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Once Upon A Crime – Walkthrough (Björn “Ghost” Ludwig/2008)

By Leon | January 3, 2008

Once Upon A Crime Walkthrough

This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

The Crime Scene:

Standing in front of Mr. Steadfast, you need to convince him you’re a P.I. So you need to open your parcel. Look at the stone. It has a sharp edge. Use the parcel on the sharp edge and it will open. Now Mr. Steadfast can see your BADGE. Look at the scene. That’s a lot of Jam. Look at the W. Look at the trampled grass on the right. You need to get some trace of it.

Use the powder on the trampled grass. Talk to Steadfast. Ask for his hat. You get only the FEATHER. Next to Mr. Steadfast is a clover patch. Take a CLOVER. Use the feather and powder on the trampled grass and you’ll find a Pig’s trail. Leave the scene.

The Pig Bog:

Talk to the pigs. First to Alphonse, then to Ruffy last to Puffy. They suggest the magic potion. Oh well, why not? Go back to town.

Parodise City:

Talk to Mr. Gepetto. Ask him where to get the Juice of Truth. He suggests to talk to Granny Smith. So let’s pay Granny a visit.

Ginger Bread Hut:

Use the badge on Granny to show you’re a real P.I. Talk to Granny. She’s willing to help but needs some ingredients. Wow! What a list: fairy-dust on a honeycomb, the shortest amount of time, a crown from a king, and a blue candy cane. Look at the oven. Try to use it! That’s Magic. Leave the screen to the right. Let’s see if we can find some ingredients. Let’s go home first.

Parodise City:

Look at Gepetto’s desk. There are some tools on the corner. Take the SPATULA. Use the ladder to go to your own room. Take the COMB from your desk. Take the PILLOW CASE from the top of your bed. Use the spatula on the CANDLE. Let’s see where else we can go. Let’s visit the harbour first.

Thud Harbour:

Look at the cannon. There’s quite a fuse on it. Take the FUSE. Enter the cafe and talk to Hook. There’s Tinker Bell. We need fairy dust so maybe she can give it? Talk to Hook about Fairies. Hmm… you can’t do anything while he’s there so we need to distract him. Maybe later. Leave the cafe for now. Walk outside to the right and find King Neptune. Talk to him. Talk about the fishing and learn what he’s using as bait. Offer him your pie. He’d love to and he’s willing to give his crown if only there was jellyfish on it. Let’s find one. Leave the harbour and explore some more. Let’s visit Klutzencastle.


Look at the rotten stone. He’s been there for quite some time. Look at the disturbed earth just below it. Use the disturbed earth. It will give you a WORM. Use the disturbed earth again. Now you’ve found a locket. Look at the locket. It’s of Edwards wife. But since it isn’t yours you can’t take it. Let’s go back to Granny.

Ginger Bread Hut:

Use the fuse to put one end in the big cherry. Use the fuse once again to put the other end in the oven. Oops. You’ve woken the dead and destroyed Granny’s oven. At least you can see the flame. Save it by using your candle and take the FLIM-ON-CANDLE. Take the OVEN DOOR as well. Read the sign to the right. Do as it says: follow the yellow brick road.

Lake Molasses:

It’s hot. There’s a bee hive. So there must be honey! And you’ve got a comb….. so: use your glass on the lake to get a JAR-O-MOLASSES. Walk over to the candy rock and use the jar on the candy rock. That sticks! Use the oven door on the molasses and that will stick as well. You’ve made yourself a ladder. Use the oven door and you can reach the hive. Use your comb on the honey and you’ve got yourself a HONEY-COVERED-COMB. Back to the Klutzencastle since the dead are awake now.


Talk to the ghost. He doesn’t believe he’s dead. So keep talking to him, making him aware of his being. Until you tell him about the locket he’ll be convinced and leave. Not after giving you an empty HOURGLASS. Leave the scene and go to the harbour.

Thud Harbour:

Go to King Neptune and use the worm on him. Maybe he’ll then give his crown. Nope. You’ve lost the worm and didn’t get anything in return. Let’s go to Hook then. We want to take Tinker Bell but we aren’t even allowed to use the lantern. He must leave. Let’s talk to Smee. He has a nice game. Did you see him move at all? Bet you didn’t guess the right nut. Ask him to do it again. Still not? Maybe you’re not lucky enough. Just before choosing the right nut, use the clover. That’ll change things! Bingo! Your reward: a cocktail. Talk to Hook again and ask what’s on the menu. Can be anything but must be the Suma Deluxe. It will take a bit but he’ll be right back. So now he’s gone, you can use the lantern. Use the lantern. Use your candle on the lantern. See what happens? There’s your fairy dust. Leave the cafe and enter again. Tinker Bell will be back. Use your comb on the counter, right next to the lantern. Light the lantern again. Tinker Bell will drop some dust on your comb. Get the SPRINKLED HONEY COMB from the counter. Let’s go outside and see if King Neptune changed his mind already. He isn’t there. But he left his ransom. Take the STARFISH and the COPY-WORM. Remember what he told you about it? It copies what it touches and makes it smaller. Let’s try it on the candy cane at The Pig Bog

The Pig Bog:

Use your copy-worm on the candy cane. You’ve got yourself a blue mini CANDY CANE. Now only the crown. Go back to Lake Molasses.

Lake Molasses:

Oops. You have a DRIED-UP STARFISH now. It looks like a sort of crown. And remember Granny not seeing that well? Let’s just give it a try. Go to Granny.

Ginger Bread Hut:

Use the blue candy on Granny. Use the honey comb on Granny. Use the hourglass on Granny and use the starfish on Granny. Yeps. It worked! There’s your JUICE OF TRUTH. Now let’s go to the pigs to find out who killed the wolf.

The Pig Bog:

Give the juice to Alphonse. He won’t take it. Maybe his airways are blocked. Give him your pillowcase as a handkerchief. That’s better. Yuck. Now give him the juice.


So you need to stop the Bogey Man. First see if things are alright at home.

Parodise City:

Talk to Gepetto. Some things changed for him as well. Look at the log. Take the LOG. Climb the ladder to your room. Get the blue CUP from your nightstand. Leave the room and go to Granny.

Ginger Bread Hut:

Wow. Things have changed. Talk to Granny. She’ll give you a CLOTH. Leave her to go to the pigs.

The Pig Bog:

See how everything’s changed? Your cup has become a BUCKET. Use the bucket on the pigs food. Now you have PIGS FOOD and a FILE. Let’s see what else has changed. Let’s go to Klutzencastle again.


Walk the path to the north to the castle. So Steadfast has a new job as well. Talk to him. He can’t let you pass. Not with that magnet in the way. Let’s see what we can make and have available. Use the log on the metal rods. That way it’s not sharp anymore. You now have a DULL BLADE. Use the cloth you got from Granny on the dull blade. It’s a POSSIBLE MAGICAL SWORD. Try to pass Steadfast. The horseshoe is pushing you back. Use the pig food on the magnet. That will protect you. Try passing again. Bummer. That file. Put the file in the pie. No one will notice. Now you can go to HAL.


Your facing the Bogey Man. Talk to him. In the end, use your magic sword. You’ll end up tied to your x-y-z axis. Talk to Bogey Man some more. He’ll never get away with this. So, after he left, use the pie to get the file back. Then use the file on the axis. You’re free now but not safe yet. You should turn off the computer. But then you don’t exist anymore yourself. What to do? Try to get that virus. Use the handkerchief to get the worm out the box. There you go! All safe. And they lived happily ever after…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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