You’re in a room.

Walk north through the door and in the corridor all the way to the right to realize the corridor is too long (5/5). Walk south through the wall and find a strange character in a white robe. Talk to the person and no matter which answer you give, you’ll get the FUEL anyway (5/10). Pick up the CHAINSAW from the steps (5/15) and in your inventory put the fuel in the chainsaw (5/20).

Use the chainsaw to kill the man in white (5/25) and walk south back to the corridor. Use the chainsaw on each of the three doors (5+5+5/40) and walk to the left back to your room. Open the crack in the wall with the chainsaw (5/45) and now you realize you have to kill all people dressed in blue and yellow. Go through the opening and use the chainsaw on the man with the yellow top (5/50).

Kill the man with the blue shirt as well (5/55) and use the wall on left side to get some extra points (2/57).  Walk up the ramp to reach the attic. Kill the mother in blue with the chainsaw (5/62), followed by the boy with the yellow shirt (5/67). Finally kill the boy with the blue shirt (5/72).  Then use the door opening in the back to leave the house. But what was the color of your own shirt? (5/77).


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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