You’re summoned to visit the queen.

After entering the castle, take the summons from your inventory and give it to the guard. He’ll let you pass. Go up the stairs to enter the throne room. The queen will tell you about the stone hidden by the first queen that will solve your colorless problem. She tells you to fist visit the library.

Go to the room on the right to visit the library. On the counter is a magnifying glass but you can’t have it. Talk to the glyph to ask for the book of the Wind Stone. The two glyphs will fight over the book so you can’t have it. Inside the returns compartment is another BOOK. It has useless facts in it. Take it and leave the library.

Talk to Leaf in the hall. She’s trying to decode something but can’t use your help. You can have the decoder if you can bring her another interesting object. Go up the stairs and take the queen’s SCEPTER from the throne. Leave the room on the south again and go to the left to see the fountain and a statue of the first queen. Daisy is floating around. On the right wing of the queen’s statue is a glowing orb. Try to take it and it will float away.


Leave the room on the right and go south to leave the castle. Outside you’ll find the ball of light again. Catch the BALL OF LIGHT and enter the castle again. Go to the right to enter the library and use the ball with the fighting glyphs. While they are distracted, use the book with useless facts with the book they’re fighting over to swap them and you’ll have the BOOK about the Wind Stone. The glyphs will leave and you can take the MAGNIFYING GLASS from the counter. Leave the library and go left twice to return to the fountain.

On the rim of the fountain is a little empty VIAL. Take it. Use the magnifying glass on the markings left and right of the statue. So you must use the scepter. Use the scepter of the queen with the statue and the water level will drop, revealing a strange device at the base of the statue. Pick up the DEVICE. At the back of the basin are more strange markings. Use the magnifying glass again and read about the third stone that should be lit.

Take the SCEPTER back from the queen and the fountain will fill again. Go to the right and give the device to Leaf. In return you’ll get the DECODER. Leaf will leave with the device, attracting the attention of one of the guards. Go to the left twice and find a second pool. Sapphire is here and has a secret. Talk to her to discover it. If you promise not to tell anyone she’ll give you an ON/OFF DEVICE. Use the empty vial in your inventory on the pool here to take some WATER.

Return to the right and use your make up on the sleeping Azura. This will make her pretty. Use the on/off device on her to wake her up and as soon as she sees her reflection in the water, she’ll take off. Use the magnifying glass on the markings Azura was sleeping on to see the last part of the riddle. You must besiege the throne and light the third stone next to it.

Go to the left and take a CANDLE from the base of the pool.Then you’ll see the human as well and cause a lot of commotion. You’ll end up in jail. On the floor is a SMALL KEY. Pick it up and use it on the lock in the door. The key will break and the door won’t open. Use the broken key with the lock and you’ll get help from outside.

Go up the stairs and use the candle from your inventory on the third circle from the bottom left of the throne. This will get you into a colorful world. Use the mirror to briefly see an image. Then use the vial with water on the mirror to see the saw clearly. Take the SAW from the mirror and use it on the table on the left. Put the table back together again and see there’s a hole in the middle. Use the hole in the table to go through.There’s your Wind Stone. Then there’s a big revelation.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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