You’ve had a terrible day and to feel better you want to go upstairs and write in your diary.

Walk up the stairs and use the door to your room on the lower right. Use the desk on the right to find… no diary. Take the NAIL POLISH from the desk and leave the room. Go to the room next door on the right, the room of your brother.

Talk to Roger and ask him about your diary. He’s blackmailing you and wants something exciting in return. Leave the room and walk to the left to go downstairs.Walk to the right to enter the living room. When you enter you’re standing next to a big lump under the carpet. Use the carpet to get the KEY.

Walk to the left into the dining room. Use the table to get a MUG. Use the cabinet under the TV to find it locked and use the key you found earlier on the cabinet to find the PLAYBOY MAGAZINE inside. You take one out.


Walk to the north to go into the kitchen. In the fridge is girls-stuff. Open it and get the MACARONI SALAD out. Walk to the right to leave the kitchen and in the hallway use the stairs to go up. The door on the north, second from the left is leading to the bathroom. Use the cup on the basin to fill it with WATER. To the left of the toilet are little toiletries and you take the SHOWER GEL with you.

Leave the bathroom on the right and go back to your brothers room next door right. Give him the Playboy magazine so he has something exciting to do. Talk to him and ask if it was exciting enough and what will be next. Now he wants to play his Nintari. But the gamepad broke so you have to repair it. He’ll give you the GAMEPAD. Walk to the right to leave his room and go left to walk down the stairs.

Walk left of the stairs into the kitchen and use the macaroni salad in the microwave on the left. The macaroni will turn solid like plastic. Use the macaroni with the gamepad to fix it and the joystick can be used again. Walk to the right and go up the stairs. Return to your brothers bedroom and give him the gamepad. Talk to him and ask what’s next.

You’ll get a package of CHERRY FLAVOUR POWDER and he wants a drink. Leave his room on the right, walk to the left down the stairs and enter the kitchen left of the stairs. Use the cup with water in the microwave to heat it and add the powder to the boiling water. Add the shower lotion as well but now it turned green. Colour it back red by adding the nail pollish.

Walk to the right to leave the kitchen and walk up the stairs. Go to your brothers room again and give him the cup to drink. He wants to be left alone now so leave his room on the right and walk down the stairs on the left. As soon as you’re down, you can see your brother getting sick. Walk back up the stairs, go into the room and look into the drawer next to the green cabinet.

You find a PHOTO that people will love to see and you can blackmail him with. Go to the right to leave his room and the doorbell will ring. Walk to the left down the stairs, go to the left into the kitchen and go left again to enter the dining room. On the right is an intercom to open the front door. Use it to let Sam in. He only wants to beat up your brother.

Walk to the north to leave the kitchen and go to the right to go into the hallway. Go up the stairs and go to your brothers bedroom. Talk to him about  what he can do for you until you can ask him for the diary. After some persuasion he’ll give the DIARY to you and now you have to send Sam home.

Walk to the right to leave the room and walk to the left to go downstairs. Sam is waiting down the stairs. Talk to him and give him the photo. He’ll leave and your brother is thankful for that. If only he knew…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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