You want to have a day of shore leave.

Pick up the SPACE KNIFE 4000 from the bed and use the exit on the right to leave the room. Follow the arrow on the floor twice to the mess hall. Use your knife on the chow dispenser and pick up the CHOW from the floor. Walk to the right and use the door north to go back to the hallway. Walk further north and to the left back to your room.

Use the chow with the splooge next to the toilet to enhance the chow. Pick up the ENHANCED CHOW and use the door on the right to leave again. Use the enhanced chow with the filth on the right and the dog will eat it all, revealing trash. Pick up the TRASH. It appears to be a pass but needs to be stamped by a guard.

Walk south and give the pass to the security guy who will stamp it for you. Pick up the STAMPED PASS. Use the pass on the door behind the guard to enjoy your day off. Talk to the mutant and learn about the attractions of the island. Then walk to the beach on the right. Pick up the KNIFE and  talk to the fish and he’ll tell you what to do if you bring him water first.


Walk to the left twice and talk to Jacques. He lost his jock and if you can return it to him, he has water for you. Use the knife on the pipe below the jock without luck. Use the door to enter the building and look at the table with the chow on it. It has gum under it. Pick up the table to get the GUM from it. Walk to the right and pick up the pool CUE. Use the door on the left to leave.

In your inventory use the cue with the gum and use the combination on the JOCK to get it from the pipe. Fill the jock with the FLUID pouring from the pipe and walk to the right twice. Give the cup with water to the fish and he’ll pass out. Pick up the FISH and walk to the left. Give the fish to the mutant and you’ll get a VIP PASS in return. Use the pass on yourself to use it and you’ll get to a night club.

Walk to the right and use the door of the men’s room. Use the vending machine to get a DIME out and use the same dime back in the vending machine to get COLOGNE out. Use the cologne with the peepee at the bottom of the whizard to create a stinky cologne. Use the window to climb out and leave the club. Walk to the right and use the cologne on the traffic cop. He’ll faint.

Use the trash can on the right and find a SHARD inside. Walk back to the left and north into the alley behind the club. Enter the club through the window and leave the toilets on the south. Go left back into the club and use the shard on the club girl to cut a piece of her LEATHER dress.  Walk to the right, enter the men’s room again and use the window to climb out. Walk to the right, past the vehicle and north through the opening in the fence to reach the compound lot.

The key in the shack is wired so you need some protection to get it. Use the leather on the KEY to take it. Walk to the right and use the key with the space car parked on the left and go to the next space station.

Use the door to Engineering 03 and then the door to the secret room of treasure on the left. Use the coat rack to find a crumpled piece of PAPER and in your inventory look at it. Use the door to leave the room and use the panel. What did the note say? Four consecutives make 6*5. So enter the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9. Take the KNIFE from the display case.

Walk south and use the knife on the evil robot.  Use the door behind the now broken robot and see a group of people being held by a force field. Just do as they say: push the red button.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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