Go back inside and take the MOBILE PHONE from the table (5/5). Leave the house again and walk to the right. Look at the dumpster and try to get something out. Not with bare hands… Enter the 24-hour shop. In the back, near the red door is a KEY on the floor. Pick it up (3/8). Talk to the shop assistant behind the counter. Ask him for a pair of GLOVES (3/11). Leave the shop and use the key one the door left of the shop (2/13). In the dark use your eyes to find something in the lower left corner. Pick it up to find it’s some kind of LEVER (5/18).

Leave the dark room again and walk to the dumpster. Use the gloves on yourself and then search the dumpster to find a CD (3/21). Walk around the corner of the street and you’re stopped by a noise. You see a man coming down the street and hear him being called. Use your mobile phone (on yourself) and dial the number you’ve just heard (4/25). The sewer?

Walk further north until you see the bingo. Walk to the sewer lid and use your lever on the lid (4/29). Take the BRIEFCASE out of the sewer (3/32). Look in the briefcase in your inventory to find some Playboy magazines (6/38) .

Enter the Bingo and talk to the girl. Leave the Bingo and talk to the salesman standing there. He’s offering you a free pass for the club for a €100,– You don’t have that amount. Enter the Bingo again and talk to the gilr again. You’ll give her the CD and she’ll give you a BINGO TICKET (5/43). Leave the Bingo again. Talk to the salesman again and ask about the fun stuff. Offer him the bingo ticket and you’ll get your free PASS (4/47). Walk to the left and around the corner and enter the club (5/52).


Talk to the girl on the left. Ask her her name and she’ll tell you it’s Cindy. Talk about everything else until there’s no other option than to invite her to the back room (8/60). She’ll go ahead and you must give her a few minutes. Talk to the other girl (Melissa from the bingo) and tell her about your gift. She’ll suggest a holiday ticket and to go to Andre from the 24-hour shop (6/66). He can help you with the ticket.

Leave the club and walk to the left to the 24 hour shop. Talk to Andre. He has the tickets but won’t give them for free. Give him the suitcase with Playboy magazines (10/76). You’ll get the HOLIDAY PACK in return.

Go to your home and use the phone to call Jean (4/80) ….

You get an alternative ending if you don’t invite Cindy to the back room. But then you don’t get the maximum points and not as much fun in the bedroom…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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