Walk to the right to the city of Kriegson. Against the tree are the mysterious men. You maybe want to talk to them but it’s not really needed. On the left of the footpath is a BOARD. You never know when that comes in handy. Walk to the north to enter the city. You’ll meet the guard here who’ll be watching your every step. Talk to the guard and tell him you’re after the dagger. Ask him if he believes you and he’ll tell you about the Ogre twins and Grumpy Stevo. The twins guard the castle, Stevo designed the castle. So we want to meet those people.

Since it’s late, we’d better find ourselves a room. Enter the K-Lodge, left of the Law. On the floor, next to the desk is a BOTTLE. Pick it up. Push the bell on the desk and when the maid arrives, talk to her. Ask her about the Guard, the Chief and the Duke. Then ask for a room and leave the K-Lodge again and walk to the right  to the Law. Enter it and talk to O’Hammer. Tell him you’re a tourist and he’ll tell you about the safety of town and the prisoners. You can then ask him if there are any at the moment. He’ll tell you about Benny, the invisible thief and Grumpy, the eternal prisoner. Ask him if you can see the prisoner and he’ll tell you you can’t. Leave The Law.

Walk to the left, to the square.  On the north side of the square, to the right of the statue is a sewer hole. Look at it. Put your hand in to find a DEAD RAT.

On the south side of the square is a sales stand. It’s closed at the moment but maybe you can find some money here. Use your lockpick on the lock on the right side to open the stand. Inside you find a couple of COINS, a BOOK and a SCARF. Try to leave before the guard comes but you’re already spotted by the man across the street.


While talking to the man, Invisible Benny makes his move and steals from the man. The man will call for the guard and enter his house again, a perfect time for you to leave the scene and hide in the hills with the other mysterious men. Talk to Razor Dave and Long Island Tom. Tell them about Benny. Eventually they’ll tell you to go back into town. Let’s do so.

Enter the town again and walk back to the square again. The guard will spot you right away and asks you if you stole from the sales stand. You lie to him that it was Benny and he believes you. It must be the looks. Walk to the right into the woods.

On one of the trees is a ROPE. Take it and walk further to the right where you’re in front of the castle. Look at the Ogre brothers. You can talk to them and try any trick but they won’t let you in.  In the river is a crocodile that looks very hungy. No way we can get past him. Or can we? In your inventory, use the poison on the dead rat. You now have a rat that’s even more dead… Feed the poisened rat to the crocodile.

Hmmm.. appearantly the poison isn’t lethal, but very bad for your stomach. The crocodile coughed up a HOOK. Pick it up and leave the castle. Now we have to find a way to get into the castle.  Walk back to town and enter K-Lodge again. You can see some people registering for the night. It’s Moira and when she sees you, she says she’ll have a job for you.

The maid shows the couple to their rooms and thus isn’t paying attention to you. Follow them upstairs and open the door at the top of the stairs. It’s locked. Use your lockpick on the door and you can enter the room.

Look around the room. Look out of the window and you can see a small alley. The Law building is on the other side. Try to open the window. It’s stuck. Look at the coathanger. A wobbly one. Try to break it. That would make some noise. Use the scarf on the coathanger to muffle the noise and take a PEG off. Pick up the scarf after use, you don’t want to leave evidence. Use the peg on the window and now it will open.

Climb outside and walk over the ledge. Around the corner, walk towards the rain pipe. Halfway you’ll stop because the ledge is falling apart. You now have to cover a gap. Use the board on the gap and walk towards the end. On the other side of the alley you can see the wall of the Law building. But it’s quite a distance. Use the hook in your inventory on the rope and use the rope on the wall across the alley. Use the scarf to slide across to the other side.

Open the wooden floor to enter the building. Grumpy is locked below, O’Hammer is sleeping next door. On the wall is the KEY of the manhole. Pick it up and use  it on the cover. Climb down the ladder and talk to Grumpy through the wall.

Ask him for help. He won’t be happy at first but in the end he’ll give in and show you an alternative entrance to the caste. All you need to do is enter the portal….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. This site is great! Nice working putting so many walkthroughs up!

    This game was fun, was upset how it ended. Sure hope Dwarven dagger chapters 2, 3, 4 come out. And if they are, let me know their names. I don’t like when game sequels change their titles, makes them harder to find.

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