Alex in the corner.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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