As Misiy:

You need to escape and get the digital spell. Look at the pile of rocks. When you look at it, a symbol will appear next to it. It’s the CRUMBLE SPELL. Walk to the guard and talk to him. Try to use your charm to get past him. No luck. Then talk to Razor. He will tell you how to freeze the guard with the MELT SPELL. It’s the shape of a cross. Use that spell on the guard and his brain will melt, causing him to freeze at the spot. Walk to the left and leave your prison.

Walk through the opening in the wall into a very dark room. All you can see is some light coming through a crack. Use the crumble spell on the crack to open it further and letting some light into the room. You can see a big machine now. Look at it to learn the DESTRUCTION SPELL. Walk further to the right and look at the cat. This will tell you the CAT SPELL. Leave the room again on the left.

Walk all the way to the left, across the bridge, until you reach the hotel. Enter and the host will welcome you as newly weds. Tell him you’re not and that you’re only looking. He’ll ask you to leave which you do since there’s no other option.


Walk to the right over the bridge and meet The Ripper. He’s looking for a guy and a blonde girl. Never heard of…. He’ll be on his way again. Enter the opening in the wall again and walk all the way to the right. You can find Mechanic here. Talk to Mechanic and ask about the Digital Spell. He’ll tell you about the Oracle. So that’s what you can do in the hotel.

Walk all the way back to the left to talk to the host again and tell him you’re looking for the Oracle. Now you can enter the hotel. Walk to the right and find the Oracle. But the entrance is guarded by DogBoy. To get past DogBoy, use the cat spell on Razor. He’ll turn into a cat and is chased by DogBoy. But Razor is fast enough to shake him off.

As Razor:

Walk back to the hotel and find a larger robot on the bridge. Use the destruction spell on the robot to destroy it and enter the hotel. Walk all the way to the right and enter the Oracle. Talk to the core and ask for the Digital Spell. It appears that a lady has taken it already.

Walk back to the left to leave the Oracle and to the right to go back to the host. Here you will meet Mongo. Keep your distance because he’s hot! Talk to Mongo and learn the FIRE SPELL. Go to the left and talk to the host.

Ask for your companion and he’ll tell you she’s in the VIP room. Ask the host to open the door and when he refuses use the fire spell on the host and talk to him again. He’ll now show you the OPEN SPELL (on the door). Use the open spell on the door and you can enter. Talk to Misiy but she won’t help you or give you the digital spell. Leave the room again.

Leave the hotel on the left and walk across the bridge again. There you will meet The Ripper again. He’s lost his sickle. Walk all the way to the right until you’re back in the first room again. On the floor is his sickle. Touch it to learn the DEFEAT SPELL. Return to the hotel. The host is still in flames sp use the open spell on the door and once inside use the defeat spell on Misiy. This will defeat her and you can return home.

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