There are arcade elements in this game that the walkthrough can’t help with. There are ways to bypass these alements but then you’ll have to pay a price: being faster than the police. Apart from these elements, the solution is:

You have $20. When you go into the shop on the left, you see you can’t buy very much for that. The easiest way to get the loot is with a ladder and a lock pick set. You can manage with only the ladder, but then you’ll have to be very fast because the police will be notified.

In this case you’ll need $40. So let’s go the park, across Gary’s Tools.

To get more money:


Keep the mouse pointer within the circle for 10 seconds. If you manage to do so, you’ll earn the contents of the wallet, if you fail you can try again. But if you fail twice the police will be notified and then you’ll only have 2 minutes to get the contents of the safe.

When you have more than $40, go to Gary’s Tools and buy a LADDER and a LOCK PICK SET. Now that we have our tools, let’s go to the manor.

Getting inside:

To get inside you need to overcome two obstacles: the outer gate/wall and the front door. For the first we bought the ladder. Put it against the wall and climb over. You’ll arrive at the second obstacle, the front door.

Now that you have your lock pick set, use it on the door. A second arcade will start. ‘Catch’ the right colour with the right cursor. If at 100% the front door is unlocked and will open.

An alternative is to grab the stone on the pavement and throw it through the window. Keep in mind that it will set off the alarm and you’ll then have only 2 minutes left. We have our tools so we can take our time.

The safe:

Once inside, we can see the safe. First we have to make sure we can get out again so when you look in the drawers of the desk you’ll find a KEY of the gate. Look at the safe. There’s a note on the side. Read the note and get the phonenumber. Use the phone to dial this number and listen to the number of messages you have (part 1). Read your newspaper. It says which month the husband died. Translate the name of the month to the number (part 2). Then it gives you an age at which they first met (part 3). Now look at the note again.

There’s a piece of text that will indicate in which order these numbers should go. The call gets mentioned (part 1), the husband (part 2) and the first meeting (part 3). End with the code that’s on the note (part 4).

The safe will open and you can take the goodies.

If you don’t want to puzzle the code and have enough money to get dynamite, you might want to use that on the safe. Remember to get out fast then.

Go back to the front door, back to the gate and back to town. Use the van to drive off. No one will ever know you were here.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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