Pick up the bird.

While you shake it, a note falls out. Pick up the note and read that your grandpa has been kidnapped. When you discover that your keys are still in the truck, walk back to the right to the bird and pick up the STICK on the right. Walk back to the left and use the door to enter the house.

There’s a light blinking on the phone. Pick up the phone and hear that the ransom for your grandpa is a pepperoni pizza and a Pepsi. Use the door to the right of the books to enter your bedroom. Left of the TV set is a can of COKE. Pick it up. To the right of the set is a KNIFE. Take it as well. On the right, in the corner under the poster is a pile of clothes with a COATHANGER in it. Take it and also take the box with FLOUR from the middle of the room.  At the end of the bed, just left of the box with flour is an empty CAN. Pick it up and leave the room.

In the hallway use the door left of the bedroom to enter the bathroom. On the shelf in the middle is a bottle with CLEANER. Just below it, on a peg is a SPONGE. Take them both and use the door to leave the bathroom. Walk to the right to enter the kitchen. Time to make a pizza!


Use the stick with the mouse hole left of the fridge to get a CHEESE. In your inventory use the stick to get the cheese off. Use the fridge to open the door and take the empty JUG and the PEPPERONI out. Use the door again to close the fridge. Take the jug from your inventory and use it with the sink to fill it with WATER. In the cupboard on the right is a box of YEAST. Take it and

In your inventory use flour with the water to create wet flour. Add the yeast to the wet flour and use the combination in your inventory to create a dough. Put the dough in the microwave to turn it into a nice crust. In your inventory use the knife with the can to open it and put the can on the pizza. Use the knife with the cheese to shred it and put the shreds on the pizza as well. Use the knife with the pepperoni and put that also on the pizza. One pepperoni pizza.

In your inventory use the cleaner with the sponge to melt the sponge and use the sponge with the coke to reveal the true identity. Use the front door of the house on the far left to go outside and walk to the truck. Use the coat hanger with the truck to pick the lock and use the truck to drive to the park.

Give the Pepsi to the kidnapper and free your grandpa. Is it him alright?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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