You need to investigate the death of Dr. Brotzmann.

Use the door of the pod on the left to make a ghost come out. After he has left and you’ve been greeted by Vupnor, use the door to get inside.Talk to Vupnor again about everything to find out what happened. Learn more about the ectoplasm that killed him.

Use the elevator and go to level 2. Use the door on the left to visit Dr. Tyranno. Learn all you can from him. Seems like the research was about the ectoplasm. Pick up the DEVICE next to the strange machine. It’s an ecto-analyzer. Leave the room and use the door on the right to visit the crime scene.

Search Dr. Brotzman. Next to him is a puddle of ectoplasm. Use the device on the puddle to analyze it. It’s from an unregistered ghost. Use the device on the doctor to get a different result. It’s not the same. Could the ghost of the doctor have escaped? On the right are Dr. Brotzmann’s notes. Read them to see what he was working on and find the last few entries missing. Let Quimby analyze the notes and he’ll find a bug.


Leave the room and use the elevator to go to level 1. Use the control panel on the ghost machine on the right and notice that there’s one entry with a missing location. Press the red button in front of the entry and a ghost will appear. Try to talk to the ghost to get no response. Use your notebook, select Dr. Brotzmann’s entry and use it on the ghost to ask it about Dr. Brotzmann. Talk some more about the death and the ghost club and the ghost will tell you about container 154 in the archives.  Leave the ghost and talk to Dr. Toad about everything and learn about the ectoplasm. Use the door on the left and talk to Vermillo. Ask about the production of ectoplasm. He’ll tell you more.

Leave the room and use the elevator to go to the ground floor. Use the note to talk to Vupnor about the production of ectoplasm.  Talk to Science Dog about everything. Use the notes, talk to Science Dog about the bug. He’ll confess about the missing entries in the diary. Use the Compu-Tor and tell Science Dog to reproduce the missing entries and show the surveillance records. The diary entries produce a section in the archives.

Open the notes and combine the container with the section. Use the elevator and go to level 3. Use the notes on the containers and you’ll find the cave entrance. Use the entrance and walk to the right to find a door. Use the door to the next section of the cave. Walk further until you find Ghost City. Go there and Science Dog will put you in a cage. Talk to Science Dog to tell him why he won’t kill you but no reason is right. Tell him you know when you’re defeated.  Talk tio him more and learn all about his plans. Learn how he controls the ghosts.

Talk to the ghost on the left. Ask him if he’s longing. Tell him he’s dead and needs to move on. He’ll then let go of Quimby. Use Quimby on the transmitter on the right to scramble the signal and you’re free. Time to wrap things up.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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