You were called into the office by your boss.

But the boss is in another meeting. If only you could hear what he has to say. Use the screen on the desk to see him in his office. And Randall’s there too. Next to the door to his office on the right is a plant. Next to the plant is a very small MICROPHONE. Pick it up and use the microphone with the conditioner under the picture on the left.The other end of the mic is automatically plugged into the monitor and now you can overhear the conversation.

Talk to the boss to tell him about the movie. After the conversation, pick up the STRING that’s on the lower right corner next to the boxes. On the desk is a credit card. Use the plug under the desk to turn off his monitor and while he’s not looking, take the credit card. You can’t because he’d know it’s missing. On the wall on the left is a scroll. Look at it and talk to the the boss again to ask about the I.U.M. Use the door on the right to leave the office. On the desk with Janine is ADHESIVE TAPE. Pick it up and leave by using the door on the left.

Walk all the way to the right, past the police station and look at the drain. There’s a coin. Use the adhesive tape and the string together and use the gimmick on the drain to get the COIN out. Use the interphone and report a theft.  You’ll tell them your dirvers license is stolen and after you’ve given some details you’ll get a DRIVERS LICENSE. Walk to the left and use the coin on the vending machine to buy a NEWSPAPER. Use the door of the library to enter. Talk to the librarian but he’s not the friendliest type. Learn that he’s bored, that you need a card to get a book and that you can’t get one from him.


Give the newspaper to the librarian and you’ll get a PENCIL in return. Use the door to leave and use the  door on the left to return to the office and use the door on the right to visit the office of the boss again. Next to the door is a SMALL PAPER stuck to the cabinet. Pick it up to find it’s the library card of the boss. Use the socket on the desk to turn on the monitor again and while he’s not looking, use the drivers license with the CREDIT CARD.  Use the door on the right to leave and use the door on the left to exit the office.

Use the door of the library to enter and talk to the librarian. Ask about the book about Maya’s. You’ve got a membership card so you get the BOOK. Look at it in your inventory to find the text faded. Use the pencil with the book to recover the text but still you don’t understand. Use the book with the pile of schoolbooks on the desk of the nerd. He’ll make some notes and put the book down again.

Talk to the nerd and he’ll drop a paper. Pick up the NOTES and after you’ve read them, you know where to go. Look at the books on the shelves on the right.Take the book called ‘Beyond’ and find out it’s about Roswell. Use the door on the right to leave the library and the bus is already there. But to use it, you need some money. Use the credit card with the bank-o-matic and now you need the enter the 4-digit pin.

Use the door on the left and use the door on the right to visit the boss again. Talk to him and ask about Roswell. Learn about the sightings and learn some dates. Learn the date of the most important sighting. Leave the boss and leave the office. Use the credit card with the bank-o-matic again and when asked for the digits enter 1965. The machine will take the credit card but at least you have the WALLET now. Walk to the right and use the bus to go to Great Exuma.

You’re at the studio’s and talking to the guard you learn that you need a card to get in. He’ll tell you the director is at the beach. Walk to the right to see the map of the island and go to the beach (spaggia) at the lower left. Pick up the BUCKET and find a piece of GUM inside. Talk to the director standing in the water. He’ll tell you you can’t have a pass and that he’s waiting for the golden seagull.

Talk to the man tanning on the beach. It’s Frank, cigar collector and hotel owner. Tell him you need a place to rest and he’ll give you the KEYS. Walk to the left to see the man and go to the monastry (santuario). You’ll find Randal here. Pick up the long STICK and leave again on the right. On the map select the house (casetta). Use the stick with the coconuts in the tree to pry one out and get the COCONUT. Pick up the SAW from the ground and use the keys on the door to enter the house.

Use the coconut on the parrot and a feather will fall on the mattress under the parrot. Pick up the FEATHER and look at the safe. Leave the house on the right and walk to the south to see the map. Select the beach again. Give the feather to the director and in return you’ll get a PASS to access the studios. Talk to Frank about his safe and the contents of it.

Walk to the left and on the map select the studios (studi) in the center. Give the pass to the guard and you can enter. Inside talk to the general to learn about the actors and actress and the play. After the conversation pick up the GENERAL. Use the door on the right and talk to Fioona. She’s in love with Daniel next door. Take the POSTER from her dresser and use the poster with the wig-fixer left of the flowers to make the poster sticky. Leave the dressing room on the south and walk to the left. Use the poster with the manequin and use the saw with the floor tiles in front of him. Then talk to the ladies in front of Daniels door and they’ll turn around and won’t bother you for a while.

Enter Daniel’s dressing room and pick up the open drawer to find the DYNAMITE. Talk to Daniel to learn about his crush on Fioona. His jacket is on the hanger and as soon as he starts his text “To be or no to be…” use the pocket of his jacket to find a TICKET inside. Walk to the south to leave the room and enter the dressing room of Fioona again. Give her the ticket and you can have the DIAMOND. Leave on the south and use the door on the right to leave the studios. Walk to the right to see the map again. Go to the house.

Use the door of the house to enter and use the dynamite on the safe to get the cigar out. But it will slide into the mouse hole. Use the general from your inventory with the mouse hole and he’ll get the CIGAR for you. Pick it up and use the door on the right to leave the house. Walk to the south to return to the map and go to the cave (caverna).

Look at the cave and look at the cavities and their shapes. Use the cigar with the rectange cavity, use the diamond with the diamond shaped cavity. Use the gum with the skull shaped cavity to make a mould. Walk to the left to go to the map and select the house on it. Use the moulded gum on the hot stone under the palm tree and walk to the south to visit the map again. Go to the cave and use the hardened mould with the empty cavity. You’ll be knocked unconcious.

Inside the cave talk to Randal. Ask him what happened and tell him you hate it when people hit you in the back. Tell him there was no need to hit you, then tell him you’ve been journalist of the week. Tell him the youngest person he knows probably is dead and he’ll tell you about his son. Tell him he probably hates his dad and that dentist is more rewarding. Then Randal will ask you for a favor. Tell him you’re not willing to help and then Randal gives you a MEDAL to give to his son.

Below Randal are two holes in the ground. Use the pencil with the left one and the medal with the right one. Now it’s time to get out. On the beach you’ll meet Hazmis and Nypo. Hazmis will be distracted by the kitten so use the bucket with the sea bank on the left to get some WATER. Use the bucket with water on Hazmis to cool him off.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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