Use the front door of the mansion to enter it and attend the seance.

In front of the stairs turn left twice and meet the priest, Rusty and Evelyn. Talk to all three and then walk to the left. Use the door to enter the toilet and behind the toilet you find a ROSARY. Then the seance starts in the other room.

When the seance is over, use the door to leave the toilet and walk to the right to see the mess. Take the TEDDY BEAR from the table and search the body of Rusty to find a KNIFE. Walk to the right twice and you’re at the stairs again. Walk further to the right and take the BOOK from the floor. Look at the book in your inventory.

Walk further to the right and take the AXE from the counter. The cupboard on the right can be opened but the passage it reveals is too dark to enter. Walk to the left twice to go back to the stairs. Go up the stairs and use the door in front of you.


Talk to the big bear and give him the blue book. You’ll get it back and also the next BOOK, the one of the twins this time. Open the inventory and use the brown book. Here you can read about the siamese twins. Leave the room and walk to the left. There’s a painting on the wall and when you look at it, you throw it away, revealing a hole behind the painting. Look at the hole and see it’s a fuse holder.

Use the door to enter the room and look at the painting. It’s a map of the building. Leave the painting and look at the books. Take the pink JOURNAL and read it in your inventory. It reports the next kid that died. Leave the room and go to the right twice. Climb the stairs and go left. Use the door in front of you and take the MATCH from the mantle piece. Leave the room again and go left. Use the door on the left and look at the grafiti. Take the red JOURNAL from the floor and read it in your inventory. You know you have to be prepared.

Looking at the left wall you see a huge crack. Take the WOOD that’s on the right of the chair.Use the door on the right to leave the room, go right twice and down the stairs. Go left once and down the stairs again. Below go right twice to reach the cupboard that’s open.

Use the knife from the inventory and use it on the bear in your inventory to take the COTTON out. Use the cotton on the wood and use the match to light the torch. Use the torch on the cupboard and then use the axe on the crack you see behind it. Then use the crack to enter the crawlspace and find a boy.

Talk to the boy thrn give him the teddy bear. In return you’ll get a FUSE. Climb the ladder against the wall and climb into the ventilation system on the left. Talk to the spirits but they do not respond. Try to use the lever in the back and they will scare you off. Use the grating on the left and enter the gap you created.

Look at the writing on the wall next to the gap you came through. It says ‘Emily’. Take the light blue JOURNAL from the bottom shelf of the bookcase and read it in your inventory. This one is about Kyle. Use the chain to climb down and find the hatch downstairs. But you can’t get it open. Climb the chain again and use the opening on the right to leave the tower. Give the rosary to the twin but is has to be blessed.

Use the grating on the right and the ladder to climb down back to Kyle. Use the opening on the left and you’re back in the kitchen. Walk to the left fout times and you’re with the dead bodies again. Use the rosary on the priest, what’s left of him, and it will be blessed. Go to the right twice and up the stairs. Turn left and use the fuse on the hole in the wall.

Go right, down the stairs and right twice. Then use the crack behind the cupboard to enter the crawlspace and climb the ladder. Then enter the vent system on the left again. Give the rosary to the twin again. You can now use the switch behind them. Enter the vent system on the left and climb down the chain untill you reach the hatch. Because of the fuse it’s open now. Climb down and walk to the right three times. There’s a spider.

Talk to the spider and find out it’s Emily. Learn more about the doctor and his hideout. Leave on the left and she’ll give you flamable WEBBING. Walk to the left until you reach the ladder and climb it. Then climb the chain and go through the opening on the right. Use the vent on the right, climb the ladder  down and go through the hole on the left to return to the kitchen. Go left twice to reach the hallway.

Go up the stairs, turn right and climb the second stairs. Turn left and enter the room in front of you. Talk to the fireplace to talk to Dr. Kur. When you’ve done enough talking and it’s time for action, use the webbing on the fireplace and then the torch on the webbing to light it. You’ll kill Dr. Kur and rescue the others.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Hi, I am Ryan, the creator of this game.

    It is so interesting to see that someone actually took the time to write a walkthrough for this game! Thanks!

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