When you wake up, you’re in an alley. Look in your inventory and read the memo. So you have to find the blue cup to get your memory back. Look at the paper on the ground. There are multiple sections and under one you find a broken CIRCUIT BOARD (2/2). Use the trashcan to find a BLUE CARD (1/3). Walk to the right and find a smelly old man on the corner. Talk to him but he’s of no help.

Enter the bank. Behind the girl is the blue cup. There must be a way to get that one. Talk to the girl. You can withdraw something here. Give her the blue card (2/5). You’ll get a HELMET in return. Look at the helmet in your inventory. There’s sand inside that’s sticky. Leave the bank.

Walk to the left and you’re on the beach. A tourguide is rehearsing some lines. Listen to her. She’s talking about fossils making her happy. Look at the several parts of the lake. Use the helmet on the part near the beach and the sand will wash out of the helmet so you have some STICKY SAND (2/7). Use the sticky sand in the water again and a fish will stick to it (2/9). You’ll loose the sand but keep the FISH. Use the helmet on the water again to empty the helmet (2/11).

Walk back to the right and give the fish to the smelly man. He’ll give you a PONCHO in return (2/13). Walk further to the right and you’re in a computer shop. They repair everything. Give the man the circuit board and in a few minutes it’s repaired (2/15). You need to pay the man but because you have no money, you get an hour to get your money. Look at the computer and take the YELLOW CARD out (1/16). Leave the shop and walk back to the bank.


Enter the bank and give the yellow card to the girl. You’ll get the contents of the safe: a BATTERY (2/18). Leave the bank again. Walk to the right and in the shop use your batteries with the ones next to the computer. You quickly (!) swap your empty one for a full one (5/23). Leave the shop again.

Use the battery on the radio (2/25). It still doesn’t work because of the circuit board. Use the new board on the radio and it’s fixed (2/27). The man from the radio shop enters and asks you for the money since the hour has passed. He’s very angry and is going to get his gun. When he returns and threatens to shoot you, you quickly walk to the left to the beach. Use the shallow part on the right side to find a RED CARD (1/28). Walk back to the right and the man is calmed down a bit. As soon as you’re ready you can pay him in his shop.

Enter the bank and give the red card to the girl. This time you get a ROCK (2/30). Leave the bank and use the radio outside. You tune it a bit and then you’ll learn about rocks and fossils from an educational radio show. Look at the rock in your inventory and discover it’s not a rock but a FOSSIL (2/32).

Walk to the left to the beach. Give the rock to the girl. She’ll give you the GREEN CARD (3/35). Walk back  to the right and enter the bank again. Give the green card to the girl and she’ll give you a piece of WOOD (2/37).

Leave the bank. Walk to the right and as soon as the man wants to attack you, use the helmet on your head to defend yourself (5/42). The man calms down again, will put the gun in his bedroom and from your helmet is only a PIECE OF METAL left. Use the piece of metal on the poncho to cut it onto a ROPE (5/47). Use the rope on the piece of wood to create a GRAPPLING HOOK (5/52).

Walk to the north so you’re in the alley again. Use the grappling hook on the metal bar under the window so you can climb inside. You climbed into the bedroom and was able to get the GUN out (5/57). Walk to the right and enter the bank again. You still want that blue cup.

Use the gun on the girl behind the counter and ask for the blue cup. The gun is taken from your hands and you should have asked nicely. So you ask it in a polite way and she gives you the BLUE CUP (15/72). Walk outside and wait to be contacted.

Everything will be explained and you will get your memory back (3/75).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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