You crashed on an island and have to get away. Standing in front of the remains of your plane, use the door to get into the plane. What a mess here. On your right is an orange crate. Look inside and take the RIPPED SHEET and AMMO out. Then use the door on the north to see what’s in the toilet. Here you can take a ROPE from the wall, a bag of FOOD in the lower right corner and a bag with METAL PIECES from the center. Leave the toilet and leave the plane.

Walk to the right center of the screen to get to the base of a mountain. In the north you can see trees. Look at them, they have fruits in them. Use the bag in your inventory to grab some FRUIT.

Walk in front of the mountain to the right to go to the map. Go to the woods directly north of the plane. You’ll get to some dark trees and something on the ground. Pick it up to find it’s a FLASHLIGHT. Leave this part of the forest and then go to the little isolated beach on the north of the island. You can only go there if you pass the pond.

Next to the pond is a not so friendly looking monster. But food always makes friends. Give your food to the monster and it’ll leave. Walk further to the left. On the beach you can see a hatch leading to a cave. Select the hatch to go inside.


Talk to the man inside. Ask where you are and how to get away from this island. Robinson suggests a raft. Give him the flashlight and you’ll get a SAW in return. It’s old and rusty so no use to him. Give Robinson the metal pieces. Unfortunately you get nothing in return. Give him the bullets. He’ll accept them and ask you about the sheet you have. Tell him it’s ripped and he’ll repair it for you.

Leave the cave and walk to the north through the trees. Then walk to the right next to the pond. On the map select the plane and when you stand in front, go south. There’s a part of the beach with a very large rock. Since the saw in your pocket is dull, you need to sharpen it. Use the saw on the rock and you can use the saw again.

Walk to the north, at the plane to the right and in front of the mountain again to the right. Go to the forrest above the plane again. On the lower right is a trunk sticking out. Use your new saw on the TRUNK to take it with you. Leave this part of the forrest by going to the right. On the map select the mountain.

Use the rope on the wing, use the sheets on the wing and use the trunk on the wing. All parts are there to make a perfect raft. Select the wing and use the raft to leave the island.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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