Walk to the left and find a toolbox in the corner. Use the toolbox first take the SPANNER out, then use it again to take the SCREWDRIVER out. Go south and keep walking to the left until you see a ladder going down. It appears that the ship has a loose screw. Use the spanner on the bolt to tighten it. Then climb back up the ladder.

Walk to the right twice and meet the droid. Talk to the droid. Tell him you’re the captain  and the droid will gladly return the KEYCARD. Use the keycard on the door in the corner. Enter the room and pick up the SCALPEL laying on the floor. Maybe it can serve as a weapon. Leave the room again and walk to the north. Keep following the path to the left.

There’s another door. Use the keycard to open the door and enter the room. On the bookcase is a COIL. Take it. There’s a dead alien on the bed. The only strange thing about it is the different colour of his hand. Use the scalpel on the hand to take the  HAND with you. Leave the room again. Walk south and to the right to go back to the droid.

Use the coil on the droid to let the magnetic field kill the droid. Use the droid to search it and discover a VACUUM CLEANER.  Walk to the left twice and climb down the ladder again. Use the vacuum cleaner on the slime to clean the machine. Use the coil on the connector you just cleaned and the reactor will come to life.


Climb the ladder again and walk to the right to the door with a panel to the right. Use the hand of the alien on the panel to open the door. Walk into the room and watch the hologram. Talk to it and it’ll explain what it’s doing there. Ask what happened to the crew. There’s the solution to your mystery. They were out of neon and died. To end it all, tell the hologram to shut down all power.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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