When you’re standing next to the huge golf ball you can only start walking. Walk to the north until you can see something in the sand. It’s a skull. Talk to the skull and ask for more information about the area. He’ll tell you about the Hermits Village in the north. Walk to the north untill you can’t go further. Then go to the right and further to the north inside the cave of the Hermits.

Talk to the Hermits and learn their names and about their place. Learn about the other Hermits in the desert and how to find them and how to get to their place. When you ask the Hermits how to prevent from getting lost, they’ll give you a MAP.

Leave the Hermit Village on the right side and keep following the wall. First south, then to the right until you reach a door with a skull above. Talk to the skull and ask him how to get inside Manlocke’s place. You have to answer the riddle with a set of magic words. Ask the skull what the magic words are and you are refered to brother Soren. Ask where you can find him and you are refered to the other skulls.

Walk south four screens then to the left until  the oasis. Talk to Zig here. He’ll tell you which skull can tell you where to find Nag. Walk one screen to the left and then walk south. South on the compass that is! Note how it will change direction at some point. Keep following the south point on the compass untill you reach a skull. Talk to the skull and ask for directions to Nag’s hut. So that’s west, south, west, south and east on the compass. There’s your hut.


Listen to the conversation between Nag and Thoren and answer Nag’s question. Offer Nag to take Soren and he wants a good reason for that. Tell him you don’t know any. Then end the conversation with Nag and talk to Soren. Ask him for the magic words. He’ll tell you where to find them if you get him out of there.

Talk to Nag again and him if it’s his hut and if he enjoys living there. Tell him he has no things and what he does to kill time. He’ll show you. Leave the hut and talk to the skull. He’s not telling you? Use Soren again and choose the club. That’ll teach him.

Walk north on the compass untill you see Soren again. Talk to Soren again and he’ll tell you about the papers. The first is at the water manager, the second is with Zig and the third is in a golden cup under the sand.

Walk north on the compass until north is real north again. Then walk to the left until you reach some buildings. Talk to the girl, Kalina,  in front of the builing and learn what her dream is. Walk further to the left and go inside the round building. A man is playing guitar. Talk to him. It’s the water manager. Ask him if he received paperwork recently and he’ll give you the envelope with a first part of the words. Leave the hut.

Go north one screen and walk to the right untill you’re at the oasis again (pass the skull and golf ball). Talk to Zig and ask him a piece of paper. He’ll give you the second part. Go south one screen and walk to the right until you find a  metal post in the sand. Hit the post with your club and wait a few seconds. A submarine will rise.

Talk to Garrick and learn about the others in the desert, Dyna, treasures in the sand and a vacancy inside the sub. Ask him to join the crew and you can come aboard.

Move the sub between the rocks and pick up artifacts until you reach at least 500 points. If you don’t get enough points at first, you can try again. When you do have enough points, Garrick will tell you there was a piece of paper in on of the cups. You’ll get the paper.

Walk north until you’re at the door again. Talk to the skull and tell him the magic words. The door is open now. Walk through the tunnel and find Manlocke. He’s looking for a potion. Use the rock lying on the ground on your right. With your club you will damage Manlocke’s hat. Manlocke is gone.

Walk towards the shelves and take the potion from it. You don’t grow but become strong. You have an idea. Kalina on the golf ball will be hit out of the bunker. She can get help…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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