The Videotape:

You have to find that videotape before going to sleep. The tape for sure is in the desk. Open the desk. It’s locked by a key and a number. We’ve got to find those then. Use the pillow to feel under. There’s the KEY hidden. Now only the number.

Look at the folder on your desk. Take it and you’ll find a very flat LEAF. Use the folder again to browse through your notebook and find something else. Take the piece of PAPER from the desk. Look at the paper. There’s a number written on it. Use the number on the drawer. It has to be 12 digits and this one is only 7….

Look at the black and white Jackie Chan poster. The lower left corner isn’t glued very well. Take a good look at the corner again and find: a number! It’s 6 digits. So how can we combine the two? The one on the paper starts with 2 period so maybe that’s the second one…


Use the key on the drawer. When you hear click, it’s ok. Try to open it and you’ll be asked for a 12 digit number. Enter 835340834845 and the drawer will open. Take everything out: a STETHOSCOPE and the VIDEOTAPE.

Take a look at the tape. It has dried chili sauce on it. We need to remove it. There’s nothing of liquid we can use. Looking around the room we can cry. Looking at the hole in the door even does make you cry…. Use your pillow (just to be in the right position) and from there look at the hole in the door. This way your tears drop on the pillow making a wet stain. Use the videotape on the pillow to clean the tape. You give the tape to your mum and use the bed to go to sleep.

Escape the room:

Look around. Walk half way up the stairs and look at the dogs nose. Use the dogs nose to open it’s mouth. Take the piece of leathery PAPER out. Stay where you are and use the paper on the dog’s tail. This way the light shines through and you’re able to read the text. Notice that a lot of lines refer to a colour: heart (red), sadness (blue), envy (green), gold (yellow), orange juice (orange), violets (purple) & water (cyan).

Get down the stairs and look at the bricks under the stairs. See the coloured brick there? There are several colours and it looks like buttons. Touch them in the same order as you’ve read on the paper. This will open a hatch in the ceiling.

Look at the wall on the right. There’s a round hole in it with a nail. No idea what it should be for but nevertheless: let’s get out. Select the hole avove the stairs to leave the room.


Walk to the left and exit the cave. Outside, next to the tree is a pretty flower, when looking closer at it, is a SOCK. Pick it up and walk to the north where you can see the water. Use the sock on the WATER to carry it with you. While you’re filling the sock, you also found a muddy STICK that you take along.

Walk twice to the left and look around the little village. In the lower left corner is a haystack. Use it to get some HAY. Walk to the right and go back into the cave. In the middle is a rock which has a little hole in it. Use the hay on the hole and then use the stick on it to set the hay on fire. Both hay and stick are burning now. Use the burning hay on the eye you can see on the left. The eye will get smoke in it’s eye and shed a TEAR but luckilly you caught in the sock. Now you have fresh water (from the lake) and salt water (from the eye). What did the paper say more?

Use the burning hay from your inventory on the sock in your inventory to heat it a bit and use the stick to stir it. There’s your revival water. Now leave the cave and walk to the north, back to the lake. There’s a pretty dead tree to revive. Use the sock on the tree and there you go. One spell later the tree has eyes.

Talk to the tree to learn everything about the tree and your surroundings. Learn your mission and how to get home. So you have to get some leaves. Walk to the left and from there go south. There’s the tree…. ow! That’s shocking!

Go north twice again and turn back to the tree. Talk to the tree again and ask what it was you had to do. The tree will explain it again and you’ll tell about the electrocution. The tree will tell you the spells how to stop and start the electrocution. Go to the left, then to the south and stop when entering the screen.

Talk to the stump that’s electrocuting you. You’ll say the spell and walk …. electrocuted. Oops, wrong one. Do that again with the other spell and you can pass the the tree. Take a leaf from the vine. The only problem is that the leaves are very sturdy. You can hear the vine mumble but not figure out what it says. Use the stethoscope on the vine and listen to it’s story. You won’t get any leaf until it gets something in return.

Give the very flat leaf you took from your room. You’ll get a LEAF from the vine in return. Walk to the north twice (don’t bother turning on the elecrocution again) and give your leaf to the old tree. You’ll get a SWORD in return to fight Jar.

Walk twice to the left and look at the hut on the far left. It’s made of clay. Use the sword on the hut to take a piece of CLAY from it. But it’s completely hardened. Walk to the right, then to the north to the lake and use the clay on the lake to soften it. Now what to do with soft clay?

Go back to the left and enter the cave again. Go down the stairs to the little round hole in the wall with the nail in it. Put your clay there and now you have a clay DISC with a nail in it. Leave the room through the hole in the ceiling and leave the cave by walking to the left. Use the disc on the worm in the tree there. Now your nail is poisonous.

Walk to the south and meet Jar. At the point where you enter the screen and you can get electocuted, put the disc on the ground. Walk further to Jar. He’ll freeze you and wants to walk to Marek but will step into the nail. Now it’s time to talk to the tree stump to avctivate the elecrocution again. Jar will be electrocuted and Schwarzenegger will be restored.

As promised you’ll be sent home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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