You need to get out of the cell.

Use the haystack to find a NEEDLE. Use the needle on the pillows on the bed and you’ll discover a ROCK. Throw the rock at the bars of the window to break them. Use the window to go outside.

Talk to Chris under the tree. He’ll agree to help you out if you bring him something to eat. Pick up the METAL BAR behind you and walk to the little house in the north. The creator lives here but Samuel won’t let you get into the house. He wants something colorful first to make peace. Take the RED FLOWER from the flower bed. Give the flower to Samuel and he’ll tell you he wants a green one.

Walk south again and Chris is gone. Pick up the NOTE from the ground and find a MAP with it. Walk to the right and find some trees with holes in them. In front of the grey tree is a ROPE. Pick it up. Walk south to find a robot. Talk to him and learn that he needs some oil. On the top pier you’ll find a BOARD that’s loose. Be careful. It’s sharp. Take it and walk south. Use the board on the yellow SPORES of the giant mushroom. Walk back north and give the oil to the robot and then talk to him. He then takes off.


Walk to the left and discover the house. Against the tree stump is a pair of PLIERS. Pick them up and also take the STEPLADDER at the side of the house. Use the door to notice it’s locked. Talk to the door and it’ll open. Use the door opening to enter the house. But Chris is not at home. After the conversation with the voice, Chris enters the house. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about his plan. You need to find two other helpers to catch the Creator.

Look at the cushion in the middle of the settee. There’s something under there. It’s a handkerchief. Pick up the HANDKERCHIEF and take the MATCHES from the top of the drawers on the right. Against the wall on the right is a CAPSULE. Pick it up and use the doorway on the left to leave the house.

Walk to the right, then north to the hollow trees. Use the opening of the shop to go inside and talk to the shopkeeper. Ask him if he can join you and he’ll tell you he can’t leave his shop. Unless it burns down. Well, you can take care of that. Use the matches on the cardboard boxes on the right to light them. Once outside, enter the shop again and take the BOOT, the TREE FIGURE, the STONE, the BOOK, the BOX and the PAINT from the bottom shelf.

Look at the book in your inventory. It has a story about the Lion King in it. Read it carefully. Leave the shop and walk to the right. A lion is sitting on a rock. Talk to the lion about the spell and he’ll have a quiz for you. Tell him to give you the quiz. Answer 1: Sumba, Answer 2: Shakakakakaka, Answer 3: Giraffe graveyard, Answer 4:  Shakakakakaka (5 times ka).

The lion is now set free. Leave on the left. In your inventory use the handkerchief with the  yellow capsule. Then drop the yellow handkerchief in the blue goo next to the tree and you’ll have a green handkerchief. Go left again to visit the house again. Use the stepladder at the tree and use the stepladder again to climb it and use the pliers on the branches to take an apple from the tree. Pick up the APPLE and walk north to the creators house. In your inventory use the flower with the paint and give him the flower.  Talk to him again and now he wants to eat. In your inventory use the green handkerchief on the apple and you’ll have a green apple. Give the apple to Samuel. Tell him to save it for later.

Talk to Samuel again and he’ll finally leave. Walk south and to the right. At the trees go south again and walk onto the pier. In your inventory look at the boot to get the LACE out. Tie the lace to the metal bar and add the rope to the makeshift fishing rod as bait. Drop the rod in the water to catch a FISH. Walk to the left and give the fish to Chris.

He now wants you to cook it. Use the door on the left and put the fish in the oven. Use the door on the left again to go outside and give the fish to Chris again.  Walk to the right and walk north to the trees. Go left to the house and walk north to the house of the creator. Use the door to try to go inside and Chris will meet you. If he asks where the shopkeeper is, tell him you killed him. He’ll let you into the house on your own.

Use the door to go inside and now you must find the creator. Use the door on the right to enter the lab. On the counter is a NOTE. Pick it up and read it. It’s a recipe for something special. A lot of ingredients are needed. Use the third cupboard from the left to let some sodium seep through the door. Pick up the SALT. Take the CUP from the other counter and use the switch next to the kettle and use the kettle to start boiling the water.

Walk to the left and take the red blanket from the floor. Under the picture of the robot is a hole. Put the blue stone in there. Over on the other side, under the lion is also a hole. Use the tree figure in there to reveal a trapdoor. Use the trapdoor to see what’s downstairs

Playing as Lion:

Walk to the right to find the oasis. Walk towards the water and meet the magic carpet. It will fly away so follow it to the left. Use the emerald to return to Barry.

Playing as Barry:

You’ll come upstairs with some WHITE STUFF. Use the door on the left to enter the dining room. On the table is a note with a list with chemicals. One is just like the ingredients you need. Look in the mirror to find that the fifth chair isn’t there. Use the blanket on the INVISIBLE CHAIR to make it visible and pick it up. Use the door on the right to leave and climb the stairs.

At the top there’s a knight in shining armor. Take his SWORD and go back down the stairs again. Use the door on the right to enter the lab. Hold the sword in the sink in the front to make it rusty. Use the mixing thingy on the right to create your ingredient. The note in the dining room said all primary colors so mix the red chemical, the yellow chemical and the blue chemical into a mix. Finish and quit mixing and your CHEMICAL is finished.

Use the kettle. The water takes forever to boil.

Playing as Sexy Sexy Robot:

Use the hole in the ship to take the treasure out.

Playing as Barry:

The water is now boiling. Use the magic box from your inventory on the kettle to open the box and get a rusty KEY out. Walk to the left and in the hall use the door on the left to enter the dining room. Use the key on the cupboard next to the door and meet a leprechaun. Talk to Leprosy and as reward for setting him free, you get a dusty COIN. Touch the machine next to the table and hear a click upstairs. Use the door on the right to the hall and on the right again to the lab.

Use the cup from your inventory with the kettle to take some WATER. Use the lab thingy in the middle. You should have all ingredients now. Drop the chair in the green flask, drop the sword in the flask and the the coin. Add the cup of water and leave the lab thingy. Use the cup with the kettle again to take some more WATER. Again use the lab thingy and add the cup of water to the green flask.

Add the salt to the flask and add the mixture you made from the chemicals. Finally add the white stuff to the flask and your special item is: a FUSE.  Pick it up and leave the lab on the left. Go up the stairs and use the small door left of the knight. Below the lever is a gap. Put the fuse in it and pull the lever.

Leave the room and open the big door leading to the creator. All your friends will show up and eventually you have to fight it out in a RPG battle. The fastest way to defeat the creator:

Chris: Item (bomb) -86
Robot: Magic (bolt) -100
Mugusha: Attack -87
Barry: Item (toothpick) -3

Repeat and the creator will be defeated.

To restore the shopkeeper, you’ll need to go to Isle Dunga. In the harbor walk to the left top board the Gigantic…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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