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Spoilerfree Hints

4 Levels of hints thanks to the HHS-method.

You can now play your adventure games and look for help without the risk of seeing spoilers. You don’t have to look in posts, on forums or in the pages with the walkthroughs and risk seeing solutions of parts you haven’t played yet.

Although any hint given is of course a spoiler, you don’t have to worry about seeing things you don’t want to see. We offer 4 levels of hints, from completely spoilerfree to the full solution of the game.

Level 1: Completely spoilerfree

You need to register with the forum in order for us to know who wants the hint and where to send it to. Then you can select a category below and use the form to ask your question. Give as much information as possible of where you’re stuck, what you did already and if you want a hint or full answer.

When you send the form, the question will be posted on the forum (without you looking at it). Any answers given to your question will be send to your email address so you don’t have to visit the threads and read possible spoilers.


  1. Adventure Game Studio Games
  2. Reality On The Norm Games
  3. Free or Online Adventure Games
  4. Commercial Adventure Games

Note: You need to be logged in if you want answers by email. If you’re not logged in, you can do that on the category form without viewing any of the forums.

Level 2: Possible spoilers

By using this form to search for the game you’re playing and the part you’re stuck. The result should give you some links to solutions of earlier asked questions and their answer. Because you select the threads you want to read, you might see some spoilers of questions asked earlier by other people.

Level 3: Spoilers

Browse the forum and see what has been asked already. Maybe you can contribute by giving answers or hints to some of the questions. Because you’ll be able to see all posted questions, you can also stumble upon answers given and thus see parts you haven’t played (yet).

Level 4: Full solution

If you want to know how the adventure is finished or see if you missed something or did something in a differrent way, browse the walkthroughs and look for the game you’re playing.