You’re kept in a prison. And it’s very dark.

Use the lower left corner to find a VIDEO TAPE and a BOOK. A bit to the right of the window is a T1000 plasmatron TV. Use the video tape with the T1000 to see the welcome message. It’s the doctor explaining what you’re doing on this health farm. After the message, the vending machine will turn on. Use the vending machine to take the energy drink out and you’ll drink it. Then you’ll pass out.

When you wake up, it’s light in your cell. You must get out! Take the SHEETS from your bed. The door has no handle so can’t be opened from the inside. Talk to the door and realise it’s a voice controlled one. Use the open door again to walk into the corridor.

Use the door on the right side without a number. It’s the laundry room. You can see a broom on the washing machine but it’s too high to reach. On the right is the Autowash 3000. Use your bedsheet with the Autowash 3000 and it will be cleaned. The shaking will let the broom fall on the floor so you can pick up the BROOM. Use the door on the left to leave the laundry room.


In the corridor use the door on the left with number 12 on it. There’s a man impatiently waiting in front of the vending machine. Talk to him and find out he’s only interested in food. When he’s looking at the vending machine again, use the man to give him a push and then quickly take the broom out of your inventory and use it on the vending machine to block the door. Now that he’s locked inside, take the bottle of SLEEPING PILLS from the desk and leave the room on the right.

Use the door on the left with number 65 on it. Talk to the Jazzman inside and look at the dog. It’s a mean one. You can’t get to the balloons or notice board with that dog guarding it. Use your book on the dog toi read him a story and he;s sleeping like a baby in no time. Take the BALLOONS from the notice board and take the POSTER from it as well. It’s from the Ronald McDonald theatre. Notice the stars on the list. Use the door on the right to leave the room. Walk to the south and use the door with number 16 on the right.

A man is making tea. Talk to the man and find out he’s a broadway star. Give him the poster to recognise him and ask about the tea. Now you learn that the coffee is taken to the doctor. Use the sleeping pills with the red coffee cup on the desk to drug it and the ward will take the coffee to the doctor. Now you have to wait untill the drugs do their work. Use the door on the left to leave the room and then use the door on the left with number 10 to enter your own room again. You’ll find out that the doctor is asleep.

Leave your room again and walk to the south. On the ceiling is a surveilance camera but when you use the balloons with the camera the balloons will block it. Use the door in the middle to enter the control room. On the wall in the back is a cigarette machine. Use the 4 coins from your inventory on the machine to take a pack of CIGARETTES.

Next to the door on the rigth is a KEYCARD hanging on a cord. Take it and leave the room again. Use the keycard on the reader to the right of the elevator and you’ll be taken to the floor above.  There’s a security system active in this corridor. You can’t see the laser beams so you can’t reach the power switch. If you do, the guards will take you back to your cell. Use the cigarettes on yourself to smoke and the smoke will show the beams. This way you can find the right moment to pass them.

Use the power switch to cut off the power and the security system is down. Use the door on the right to find out how they want you to loose weight. On the lower right is the win-a-fish machine with the fish on a KEYCHAIN next to it. Pick up the fish and leave the abatoir through the door on the north. Use the elevator door to go downstairs again and walk to the south to walk into the corridor.

Use the door with number 16 next to it on the right and use the keychain with the fishtank to swap the FISH. Left of the fishtank is a bowl of SUGAR. Take it with you and use the door to leave the room.  Walk to the north and use door number 12 on the left. Give the fish to the hungy man and he’ll let you have one of his special jars. You take the jar with TOXIC PICKLES. Leave the room and walk to the south twice. Use the keycard on the reader next to the elevator and go the upper level.

Use the door on the right to enter the abatoir. Left of the door is an old engine. Use it to find it’s out of fuel. Use the toxic pickles on the machine as fuel and a tunnel on the left will open. Walk into the tunnel to see a huge fan blocking your way. You must stop it somehow. Walk to the south to return to the engine and use the sugar on the engine to block the mechanism. The fan will stop but the tunnel stays open. Walk into the tunnel again to find the exit. But if it’s your escape?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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