You’re in the house of your nephew who called you.

Use the drawers in the cupboard on the right to find a pair of RUBBER GLOVES. Use the gloves on the couch to find a DROPPER. Use the dropper on the mystery BLUE LIQUID on the table and drop the liquid on the table to find out what kind of stuff it is.Take some of the YELLOW LIQUID with the dropper and use it on the table as well. A hole is produced and you’ll find a COIN.

Use the dropper again to take some BLUE LIQUID and use it on the trapdoor to the right of the couch. You’ll get a metal WIRE from it. Use the dropper on the YELLOW LIQUID on the table and add the liquid on the trapdoor to burn through. You’ll end up in the basement.

Take the BOARD from the lower part of the stairs and get a WING from the partial pentagram. Go up the stairs again and in the living room use the door on the left to go outside.


Talk to the tent to learn what to do next. He’ll give you a piece of BREAD. Walk to the left and find a huge tree stump. Use the stump to get a pair of PLIERS, some EXPLOSIVE POWDER and a WORM. Use the bushes in front of the tree to get a STICK. Walk to the south to return to the lake and use the bushes in front of the lake to get a piece of STRAND. In your inventory attach the strand to the stick. Use the pliers on the wire to create a hook and add the hook to the stick with strand. You now have a fishing rod.

Look at the bread in your inventory to crumble it and put the piece of dough on the hook of the rod.  Use the rod with bait on the lake to catch a FISH. You also get a REED and a LILY PAD. Take the pink FLOWER from the flower bed on the right and walk to the left back to the camp fire. Use the lighter on the pile of sticks to light it and drop the fish on the smoldering coals.

In the desert, pick up the small ROCK against the big boulder. In your inventory, combine the plank with the rock to make a leverage and use the combination on the big boulder to move it. Once in the cavern behind the boulder, put the explosive powder in the lily pad. Look at the strand to tear it into multiple strands and tie them to the filled lily pad. Put the explosive combination on the large rock on the right.

After getting the CANOE from the hallway, use it on the river to float downstream. There you’ll find your nephew, although dead. Pick up the note to read it and find a ROD underneath. It’s the one you’ve been looking for. Look at the rod in your inventory. It’s over.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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