You’re back on the island again.

Walk north to the seachore and find a small boat. It’s tied with a rope. Use the sword on the knot of the rope to cut it and then pick up the ROPE (1/1). Walk to the right to leave the beach and go to the cave in the center. Enter the cave and stumble over an old chest. Since it’s to heavy to lift, use the rope with the chest to tie it and throw the other end outside (1/2). Outside use the rope again to pull the chest out of the cave (1/3).

Use the chest to see something is engraved on the lid of the chest (1/4).  It indicates the location of the map for the “Forest of the lost”. The location seems familiar. Pick up the ROPE again (1/5) and leave the chest. Walk to the right to leave the cave. On the island walk to the bridge on the right.

Talk to the bird. Ask about the pages and tell him there should be a map on the nest. The bird confirms but needs the soft spot. If you can find a replacement, you can have the map. So you need to create a pillow. Walk to the left to see the map and walk to the north to the seashore. Use the boat and you’ll sail to the small island.


On the beach is a red SEASHELL. Pick it up (1/6) and use the seashell to find a PAGE inside (1/7). Use the page with the book of spells (10/17). Walk to the left and talk to the barber. He’s familiar. Next to his stall is a bin with wool. That would be nice for a pillow. Use the bin but the barber won’t let you. Talk to the barber again and ask why you can’t take the wool. So he needs something for his girlfriend. Something like a flower.

Walk to the right and go north to the forest. So this is the forest of the lost you can’t go through without a map. On the side are some beautiful yellow FLOWERS. Take one (1/18) and walk to the left. If you can’t get out the first time, keep walking to the left and right until you’re on the beach again. Walk to the left and give the flower to the barber (1/19).

Use the bin with WOOL to take some (1/20) and use the wool with the white sheet in your inventory. In the barber shop are some NEEDLES you can borrow (1/21). Use the needles with the sheet with wool to make a nice PILLOW (2/23). You can keep one needle, the others are returned.

Walk to the right and use the boat to return to the big island. On the beach walk to the right and on the map go to the bridge on the right. Give the pillow to the bird and you can have the map (1/24). But the wind take the map along and now you must find it again. Walk to the left to see the map and walk to the forest on the left below the cave.

There’s your map but when you want to take it, a rabbit takes it. It wants some food in exchange for the map. Walk to the left to return to the map and walk to the desert to the right of the forest. There’s a sandman with a CARROT as nose. Pick it up (1/25) and walk back to the right to return to the island. Walk to the left to return to the forest and give the carrot to the rabbit (1/26).

Pick up the MAP (1/27). You can now go through the “Forest of the lost”.  Against the tree is a STAFF. Take it (1/28) and walk to the left to leave the forest. On the island walk to the north to reach the beach and use the boat to go to the small island.Look at the palm trees that the swing is on. The one on the right has the top cut off. Look at that one to find the MASTIC on it (1/29). Walk north into the “Forest of the lost”.

If you keep an eye on your map in the inventory you can see which way to walk. Just follow the arrow on the map until you reach the other side of the forest (5/34). There are two buildings on the north side of this island. Go to the one on the right which appears to be a jail.

In front is a guard. Talk to him and ask about the pages. He knows that the lighthouse keeper should have one. But he doesn’t know where the lighthouse keeper is. Ask him who’s in jail to find out the lighthouse keeper is there. Next to the door is a lock. Look at it to see it’s a fingerprint lock and you’ll ask the guard to show you.

He won’t help you. Talk to the guard again and ask if you can lend his finger. You can’t. Walk to the left. Talk to the prisoner. Ask him about the missing pages and how to get him out of jail. You need to get the guard to sleep. Walk to the right and give the whiskey to the guard (1/35). Walk back to the left.

Look at the lake. There’s a dwarf on it. Look at the dwarf. He’s holding a page! Look at the page. It’s the page you need. But you can’t get it out.  Use the needle with the staff (1/36). Use the combination on the page and you still can’t reach it. You need something like a harpoon. Use the rope from your inventory with the staff and you’ll have a harpoon (1/37). Use the harpoon with the page. This is where it becomes tricky.

Use the red button in the lower right corner to start the vertical X. When the X is at the same height as the page (the yellow part on the island), press the red button again. Now the horizontal X starts moving. When it’s below the page, press red again and when done right, you’ll get the PAGE (1/38). If not, try again until you do.

Use the page with the book of spells (10/48). Walk to the right and look at the guard. He’s asleep. Pick up the BOTTLE from the ground (1/49) and look at the bottle to find the fingerprint of the guard. Use the mastic from your inventory with the bottle to lift the fingerprint (1/50).  Use the mastic with print on the lock and the door will open (1/51). The prisoner will come out and tell you to meet him at the lighthouse.Walk to the right and go to the building on the far left.

In front of the lighthouse are big rocks. Look at them to find something stuck between them (1/52). Use the harpoon with the rocks to get the PAGE out (1/53). Use the page with the book of spells (10/63). Look at the map in your inventory. There’s a PAGE on the back side (1/64). Use the page with the book of spells (10/74).

Enter the lighthouse and talk to the man in bed. Ask him about the page and the way to get home. He’ll point you to the bookcase. On the bottom shelf is a pile of paper. Use the pile to find the last PAGE (1/75). Use the page with the book of spells (10/85). It’s complete now. Walk up the stairs and see the bird again. Talk to the bird to find out it wants something back. Give the ring back to the bird (1/86).

Walk to the right and downstairs use the manhole to open it (1/87). Use the manhole to return to your own village (1/88). Walk to the right and talk to the boy (1/89). You’ll give the book back to the boy but that didn’t work out as intended.

In the retake, walk to the right again. Use the door of Woody’s Fast Food and you’ll return home (1/90).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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