After traveling to the ranch, walk to the right.

On the door is a note. Take the NOTE from the door and in your inventory combine the note with the letter you got from Allan to compare the handwriting. It’s not the same. Kick down the front door. Open the door on the left to enter the office and search through the left drawer of the desk to find a torn up LETTER. Examine the letter in your inventory.

Leave the office on the right and walk south to leave the house. Go to the right and to the tool shed on the right of the house.  Open the door of the shed and search the interior to find a KNIFE. Search the interior of the shed again to get an AXE.

Walk further to the right to find a house and knock examine one of the windows to see someone inside. Knock on the window to get his attention. Talk to the man about Allan, the empty houses and ask for his name. Leave the man and walk further to the right. Ring the doorbell left of the door and talk to the man at the door. Ask him about Allan, his whereabouts and about the man next door. Ask him what he’s doing here and he’ll tell you about his books.


Walk all the way to the left to the ranch until you realize you need some sleep. Walk through the doorway into the ranch and open the door on the right to enter the living room and get some sleep.

Walk to the right until you find the trail of blood. Follow the trail further to the right and open the door of the house. Use the axe on the door on the right to knock it open. Inside the room you’ll find a freezer. Search the bodies in the freezer to get the second part of your torn up LETTER. In your inventory combine the two shredded parts and examine the letter to learn what was asked of Allan.

Go up the stairs and walk south to leave the house. But someone heard you. Walk to the left outside and north to the barn between the two houses. Hide behind the big bale in the middle of the barn. As soon as Roger is standing on the left under the bale, climb the ladder on the right.

Walking over the floorboard to the hanging bale can be tricky. When walking from the ladder to the back wall, stay to the left as much as possible to avoid the squeaky floorboard. When you’ve reached the rope of the hanging bale all the way on the left side, use the knife on the hanging bale to cut the rope.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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