When Matt is out cold, walk to the cupboard.

Look at the old NEWSPAPER ARTICLE lying there to read the article. Walk into the room on the left to get some supplies. Take the PIPE standing against the wall, take the OXYGEN TANK from the bottom shelf, the WRENCH from the middle shelf and open the med kit on the left wall. Search the kit to find some SMELLING SALT and when you search further, you’ll find BANDAGES.

Leave the room again and walk back to Matt. Use the smelling salt on him to bring him back and talk to him (+10%).  Show Matt the wrench and ask if you can keep it (+10%). Talk to Matt about everything and then ask him to open the door again. As soon as it’s slightly open, use the iron bar to wedge it open. Matt will take the pipe. Walk to the right through the open door.

Use the control room in the back to head over there. Talk to Irene and ask her where the plans of the facilities are. They’re in the cupboard. Talk to Matt and tell him that you’d like to tell him something. Then you’ll tell him about his preferences (+10%). Use the iron pipe Matt is holding on the doors of the cupboard on the left to ask him to force them open.Tell him that the plans are in there and that you’d like to get to know the place because you’re stuck. He’ll then open the door.

Look at the PLANS and Matt will show them. But he doesn’t believe you built them. Give him the newspaper and he’ll believe you (+20%). Talk to Irene again and tell her you need access to the water pipe. Once Matt has given her access ask her to drain the pipe. It doesn’t work. On the desk next to Irene are a pair of SCISSORS. Take them and Matt will pick them up. There’s a PLASTIC BAG under the other desk. Take it as well.

In the cupboard where the plan was, is a roll of TAPE. Take it. Use the drawer above it to find a box of MATCHES. Use the exit to leave the room and enter the large hall. Walk over to the water supply pipe on the left. Take the HYDROGEN TANK from under the box on the left. Use the wrench on the box above it to open it. Close the air supply inside.

Walk south to return to the hall and walk to the hallway in the lower left. Enter the small room on the far left again and use the scissors on the hose to let Matt cut the HOSE. Tell him you need it for repairs. Leave on the right and enter the large hall on the right. Return to the water supply pipe on the upper left. Use the hose on broken pipe to the right of the air vent. Use the tape to fix the hose in place. Use the air vent again to open it and use the level measuring device on the right to open the panel.

Use the device again to see three the inside. Read the instructions on the right to see the correct levels. Take the paper on the upper left behind the device to learn more about it. Use the sliders from left to right. Set the leftmost to 0. The middle one should read -2 and the one on the right should be 3. Then push the button under the flashing light. Walk south to leave the pipe and enter the control center again.

Talk to Irene and tell her everything is fixed. She’ll drain the pipe and open the hatch. Leave the control room and return to the water supply pipe. Enter the pipe and open the manhole on the right. When Matt is starting a conversation, tell him it’s his own business (+10%).

Use the manhole to go downstairs and Matt will faint and get hurt. Use the bandage on him. Take the OXYGEN METER from the wall on the right and then pick up Matt. Walk to the right to enter the sewer. There’s a crack on the left. Look at it and use the wrench on it to poke around and the the second NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. When the meter starts beeping, use the plastic bag on yourself and add the oxygen tank to make it to the core.

When Matt’s coming round, tell him it’s good to have him back (+10%).  Talk to Matt and tell him there’s something you’d like to tell him. Tell him you’re worried about his head (+10%). The door on the right is locked. Put the hydrogen tank against the door. Talk to Matt and tell him you’re going to blow up the door (+10%). Use the tank to open it and use the matches on the tank to blow up the door. Walk to the right to enter the core.

Enter the room with cooling pumps. Pick up the BUCKET and leave the room again. Enter the control center on the right. Use the cart with dirty clothes to get a dirty CLOTHES from it. Use the toilet door on the left and go inside. There’s snoring coming from the cabin on the left. Using the door and shouting won’t wake him up.

Use the bucket on the basin to fill it with WATER and use the water on the toilet door to wake the man inside. When he talks to you, ask him if he hasn’t heard. Then tell him the reactor is going to launch itself to the moon. Then tell him to calm down (+10%). Talk to the guard, ask if he’s ok and ask his name. Tell him you want to go to the control room but the door is locked.

Pick up the small LADDER and then follow him to the right. In the hall talk to him again and he’ll open the security door. Enter the room. Use the reactor control to find out what’s wrong. Leave on the right and walk to the left to leave the reactor core. Use the elevator on the outside and once upstairs, use the ladder to reach the top of the reactor.

Climb the small ladder to the top of the exhaust. In your inventory use the matches on the dirty clothes to set them on fire and quickly drop them in the exhaust pipe. Now ask Matt to help you open the emergency vent. After the blast, take the iron CHAIN from under the exhaust.

Walk to the right to go down one level and use the walkie talktie to talk to Roland and ask him to operate the crane. Tell him three times to move it to the right, then once to the left until the hook is positioned over the lever of the pressure vent. Put the small ladder under the pressure vent, then tie the chain to the lever and the hook. Use the walktie talkie again and tell Roland to move the crane to the left. You have now fixed the steam producer.

Walk to the left and enter the room with cooling pumps. Use the switch on the wall on the left and hear from Roland what the problem is. Look at the sign next to the switches to find a phone number. Walk south to leave the room and go to the right up to the control center. Read the name tag on the locker in the middle and make sure that Matt is not facing the locker. Then open the locker with the wrench and take the NEWSPAPER ARTICLE from it. Enter the security room and use the telephone on the table on the left to make a call.

Call the water supply company and tell the lady that reactor 9 needs more pressure. Tell her that’s the one and when she asks who’s calling, tell her you’re Bernard Pavlic. The pressure will go up. Leave the security room on the right and go downstairs on the left. Enter the room with cooling pumps again and open the vent of pump 2 on the right. Then hit the switch on the left again.

Walk south to leave the room and up the stairs on the right to the control center. Enter the security room and use the control system to check the status of reactor 09.

[Note: When you’ve reached the ultimate ending, you get to play as Matt:]

Follow the paper trail north through the entrance and through the door left of the elevator up the stairs. Take the RAG from the left and go further up the stairs. Overhear the conversation between Clyde and Marson. Once Marson walks away and you can talk to Clyde he wants you to go after Marson. Give the rag to Clyde and walk to the right.

Talk to Marson and ask why he did it. When there’s nothing more to talk about, shoot the lights above you to distract Marson.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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