You just arrived at your hotel and like to get some rest. Use the hotel to get inside and talk to the receptionist. Check in and after you’ve paid, you can get to room 201.

Use the lift and go to Level 2. Now there’s room 201. Use the room and find… it’s not 201. You stumbled upon some scam. Phong and Gourat just killed Phill and now they discovered you. You quickly exit the room and now you have to hide. Use the staff room to hide.

So Phong goes down to reception, Gourat checks the rooms. We have to keep track of these guys. As soon as both are out of sight, walk to the right. Now you can see that 201 should actually be 204. Gourat is there as well. Walk to the left and hide in the cupboard again. You can see Gourat take the elevator to Level 3.

Enter room 201 again. There’s not much to lookat but at least take the PIXIE DUST from the table. Leave the room and go to the right. Enter your own ‘real’ room 201. In your room you find a telephone. Use it to call reception so they can call the police. Then the line is cut off.


Leave the room and walk to the left back to the elevator. Use the elevator to go to Level 3. You know Gourat is there but we need to lure him out of there. So as soon as you exit the elevator and see Gourat, enter the elevator again and go back to Level 2. Hide in the cupboard until Gourat passes. Then use the elevator again and go back to Level 3.

In the hall you find the cleaner.  Offer him another drug. Give him the pixie dust and you’ll get his BROOM. He’ll leave.

Enter room 302 and talk to the man. Tell him about the murder in the hotel and he’ll leave as well. Look at the blue box. It’s a CHROMA KEY. Take it. Then take the other box as well. It’ s a COMPRESSOR. Enter the staff room. As soon as you’re in there, Gourat enters again. When he’s gone and you exit the cupboard, you found a ROPE.

Use the chroma key on yourself to become invisible. Use the elevator and go to Level 1. Once downstairs use the mop on Phong to knock him out. Enter the staff room and find Tess there. Use your hands to untie Tess and leave the room through the fire exit. Once outside you can go to the police.

Your result: one body count, two bad guys caught, every one was out of the building and you saved the girl. The score should be 100.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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