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Stargate Adventure – Walkthrough (Sektor 13/2005)

By Leon | October 6, 2008

Stargate Adventure Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.


Look at the torch on pilar in the front. Walk to Sam and talk to her about the torch to get her LIGHTER. Use the lighter on the torch so the bulge below it becomes visible. Use the bulge to open a door in the back. Use the door to push it open and Teal’c will do the rest.

Walk through the passage and pick up the METAL ROD against the wall. Use the skull below to find a POWER MODULE inside. Look at the wall and examine the illuminated spot. Walk further to the left and follow the path until you reach the stone table. Look at the table and look at the engravings. They can be pushed and there’s a slot underneath. Leave the table and talk to Teal’c about the table. He’ll tell about the resemblance with the illumination.

Walk back the right and into the building. Use the metal rod on the illumination to tear the wall down. Walk through the hole. On the floor you find an ACCESSORY. Pick it up and use it on the power module. Look at the sigh on the wall. No idea what it means but it might be useful later on so note the symbols. Leave the room through the hole and walk back to the left to the stone table.

Look closely at the table and use the power module on the slot at the bottom. Push the symbols you saw on the wall in the same order. Something happened after you did but you don’t know what. Leave the table and walk the path back to the right until you reach the stone building again.

When Daniel found something walk through the passage. Go through the hole in the wall and you’ll talk to Daniel.

When you’re looking at the planets it’s time to call Sam and Teal’c. Right click the radio in your inventory and select Samantha. Tell her  about the hologram and ask her to join. Use the radio again and this time call Teal’c. Use the hologram to ask him to come to the room too.


You have a bit over 6 minutes left to cut the power from the fusebox on level 9. Use the elevator switch next to the door to use the elevator and select Level 9. When you step outside, use the handgun on the light above the door. Use the door and enter the power locker. Use the fence gate to open it.

Use the red switch on the master fuse box. When emergency lights switch on again, you’ll be locked in and power is restored. Use the electric box at the left cabinet. Use the master fuse again. Take the ELECTRIC WIRES on the right of the cabinets and use them on the power box. The fence is now connected. Use the master fuse to put some power on it and the fence will be blown out.

Walk to the right back to the elevator and on your way an intruder will be reported on level 16. Use the elevator switch to call the elevator and inside select level 16. Walk to the left to the hallway and meet the intruder. After a small conversation he’ll disappear.

Behind you is a PIECE OF BREAD. Pick it up and keep walking to the right until you reach the elevator. Use the elvator switch and inside the elevator go to level 19. Walk to the left until you reach the doctor. Talk to him and learn more about the intruder.

Walk back to the right to the elevator and after using the switch go to level 28. Walk to the left to the control room and confirm to go to Chulak.


On one of the stones is a PLASTIC BOTTLE. Take it and walk all the way to the left until you reach town. Against the wall on the left is a funnel with water. Use the plastic bottle on the funnel to take the WATER.

Walk to the north to reach the market. Talk to the merchant of the fruit and vegetable stall and give him your lighter. He’ll offer you 3 COINS. Accept his offer. Walk to the left past the stalls and go north to Teal’c’s house.

Use the red doors to knock and find that he’s not living there anymore. The new occupant offers you a MAP for one coin. Accept the deal. Go south back to the market and walk all the way to the right until you reach the streets again. Walk to the right to the suburbs and at the old tree go north into the wilderness.

Use the map and look at it to find out the path you’re walking leads to the ruins. Walk to the north to go there.

In order to rescue your friends, use the backpack standing against the wall to find a BRUSH, a FLASHLIGHT and a MEDAILLON. Walk to the left, back to the forest and when you got through and reached the suburbs, walk to the left to go to the streets of Chulak. Walk to the north back to the market.

Give the flashlight to the fruit and vegetable merchant on the right. You’ll receive 3 COINS for it. Walk to the merchant at the fruit and vegetable stall at the left and sell the medaillon for 1 COIN. Go to the merchant at the stall in the middle and take the ROPE for three coins. At the right side of the stall is a HORN which you can buy for three coins. Take it and walk to the right back to the streets, right to the suburbs and to the north until you reach the ruins again.

Use the metal rod on the pillar over the hole to crack it. Then use the rope on the small part of the pillar and then the other end on the old tree to move part of the pillar and open the hole. Take the ROPE back again and use it on the big part of the pillar this time. The boys can climb up now.

When the debris is cleared, use the rope to go down the hole. Look at the stone blocks on the left, they need to make a path. Use the coloured buttons to move the stones. Use the purple each time you want to change a block. The selected one is a slight darker colour. The solution: (P=purple, R=red, B=blue, O=gold, G=green) P7, R2, P7, B, O, P, O, P4, B2, R, P7, R, B2, R, B, P7, B, R, P7, O, P, G, P3, R2, P, O.

A funnel opened. Use the bottle of water on the hole of the funnel and the secret passage will be opened.Go down the stairs and you’ll receive more riddles. Take the IDOL from the wall and go back up the stairs. Go outside through the rope. Walk to the left to the wilderness and then south to the suburbs. Then left to town. Use the bottle on the funnel again to get more WATER.

Go to the right back to the suburbs and all the way north to the ruins. Use the hole to climb down and go down the stairs. Use the bottle of water on the fire of the torch to reveal a hole behind it. Use the horn on the hole and a path will be created. Walk to the right and pick up the SHILL HARM. Look at the tablet in your inventory to take the crystal out.

Walk the path back to the left and go up the stairs. Go outside near the rope and inform the others.

Volcanic Planet:

Walk to the left to enter the cave. Your crates will follow. On the crates are GRENADES. Pick them up. Use the unknown device you tested earlier and step into the rings to be teleported to another place. On the box is a SMALL METAL OBJECT. Pick it up. Use the switch on the wall and step back into the ring again.You’re back at the cave.

Use a grenade on the end of the pipe on the left. Soon after you’ll hear footsteps. As soon as the guard enters the room, use the P90 to shoot him. Walk to the north further into the cave. Walk to the left until you reach the hallway. The left door is blocked by a force field so use the door on the right. You’ll enter the laboratory. Walk to the left to laboratory 2. At the left is a hole with a wire coming out. Use the hole to look inside and take the RED CRYSTAL. Leave the hole and walk to the left to laboratory 3.

On the table, next to the gizmo is a LARGE METAL OBJECT. Pick it up. Use the large metal rod on the table. Use the panel on the right to make the rod into a crowbar. Pick up the CROWBAR. Walk to the north back to lab 2 and then to the right to lab 1. Go right to the hallway and walk all the way to the right until there’s another alien encounter.

When you’re out of ammo and the alien is walking towards you, pull the small red lever on the wall as soon as the alien is standing next to the two steam pipes (one panel left of where he entered). When he vaporised, pick up the MEDIUM SIZED METAL OPBJECT. Walk further to the right and go outside.

Use the crowbar on the crates and get the C4. Walk north to enter the tunnel again and walk all the way to the left until you reach the hallway. Out the C4 on the heavy door left of the one with the forcefield. Walk back to the right to the hallway and wait for the explosion.

After the big bang walk to the left and enter the hole in the door. Look at the engravings next to the door and use the three metal objects you found earlier on the right places in the engravings. The door will open and you can walk into the next hallway.

Walk to the left and enter the next room. Meet Anubis! He’ll try to attack you but the crystal will protect you. After his attack, use the crystal on him to defeat and destroy him.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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