Please note that this solution is for the Nintendo DS version of the game. For the PC version see this solution.

Leaving a safe and entering again will reset the puzzle.You entered the house and in front of you is a door with a numberpad. You don’t have the code so turn around and turn left. At the end of the corridor is safe.

Small Corridor:

The three bright colours should be on the outer rings colour by colour, the 6 dark greys filling the intersections. Since this puzzle starts with a random setting, there’s not much help. It shouldn’t be too difficult when you to complete one colour first and then concentrate on the other two. If you don’t succeed, note the colour positions and email me.


Open the safe and take a RESISTOR and PAPER out. Look at the paper. It holds a code. Turn around with your back to the safe and walk through to corridor to the entrance hall. Turn right there. The door in front of you has a number pad.


Enter 3187  on the keypad.

Walk to the fountain and turn right. Open the doors and walk across the room. On the left side is a door opening to the office.

The Office (#1):

When you turn right after you entered, you’ll see a door. To the left of this door is a device that looks like a phone. There are buttons on it with arrows. The object is to follow the arrows and end on the red square. One arrow means next key in that direction, two arrows means jump over one and three arrows mean jump over two.

The solution:

Keys are numbered 1 to 16 (red square included) from left to right, top to bottom: Start with key 7. Then 6, 14, 16, 4, 8, 5, 1, 3, 2, 10, 11, 15, 13 and 9. 12 will become available. Push 12. There’s a laser beam going up, missing the mirror at the ceiling. Change the angle of the mirror above the device. Turn around and find another mirror on the other side. Change the angle on this one as well so the beam will be reflected onto the globe.

The globe will open. Take a TRANSISTOR out.

Go out the door you came through (leave the other safe for now).

The museum (#1):

Turn left and walk towards the door. Almost near the door is a safe on your left side. It looks like it has a 15 or slider puzzle on it but this one is a bit different. You can only rotate sets of four tiles over the copper gears. The goal is to recreate the image as seen on the start page and on the fiche you see when you look at the map (A Euro sign).

The start of this puzzle is random again so if you struggle, use this puzzlesolver page to enter the order your puzzle is in at the moment and the solution will be calculated.

Take a NOTE out and pull the handle. This will activate the other three puzzles in this room. Turn right and unlock the door to the small corridor. Don’t walk into the corridor (we’ve been there already) but turn around and take the door on your left back to the fountain (the winter garden). Cross the garden, around the fountain to the doors across. Open these doors and you’re in the Main Sitting room.

Main Sitting Room:

To your left is a safe, ahead is a door. Turn to the safe first. It has a text on it but it’s encrypted. Look at the note in your inventory. There’s a paper with the letters L=E. Turn the gray letter E on the dial towards the L on the face of the safe. Now you can easilly decipher the text at the bottom: Z=S, P=I, E=X, M=F, V=O, B=U, Y=R, V=O, U=N, L=E, A=T, D=W, V=O. The text can be translated into SIXFOURONETWO. Number dials on top from 1 to 4 from left to right. Set dial 1 to 6, dial 2 to 4, dial 3 to 1 and dial 4 to 2.

You can take a PHOTO and an 8 PIN CIRCUIT. Read the sticky note on the door. Inside the safe there’s also a panel with lines on it. Write down these lines!!  Turn left and read the page from the diary on the couch. Turn further with your back to the safe and go through the door on the left.

The Study (#1):

Right in front of you is a safe. The object is to move the steel ball to a hole and sink it.

The solution: R, D, R, U. Wait for the hole to open and then R.

Take the 4 PIN CIRCUIT out of the safe. Turn around. On the chair next to the door is a postcard from Sarah. Read it. Go through the door to the left of the chair and cross the room to the door opposite. Again cross the room, around the fountain to the museum. Then take the door opposite on the left to the office.

The office (#2):

Inside, turn right towards the door where there’s a lock on the right side of the door. As soon as it opens there seem to be some components missing. Fortunately you’ve found some already.

The solution: take components from your inventory and put from left to right: 8-pin circuit, 4-pin circuit, transistor and resistor.

The door will automatically open. Enter the workshop.

The workshop (#1):

In the back of the room, on the left side on the worktop is a defective safe. The keys, when pushed, will give a sequence of numbers in a pattern. The goal is to recreate the number on the sticky note on the safe.

The solution: 1188 4888 1435. The safe will open and you can take a MAGNETIC CARD. Turn left and in the next room turn left again. Cross the museum and cross the winter garden. Cross the main sitting room to the study.

The study (#2):

In the study turn left and walk towards the door. Insert the magnetic card you just found and look at the numberpad. There are three keys that have a slightly different colour because they are used more than the others (random, so no help). You just have to hack your way into this with brute force try & error. You only have to use these three numbers.

Step into the room that was opened. This is the Service Stairs. Stairs going up and stairs going down. First go straight ahead into the dining room.

The Dining Room:

In the room turn left. In front of you is a painting with a light underneath. Step forward and turn left again. You’re facing a wall. On the wall are paintings. Remember you found a picture in one of the safes? Have a look at it. In the background are the same paintings but in a different order. Recreate the picture.

the solution: number pictures from 1 to 5 from left to right. 1 to 5, 3 to 1, 2 to 3, 4 to 2, 3 to 4.

The painting on the right will rise and you can take a LETTER out. Read the letter. It must be information for one of the safes to come. Turn your back to the painting and take the door on the right, back to the service stairs. Go down the stairs on your right. You’re in the entrance of the basement.


Look at the right on the wall. There’s an impressive switch. Actually….

The solution: Turn all knobs to point upward.

That wasn’t too hard. Turn left and walk towards the end of the corridor. On the wall you’ll find markings. Write these down! Turn right. This part is called the wine cellar.

The winecellar:

Facing towards the door with the puzzle on it, the wine is on your left. Look at the puzzle. Your goal is to light the led on the right by skipping one light at a time. From the starting point (already lit) you go S, S, S, E, NE, N, N,  SE, SE, SE, S, E, N, W, W, NW, NW, S, E, E, E, E.

You’ll hear a bell and take a GPS CARD and a KEY with you.

Turn around and walk towards the arch. Just before it turn left and go up the stairs in the back. Go into the study and turn right at the end. Go through the main sitting room to the door opposite and through the winter garden. Around the fountain to the museum. Through the doors opposite into the office. Turn right there and walk into the workshop.

The workshop (#2):

There’s a safe direct around the corner on the worktop. Have a look at it. It has a device on which you can set three numbers. Changing them gives another color laser beam. You need the right colours (wavelengths). Look at your inventory. There’s a letter from Hubert Dufigue. We need the maximum wavelenght for a buttercups color (between yellow and orange) and take 8 nm from it.

The solution: 584.

The safe will open and you can take a SMALL GOLD KEY and a T-SHAPED KEY out. Leave the workshop and go to the right into the office. Leave the office through the door on the left and turn left immediately. Walk to the end of the room, then into the small corridor. Turn right there and into the small sitting room.

The Small Sitting Room:

In the back is a safe. It has a T-shaped lock on it. Use the T-Shaped key from your inventory and use it on the door. Take the PISTON out and look at the page on the left of the safe. It’s from the diary.

Turn your back to the safe and turn right, to the hall. Turn right and at the fountain turn left. In the main sitting room go through the door opposite to the study. Turn left there and walk into the service stairs.

The Store Room:

Go down the stairs on the left to the basement. Walk to wards the end of the hall and turn left into the store room. Then turn right towards the boiler. Put the piston from the inventory in the middle. The red light on the control unit is now gone. Take a closer look at the control unit.

Your goal is to get the middle cylinder to the arrow (4th notch). You must do so by moving levels between 3 cylinders.

The solution: you start with 0/0/8. Then: right to middle (0/5/3), middle to left (3/2/3), left to right (0/2/6), middle to left (2/0/6), right to middle (2/5/1) and middle to left (3/4/1).

You can see the fountain fill with water and the pumps working. Turn around and exit under the arch. Right after that turn right to the stairs and climb these to the service stairs. Climb the stairs to go to the kitchen.

The kitchen:

On the right is a letter on the worktop. Turn around and look at the lift on the right. The indicator is on level 4. The goal is to get the lift to the current level. Up will go 7 up, down will go 5 down.

The solution: You start on 4 must get to 12. U (11), D (6), U (13), D (8), U (15), D (10), D (5), U (12).

The glass panel will open and you can take the SPECIAL PIPE KEY. Go down the stairs again and when you’re in the service stairs, turn to the dining room. On the left side in the back is a door. It is locked by a key. Use the brass key to unlock it and go through the door. You’re in the main staircase. Look at the door in front of you. It’s closed with a latch. Turn it so it’s unlocked as well. It’s the door to the hall. You don’t have to go there yet. Turn around and climb the stairs. Time to open some safes on this level.

Turn right upstairs. Walk straight ahead towards the white door. It’s also closed with a latch. Turn it and your way to the kitchen is open. But we turn right first. At the end of the hall turn right.

The West Corridor:

There’s a keypad on the wall making sure that the red beams block the room. The keys on the pad can’t be pressed. It must be broken. Look at the bolt on the left. Didn’t we find a special pipe key for that in the lift? Take it out of your inventory and use it on the bolt. Oops. What a mess. Now how do we get a code out of this? Take a good look at the wires. There are four colours. And we need four digits.

The solution: Each colour wire forms a number: Red = 3, Yellow = 4, Green = 2, Blue = 9. Now look at the order in which they are stacked. On top is green, then yellow, then blue, then red. So the code must be 2493. Use the screws on the keypad to enter the code.

The yellow room:

The beams are now gone and you can enter the room. Ahead of you in the windowsill is a letter. Read it. Next to it is a safe. The keypad expects four digits. There’s also a power switch next to the keypad. Push the switch. It can be that easy. Take the MAGNETIC PASS and the SNOOKER RULES out.

Turn right and walk towards the door. Open the door. It leads to the yellow bathroom but hold no safes. Turn right and go back to the west corridor. In the corridor turn left and walk towards the end. Turn left there as well. Keep walking straight ahead and almost at the end you have a corridor to the left.

Games room:

Go there and walk to the snooker table. To the left there’s a key panel on the wall. It needs a card but if things are right, you have a green key card in your inventory. Take it out and insert it into the slot. You can now enter the code….. right. Leave the keypad for a minute and turn around to the table. In your inventory are also the snooker rules, stating the value of each colour ball and how many balls there are….. or should be. Look on the table and count the balls. Walk around the table because there might be some balls in the pocket.

The solution: there should be 15 reds and 7 colours. 4 reds are missing, the yellow, blue and brown. So on the table are: 9 reds (9), 1 green (3), 1 pink (6)  and the black (7). Enter it as the code (9367).

A panel opens and you can take a FOUNTAIN PLUG and a LEVER. Turn to the right and walk to the arcade machine. It’s a racing game. It needs a card as well. Insert the blue gps card from your inventory in the slot on the right. The screen will come on. Take a good look at the track. Your goals is to race the track. So note the direction. When ready to drive, turn the key.

Solution: right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right left.

Take the ticket with code out. Turn around and walk back to the corridor. At the end turn right. Walk down the corridor until the stairs and go down. Once below turn left and in the hall turn left again. Walk to the fountain.

The Winter Garden:

Take the fountain plug from your inventory and place it in the empty slot near the base of the fountain. All four plugs are spraying water now. The stepping stones in front of them will make the spray into another direction each time you step on them. Your goal is to let the plugs spray into all holes so the level of the fountain rises and you can take the key. Each time you step away from the fountain, the steps are reset.

The solution:

left, top, right, bottom, right, left, top, right

When done, take the DOUBLE KEY out of the fountain. Walk past the fountain into the museum.

The museum:

Walk towards the centre of the museum. There’s a puzzle, or actually 3. Start at the side nearest of the winter garden.

Object of this one is remove all blue squares by jumping from blue square to blue square where you can only move horizontal and vertical and not jump over more than 1 empty square. You start at the white square.

The solution: R, D, L, D, D, R, U, R, D, R, SKIP ONE R, U, L, L, U, L, R, R, U, R, D, L, D, D, D.

Move clockwise to the next one, the one near the office. This one is like sudoku, each row and each colon must contain a different symbol.

The solution: rows numbered from top to bottom from 1 to 4, row 1: €¥£$, row 2: £$€¥, row 3: $£¥€ and row 4: ¥€$£.

Move clockwise again to the next puzzle near the small corridor. It’s just a number pad requesting a code. Then a magic square appears. All lines should add up to 15: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

The solution: enter the code from the paper you got from the racing game: [random]. The magic square: Leave the 5 in the middle because that leaves 1 & 9, 2 & 8, 3 & 7 and 4 & 6 to all make 1o. Put these numbers opposite of each other and all lines will be 15. So: shift the top row to the right, the bottom row to the left, the left column down and the right column up.

You can see a door in the game room unlock. Turn around and enter the small corridor. At the end turn right and then go straight ahead to the stairs. At the top turn left, walk across the corridor and almost at the end turn left again to the game room.

The library (#1):

When entering the game room you can see the door, that was opened by the safe downstairs, on your right. Enter it and go to the safe at the left. There’s a sticky note on it: Call Sarah. Now the safe needs 5 digits, Sarah = 5 letters, Call….. get the point?

The solution: Go to the blue bedroom on the other side of the floor. Leave this room, turn left in the games room, right in the corridor. On the green carpet turn right again and at the end turn left. On the right side in the back is a telephone. Spell the name Sarah on it and translate letters to numbers. You should come up with 86265. (Don’t try this on a real phone…. it won’t work.) Leave the room, turn right in the corridor. At the end turn left and walk almost until the end. Then turn left and into the game room back to the library on the right.

The safe will open and you can take a STEERING WHEEL out. Leave the library and in the game room turn left.

The east corridor:

At the end of the corridor turn right and go to the first door on your right. Put the wheel you just picked up in the empty position. Turning each wheel will move several bars back and forth. Note which bar(s) move the first turn, which the second etc. Do so for every wheel.

The solution: numbering wheels from 1 to 5 from top to bottom, turn wheel 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 5.

The loft:

Enter the laundry room. To your left is a ladder. Climb it. You’re in the loft. There are two safes. First look at the one on the left. Your goal is to connect the pipes by rotating them and make a continuous loop.

The solution: There are 25 squares. The numbers given here are the amount of times the squares need to be rotated. So 25 positions, numbered from 1 to 25 from left to right. Rotate the first square 3 times. Then 0, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1, 0, 1, 2 , 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 2.

Open the safe and take the CARVED STONE BLOCK out. On the inside of the door is a sticky note. Read it. Turn around and look at the chairs in front of you. There’s panel with lines. Write these down!. Turn left and north towards the other safe. There’s a big gate in front of it and to the right must be a lever. We’ve got one in the inventory. Use the lever and the gate will open. Your goal is to push a square in each row and each column where there can only be one square pushed for each row or column. Even in the diagonal lines can only be one square down.

The solution: number the rows 1 to 6 from top to bottom. Number columns 1 to 6 from left to right. Values given here will first the row, then the column. 1-2, 2-4, 3-6, 4-1, 5-3, 6-5.

The safe opens and you can take a TRIPLE KEY. Turn around and go down the stairs. Turn left into the corridor again. Turn right into the corridor. Go further down the corridor and at the green carpet turn right. Immediately after the arch turn left.  Then go into the dressing room.

The Dressing room:

On your right is a safe with something missing. Take the carved stone block from your inventory and put it in the opening at the bottom of the safe. It’s a polybius square.

Translate the numbers above the dials to letters. The first number is down, the second is right, third one down, forth one right etc. So 3 down, 4 right becomes O, 3 down, 3 right becomes N, 1 down, 5 right becomes E etc.

The solution: ONET WOSI XFIV E Set the dials from left to right to the correct value: 1 2 6 5.

The safe opens and another TRIPLE KEY comes out. Take it and leave the room. Turn right in the corridor and turn left at the end. Now walk all the way to the end, to the white door. Take the double key from your inventory and use it on the door. Enter the room.

The Violet Bedroom (#1):

At the end of the bed is a desk with a letter on it. To the left of it is a safe on the dressoir. Take a closer look.

The solution: In your inventory is a key with the same symbol: the small gold key. Use it on the safe.

Take a SMALL IRON KEY and a KEYCARD READER from it. Turn left from this safe and open the door to the bathroom. Nothing to do there unless you really have to of course. Turn further left to a door with two keyholes.

The solution: use both triple keys from your inventory. Then there you have…. another door.

Leave the room, enter the corridor and turn right towards the game room. In the game room use the door on the right to the library. On the right, just after the entrance is a safe. Use the car dreader from the inventory. The display is damaged but partially readable. See what the first digit could be. A 2, 3, or 8. Try these followed by a number certainly not on the display (1?). So first try 2111, then 3111 and then 8111. Then try 1311, 1511, 1711, 1811 and 1911 etc. Do the same for the last two digits and note which number moved the bar. This way you can reconstruct the correct number.

The solution: 8796

The safe will open and you can take the TRIPLE KEY out. Leave the room and go back to the corridor. Turn right at the end and walk until the green carpet. Turn right there and walk until the end. There are markings on the wall. Note these!! Go into the blue bedroom on the left.

The Blue Bedroom:

Go to the safe at the right. Use the small iron key from the inventory on this safe. Turn the key and use the phone to enter numbers. First press the speaker button to let the handset make some noise. Search for the right 4-digit combination. You have four tries. After that a new code will be generated. First try 1234 then 5678. A flashing light is right number but wrong place. A steady light is right number on the right spot.

The solution: since this is a random number, there’s no fixed solution. Just try.

After entering the right combination, the safe will open and you can take a CHIPCARD out and a LETTER from Margareth. There’s also a sticky note on the door. Read it as well.

Leave the room, go right in the corridor and at the end turn left. Walk towards the stairway. Go down the stairs and turn left there. Walk until the end and turn left. In the museum take the door on the right to the office and go through the door on the right. Walk towards the safe in the back.

The workshop (#3):

This safe needs a key card. Insert the one you’ve just found. You can now turn the dials to find a six letter word. We are carrying a letter. All the letters we’ve carried so far held clues. What about the last one from Margareth. What was supposed to be kept secret? Ah! Six letters, and they all appear on the panel.

The solution: top row: L, T, R. bottom row: A, W, E.

The door opens and you’ve found a secret room!

The boudoir:

On the table is a letter. It appears that Duncan left someone a nice amount of money. To your left is a safe. Take a good look at it. It has the second triple key in it. You’ll have to slide it out by using the magnet near the magnet sign. Click once to pick it up. Click and drag the blocks underneath the glass.

Divide the board in rows and columns. Each small side of the tile will use one column or row. This means that the board has 6 rows and 6 columns. The numbers given are x/y coordinates (so 3/4 means 3 right, 4 down), followed by a direction (up, down, left, right).

The solution:

1/4D, 2/4L, 4/2D, 2/3R, 2/1D, 4/1L, 6/3U, 6/5U, 4/6R, 4/4D,5/2U, 1/4R, 2/2D,3/4L, 4/5U,5/6L, 6/3D,3/3L, 4/4U, 1/4R,3/5U,4/6L,  4/1D, 1/1R, 1/2U2/3L, 3/4U, 4/4L, 5/1D, 4/2D, 6/1D, 2/1R, 3/2U, 1/3R, 3/1D, 4/1L, 6/3U, 4/3R

Right click to release the magnet and left click on the second TRIPLE KEY.

Leave the room, go through the workshop and out of the office. Turn immediate left after entering the museum. Go through the corridor and turn right. Walk on to the staircase and go up the stairs.

The violet bedroom (#2):

Turn left and walk straight ahead to the violet room. In the room turn left to the bathroom. Just before that turn left again and use the two triple keys on the door. The door will open and you can step into the secret room.

The secret room:

You can see a door shield on the table. It’s the same shape as the ones we’ve seen on several places in the building. Put them all on top of each other and see the numbers appearing.

The solution: 3528

Take the letter from the safe. It’s from Duncan. He still hasn’t decided where the money goes to. But since you opened all safes, you can decide for him. It’s up to you.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Thanks a lot for helping with all those puzzles. Some are quite weird and I’d never guessed them. For the Euro puzzle: Up to 11 it’s rather trivial. But the rest would also have driven me mad. So I wrote a tiny Python program that made random turns for the lower three squares. Takes 2 seconds or so to spit out the correct moves xD

  2. Help cant do euro sign order of code is 1 9 5 6 13 12 8 3 10 11 14 7 16 2 15 driving me mad be stuck for 3 days

  3. Getting so frustrated with the Euro puzzle! Been working on it for 3 hours and I can not for the life of me get it in the right order! Help me please!

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  5. Very challenging, but I am enjoying it, and thank you for your help, I have silver gray hair, but without your help, I would probably have none left at all!

  6. I am having trouble with the Euro puzzle, it has sixteen tiles, but i just can’t get them in correct order. how do the nine buttons move the tiles? It needs to be in order. 1 2 3 4. 5 6 7 8. 9 10 11 12. 13 14 15 16.I know you said it was a random puzzle, but getting to the stage of headaches now! Also managed to get the Puzzle with the inner and outer combination and the 6 4 1 2 locks at the top, but it will not open can you explain this to me also. many thanks. Brian.

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