Talk to the chinese man with the red hair. So he lost something. Maybe we can help. Walk to the left. There’s the meteorite again we’ve seen before. On the right is a big EGG. Take it.

Turn to the right and then go south. Another man is standing there. Talk to Hevlop to learn he’s an alien visiting earth. Walk twice to the north and select the purple house on the map. It’s the laboratory. Outside you meet Soxel already. The lab is closed because employees are sick at home but any questions can be asked to Soxel. Give him the egg. Ask if he can examine it and he’ll clarify the egg. It’s not an egg, it’s a capsule for an audio TAPE. But a tape from outer space so you can’t listen to it since you can’t find a player that fits the tape.

On the map select the field and go south to Hevlop. Give the tape to Hevlop. He’s an alien, maybe he knows how to listen to the tape. He knows someone who might be able to listen to the tape: Markumbum but he lives in Italy now. So we need to go to Italy.

Walk north twice and select the airport on the map. In notime you’re in Italy. Walk to the left and talk to Markumbum. He’ll tell you the tape holds no audio but is a storage container. Fortunately he also knows hot to open it. He’ll get a  SCRATCH CARD out


Turn right and look at the view you’ve got. Look at the pilar on the left. Behind it is a COIN. You pick it up. Use the coin on the scratch card and you can make a phone call. You have to search further at home. You’ll end up on the map. Select the field and when you’re there turn left.

Enter the meteoriet and look around. Take the CUP and the PLATE with you. Go south to leave the metorite, go right and north to go back to the map again. Select your own home now. At home, turn left and use the cup from your inventory on the watertank in the back garden to fill the cup with dirty WATER. Turn right and south to go to the map and select the purple house again.

Soxel is still standing outside. Give him the cup with water and ask him to examine it. After a while he can tell you it’s not water but an acid that’s made from blood. Human blood. Turn to the right and on the map select the field again. Turn left there and enter the metorite again. There’s another Chinese man now. Talk to him.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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