You want another drink but Bob won’t pour it.

Bob wants to see money first. Give him your wallet but there appears to be no money. Mike will make you an offer: if you can lift the pool table, he’ll give you $50. Try to lift the pool table to realize it’s way too heavy. Talk to the poster on the right who called you a sissy. The bull has a potion that will make you strong. When he wants to know what he gets in return offer him the barf. He’s not interested but wants some toilet paper. Agree to get him the paper and you’ll get the POTION and a THINGAMAJIG.

Use the thingamajig from your inventory in the potion to drink it and lift the pool table. You get the money and your drink. While drinking you overhear a conversation about a murder.

Act One: A pint of murder.


Walk to the south to the couple at the table and use the seat at the table next to it. You can then hear more of the plans. After hearing the conspiracy the moose will try to make you prevent it, the fish doesn’t. For now you’ll ignore the fish. Your bladder will be acting up by now so walk over to the plant and empty the bladder. This will result in the FISH. Use the bladder on the plant again to empty it. You’ll overhear about the plan to kill the husband. You have to save him.

She wrote down the phone number so use the fish on the handbag of the lady, standing next to the chair. You’ll get the NOTE with the phone number out. Use the note with the phone on the bar to call the husband. But you can’t make anything of the numbers on the phone so give the note to Bob behind the bar and he’ll call.. your father.

Walk south to the moose head and talk to it. Ask for help and ask if Bob really is his friend, then about Bob’s weak spots. Leave the moose and walk north back to the bar. Talk to Bob again and tell him he’s jealous of you not being the bold head with the squinty eye. Bob will dial the right number this time. Then the two come back again.

Act two: The first victims.

Walk south to the tables to notice your chair has been taken. He won’t move but you notice that he’s leaning against the pipe. Walk north to the right side of the bar and use the fish on the wheel to heat the pipe. Walk south back to the table and see how the man is getting hot. But at the moment supreme, the pipe will burst.

Use the fish on the hole where the steam comes out to turn up the heat again. The man is leaving so walk back to the tables on the south to try to hear more of the conversation. It’s only whispering. Walk north and take the filthy GLASS from the table. Go back south and use the glass on the whispers from the pipe to hear a new part in the conspiracy. This time the husband will be attacked. After the conversation walk north and see the words Mike has with Lester while he waits to get to the toilet.

Take a pool CUE from the wall and push the trophy just above Mike to the edge. This will prevent Lester from executing his plan. Unconscious you’ll overhear the conspiracy a third time and you’ll end up in a dream like state, hearing a voice say that Foxtrot is the key.

Walk to the left to find Charlie on the floor.  Pick it up to hear again that CHARLIE is the key.

Act 3: The snakes bite back.

Walk to the toilet door on the right to find TK-421 in the corner. Use the toy to let him glow red. In your inventory is a can opener so use it on the toy and take the RED BULB from it.

Part of your memory will return. Look at the red bulb to see some kind of map and a barely readable text. Walk south of the room where a broken bulb is. Use the red one to replace the BROKEN BULB. A map with trail will appear as will a green bulb. Note all the colors of the arrows in the trail. Pick up the GREEN BULB and swap the red bulb with the green one.  The green light made a trail visible to the outside.

Walk to the left to follow the trail and Charlie is taken away from you. Walk south to find a book on the table. Pick up the BOOK and you’ll see who took Charlie.

Talk to Moose and ask him what he wants from you. You’ll return to the bar where the lady will join you. You’ll hear the new plans of the conspiracy. After talking to the lady, you’ll return to Moose. No matter what you say, Moose will give you an assignment: get him something to eat. Tell him to leave you alone. Use the book to find a red CRAYON inside. Use the book again to find the weak spots of Moose: a yellow triangle will trap him.  There’s also an interesting story about snakes.

When you change the bulb to the red one, you’ll see Moose walking to the right. Walk to the left to find Moose standing there. Use the red crayon on him to draw a red triangle and change the light bulb to green to trap Moose. He’ll give CHARLIE back to you but the light will melt him. You’ve killed your good conscience. If only you could reverse time.

Walk to the lower left where a cardboard box is. You used to make a time machine so use your crayon on the box to write the name on it. Then use the box and travel back to the time just before Moose melted. To be more specific, just before the blue bulb went out. You travel back and a blue light is on. Replace the BLUE BULB with the broken one to realize how the broken light got there. Then Charlie disappears.

Walk to the left to find Charlie on the floor and you will meet yourself as well. Walk to the left again to pick up Charlie and Moose will take him again. You’ll return to the present and find that Charlie turned into a key. Use the key on the toilet door to find someone holding it shut. But since you have no clue who it is, you can’t open the door. You need to find out who it is first.

Remember the colors in the trail on the floor? Swap the light bulbs in the same order: the moose was green, the arrows blue, red, blue, red and green,and then the red cross. So swap the bulbs in the same order: green (already there), blue, red, blue, red, green and red. Each time you’ll hear a bit more of the conversation between your parents. Then it becomes clear.

In the bar you’ll hear the murder plans and return to the house. Walk to the toilet door on the right and look at the boots next to the door. They you’re dad’s. Use the door of the toilet to find not your dad but your mum in there. It all makes sense now. And it becomes clear what happened. You need to prevent the murder!

Act 4: The salty aftertaste of revenge.

You need to get the disguise from the lady. On the table in the center is a jar filled with HONEY. Take it to find it’s solid. Walk further south to the two tables and see some ants. Your bladder will be acting up again. Empty the bladder into the jar of honey to make it running again and use the warm honey on the cockroaches the floor. Now only you need to point it at the target you want them to go to.

Point the jar of honey to the big hat of Vivian. The insects will make her unveil herself and end the murder plot.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  2. Thank you for the reply.

    I had to reload an earlier stage.
    The moose just kept walking and literally fading away so i had no entitiy to use the crayon on.

    But loading and earlier savegame fixed the problem.

    Hm, i see RGB.
    I’m used to RYB.
    Now it makes sense.

    Great game so far, by the way.

    Congratulations 🙂

  3. I’m stuck at the lightbulbs/book/crayon location.

    Your walkthrough tells me to use the red crayon on the moose,
    but he just keeps fading away walking from left to right with either bulb installed.

    (BTW: Since when does green and red result in yellow? A little illogical.)

    I’m not sure if this is a bug,
    since the Moose took charlie as soon as i picked him up.

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