Your mission is to rescue party secretary Gomulka.

Walk to the right until you reach a construction site. On the ground is a WRENCH. Pick it up and walk to the right in front of the boiler room. At the gas station pick up the CAR JACK in front of the 4-wheel drive. Walk further to the right into the Garden of the Country and see a poet standing in the street.  Walk to the left to the United States Ambassy and pick up some SAND. Walk back to the right and talk to the poet.

If you want to hear some poetry, you’ll need to give him some mother’s soil so give him the sand. After the first poem, tell him it’s magnificent and he’ll give you a CIGARETTE. If he asks you to hear another one tell him ‘yes’ and after the second one tell him again it’s magnificent and he’ll give you a FLASK. Don’t listen to a third one. Leave the poet, walk to the right to find a vehilce. Look at it to find a key inside and use the vehicle to get a MASTER KEY.

Use the entry to the slaughter house and inside take the SHEARING SCISSORS from the wall. Walk to the right to leave the building. Walk to the right to see the people’s wall and the zoo. Walk north here to reach a large statue. Next to the statue is a UNKNOWN DEVICE. Pick it up.


Walk to the north left of the statue and past the photo lab to the left. Walk to the north past the protection forest and at the parting of the way go north again. You’ll see a shipwreck with a twirling gun on deck. Walk to the right but walk near the ship because in the middle of the road is a patch of quicksand. You’ll reach a strange object with a BUCKET in front. Take the bucket and go back. Walk to the left, carefully past the quicksand again. At the parting of the way go south. At the edge of the protection forest go south to the photo lab and south again to the statue. Go north, but now at the right of the statue to the cemetary.

At the cemetary walk to the south and at the campnig van go south again to reach the construction site.  Walk to the left and you’re back at the start. Use the master key on the Tatra and take the BREAD from inside. Continue to the left and talk to Yulenka at the bus stop. She’s waiting for her son and tell you about the Permafrost. She’ll give you a POST-IT. Read it in your inventory for details. Walk further to the left and go north towards the steam bath and to the left behind the Archive.

At the fairt walk to the left to the bumper cars. Look at the bumper car in front, number 2, and you’ll find a TOKEN inside. Go back on the right and walk north towards the comrades and the hydrant. Use the flask on the hydrant to take some WATER. Walk to the left to leave the comrades, to the south to leave the fair. Walk to the right four times to go back to the gas station. Onopko, the mechanic,  is at work. Give him the Gleb Neugebauerov  post-it and he’ll tell you about the sinking of the Permafrost. He’ll give you another POST-IT. Go back to the left and north through the construction site. In the back go to the right.

In front of the submarine prototype go to the right. There’s a cat-lady in front of a wall filled with propaganda. Talk to the woman and ask her if you can help. She needs bread for her cat. Give her the bread and three cats will appear. When they are eating, use the scissors on them to cut their hair into balls. Pick up THREE HAIR BALLS to create one big one. Leave the cat-woman and the cats on the left and at the camping van walk to the north.

At the cemetry walk to the north and at the statue go to the right into Tullner Street. Use the door of the North Korean Ambassy twice to enter. There’s a rocket thingy with a magazine next to it. Look at the magazine and the North Korean scribble on the right to learn the colour of the cable. Use the warhead in the front of the rocket and when asked what wire to cut choose the one you read in the magazine. Use the bucket on the URANIUM to carry it with you. Leave the embassy on the left.

Walk further right and enter the tavern. At the piano on the left is a drunk but when you put the Gerschenkron post-it in his jar, he’ll tell you about the academy of science and it’s inhabitants. He’ll give you a new POST-IT. Leave the tavern and walk further to the right. At the Office for Telecommunication walk to the right again and at the hydrolic entrance to the right once more. You’re now in front of the Academy of Science.

Use the green doors to enter and since Gerschenkron told you, you can stay. But only if you tell the secret message, so tell him that the idea of pornography arouses you as a man but disgusts you as a communist. He’ll hand you a KEY. Take it from him. He’ll tell you about the cellar and the drive but also warns you about the thing down there. He wants you to lock to door to the past as soon as you have the drive.

Once outside, walk to the left and use the intercom to open the hydrolic entrance. Walk to the north into the cellar. Inside go to the right and go south down the corridor. Walk to the right in front of the wall at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be facing an orange door. Walk inside and use the wrench on the DRIVE to take it with you. You’ll be outside automatically so use the key on the door to lock the door to the past.

Walk south and north three times to return to ground level. Walk to the right and in front of the academy walk south. Go north onto the gravel fastway and when you’ve reached the truck on the left turn right. At the landfill a guard is sleeping. Next to him is a case with BOTTLE CAPS. Take the case and make sure the guard doesn’t wake up. Walk north and returned at the truck walk to the left in front of the truck onto the agrarian steppe. Walk all the way past the power-tower until you reach a porthole. Use the car jack on the porthole to open it and enter.

At level -2 walk to the right to find a mummy. It’s Otkupshchikov. When you look at him you can see the CRUISER MANUAL in his hands. Take it and walk back to the left. Use the large opening to return to ground level. Continue left on the agrarian steppe until you reach the frontier. From there go south.

Keep walking to the right, until you past the Tatra and are in front again of the contruction site. Go north there and to the right behind the building. At the camping van go north and on the cemetary go to the right to visit Mishe Altmanov. Give him the box with bottle caps and he’ll make you a nice BAJONET. Leave him on the left and walk south at the cemetary. At the camping van go south again and at the contruction site turn left. Keep walking left until you reach the radio station again and from there go to the upper left onto the agrarian steppe.

On the steppe walk to the right until you reach the gravel fastway. Go north on the fastway until you reach the Permafrost in the gravel pit. Walk to the left twice to meet Irina Slutsky. She’s standing next to a power unit. Talk to her and she’ll tell you she’s lost something. Give her the unknown device. Use the power shunt on the power unit (nothing else!) to switch the power to the space station. Walk to the right and use the large hairball with the space training facility. It will be turned into a CANNONBALL. Walk to the right two times (behind the pile of gravel) and under the crane go north.

Use the door of the control hut to enter and use the token on the slot in the desk, left of the monitor. You’ll see a screen and four buttons. They are numbered from 1 to 4 from left to right. Push button 1 to start the monitor. Push button 2 twice to see the shipwreck with the quicksand in front. Use button 4 to grab the ship. Push button 3 to turn the crane to the right and hover above the Permafrost in the gravel pit. Use the button 4 to release the ship on top of the Permafrost. Leave the control desk and outside walk to the right. At the crane walk south and from the gravel pile walk to the south to see the Permafrost II. Use the cruiser manual on the Permafrost II to see a checklist of what to do.

When correct you can select all items on the list. After boarding, use the water from the flask with the red funnel on the right. Use the cannonball on the supply on the left. A bit to the right of it is a encrypted communication line to the commander. Use it and transmit code C (WARBLER in morse, the name of the mission).  After the warning light turns green, use the start lever under it.

When within operating distance of the cannon, confirm to fire. Use the porthole on the right to leave the Permafrost. On US ground, walk all the way to the left where some Americans will wait for you. Select to resolve the conflict in another way and you’ll try the propaganda. But then you’ll have to know the propaganda statements from the game.  You need to know three and these are chosen random from 14 possible statements. At the end is a list with possible statements and their missing words.

You’ve defeated the Americans. Walk further to the left to find Gomulka and Gleb. Gleb is about to return in his hot air balloon and you can come along. On your flight, Gomulka tells you he doesn’t want to return home so slap him in the face. When Gleb tells you the balloon is going too high and you need to take action, use the bayonet on the balloon. You’ll land next to the quicksand and Gleb will land in it.

You can give him a medal so you can tell his mother he died for his country. Then you’ll meet the youth of  Soviet Unterzögersdorf who will demand their freedom and give you an assignment…

List of statements

  1. What is your western civil societey compared to an acre of wheat during autumn? Can it even feed one single child?
    (looking at the soldier from the coreland in the conservatory behind the chinese embassy)
  2. It isn’t always easy to hover at the top.
    (looking at statue of Alexej Leonov next to the camping van)
  3. Our future needs to be like the music of the pop group Blood Sweat & Tears: predictable, yet full of joy.
    (looking at ‘Old Friends’ in front of Radio Free Soviet Unterzoegersdorf)
  4. You’re the product of the workforce
    You’re beloved without remorse
    To the future you gave birth
    Now you upgrade planet Earth.
  5. Health is the most precious good!
    (looking at the statue of Lenin north of the cemetary)
  6. The working poor of western post-industrial societies are worthy addressees of our message.
    (looking at the statue in the gravel pit right of the ship wreck.)
  7. Mother Unterzogersdorf, I will have your name tattooed to the upper arm of my soul
    (looking at the cool tank on the gravel fastway)
  8. Oh, Hayek ,your errors scorch the earth.
    (looking at our soldier in the conservatory behind the chinese embassy)
  9. The revolutionary has to move about among the people like the chrysalis of the warble fly in the body of the ovine livestock.
    (looking at Admiral Eugeny Vinogradov in front of the documentation archive)
  10. We are working on an idea.
  11. The imperfection of humanity is an invention of our enemies.
    (looking at the peoples wall across the zoo)
  12. Hold remembrance in high esteem!
  13. Death is a scandal
    (looking at the tombstones at the cemetary)
  14. The Euro is a powerful enemy
    (looking at the poster on the Office for Telecommunication Problems)

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

3 Replies to “Soviet Unterzögersdorf: Sektor 2 – Walkthrough (Monochrom/2009)

  1. Yes, we realize that you are real people who have been recorded animated in a monochrom room. And I realize that many of you appear in disguise as a character during the adventure.

    For example, if you’re the trully Irina Slutsky, I’ve to say that I have discovered your bad temper and wrong side due to you have kicked my ass to death twice. Well, not exactly. It was Nikita Chrusov’s ass to be precise. Better him than I, LOL.

    By the way I have died in this adventure in many ways, but I didn’t imaging that a simply poetry will kill anyone.

    Greetings from Spain.

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