After the attack, you must save Dr. Keen.

On the floor on the left is a SECURITY CARD. Pick it up and walk north from there between the mainframes. Look and find a ROPE. Walk to the table on the right where  Sally was working. In front of the monitor is a MICROPHONE. Take it and walk to the other body, Dr. Marlow. Search his body to find an ACCESS CARD. Walk south left of the desk Sally is lying on and look there so see a SPACE SUIT. Use the space suit on yourself and you can leave the room.

Use the security card on the exit sign to unlock the door. Walk to the right and look at the waste bin. There’s a KNIFE in there. Use the security card on the door on the right and enter the library. On the desk on the right is a REGISTER. Pick it up (twice, since you’re stubborn) and look at it in your inventory. Now use the shelves on the left to find the BOOK Dr. Keen was working on.

Talk to Dr. Roger on the right and ask for help. He can’t give you any. Use the card on the exit sign on the left and then use the door in the middle. In the machinery room, use your knife on the machine on the right to take a piece of the red WIRE with you. Use the security card on the panel on the left. On the floor is a note. There are codes on it. Could it be the codes as described in the book? Walk further to the left and open the door on the left.


There’s a guard watching the mainframe room. Talk to him to learn that only Dr. Roger can grant access. You’ll need to get rid of the guard. You your knife on the CD-player on the wall to cut the speaker wire and use the red wire from your inventory on the speaker. Use the red wire from your inventory on the hole next to the door to feed the wire through and use the same red wire to tie them together. Use the security card on the panel to go to the other side and attach the microphone to the red wire.

Talk into the microphone and call all security guards. Once the guard is gone, use the card on the panel on the left and enter the mainframe room. Looking at the ceiling, you see one of the grates loose but you can’t reach it. Use the access card from Dr. Marlow on the computer on the left and you can get access. Use the computer to see what’s needed but it’s very difficult so leave the machine. Use the door on the right to leave the room and walk through the corridor to the machine room. Use the door between the machines and walk to the right to the library.

Talk to Dr. Roger standing on the right and ask for his password. He’ll give it to you. Pick up the STICKS and the STONE on the floor next to him. Leave the room on the left and look at the posters on the wall. Especially the one on the right. In the DNA-symbol you see six colored shapes, that can be translated to letters on the left. Take from each shape the left part and get the corresponding letter. You’ll read ATGCTT.

Use the door north and in the machine room walk to the left. Go through the corridor to the mainframe room. Use the stone on the ceiling to knock the grate down and in your inventory use the sticks and the rope together to make a ladder. Use the ladder on the hole in the ceiling and use the ladder to climb up. You’ll discover gruesome things and pick up the VIAL with anti-serum next to the hole. Walk through the hole again to go downstairs.

Use the computer on the left and click on the letters the code from the poster. The system will unlock. Leave the computer and leave the room. Walk to the right and through the machine room to the poster room. Use the door on the left to return to Dr. Keen but find him murdered. Leave the lab and use the door on the right.

Now be careful. Take your knife and open the door with your knife. You’ll discover the evil man behind it all and he’ll try to kill you. As soon as he steps towards you, use the knife on him. But be quick, you’re dead before you know it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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