You received a phone call from your boss that there’s a drugs dealer in Eddies Bar. Time to check it out.

In a bar there’s always some things to find. Walk to the window on the right in the back and look at the plant. The plant isn’t special but underneat is a COIN. Take it. On the seat there is a STRING take that as well. On the bar you can find a jar with MATCHES. Might be usefull. And on the floor near the entrance is some vomit. Look at it and you’ll find some SLEEPING PILLS in it. Now that you have your items it’s time to get to work.

Talk to the bartender and ask him about the drugs, the aliens and the bar. He’ll tell you his problem: he lost the key. Use the string on the coin. You like to gamble but also to be sure you don’t loose your money. Use the coin with string on the win-o-rama on the right. You almost win, it’s the last question. Try that again, maybe it was just not your type. Nope, again the last one. Oh well….

Use the match on the joint to light it and your trip produces a ghost at the bar. Talk to him and ask him what he’s doing there. So he was playing the win-o-rama as well. And he knows the last question. Ask him the answer of the last question and you can set him free.


Back to reality, use the coin on the win-o-rama again and this time you’re the lucky winner. A lot of CASH is your prize. Talk to the bartender and ask for a BEER. You might try  to get it for free but hey, you win a big prize so just pay the man. Use the pills with the beer and talk to the drunk at the table.

You can offer him a drink but he still has one. Say cheers to him so he’ll drink. Repeat that (four times) until his bottle is empty. Then give him yours. He’ll drink and fall asleep. Take the SCREWDRIVER from the table and walk to the left to the fusebox.

Use the screwdriver on both screws and then remove the lid. There’s the KEY and some wires. Take the key and give it to the barman. As thanksyou get a POCKET KNIFE. Walk back to the fusebox and make sure the knob in the middle points to the wire that’s tight. Cut the loose wire on the other side. Then use the switch in the middle to turn it 180º. The power will go through the cut wire and looking in the bar again it’s dark there.

Eddie will leave the bar to see what’s wrong with the power. Now you can use the door to the kitchen to see what’s hidden there. You find a lot of drugs. Talk to Eddie about it and he’s uncovered. He’ll point a gun at you and starts the countdown to shoot you.

Now you have to think fast. Use the bottle on the floor to kick it over and alcohol will flow from it. Use a match on the alcohol to light the substance and Eddie will burn. Anoter case solved.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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