Your grandpa and grandma are here to visit you. And you wanted some action, no dull afternoon. So you have to get away.

The escape:

Try to open the window but find it stuck. Use the drawer of the desk. There are dice in there. Pickup the open drawer to get the DICE.

Walk out to the hallway and someone from next door will call you. Talk to the door of Thurston’s room. Talk about grandpa and you’ll get DEXCALIBUR back. Tell him about your need to get out and he might help you in return for grandma’s brownies.Walk to the right to continue down the hallway and your mother is there, thinking you’re going to take a shower.


Walk to the left into the bathroom. Open the mirror and look in the medicin cabinet. Take a FACIAL CLEANSER and leave the bathroom again. Walk to the left to go back to your own room and use the cleanser pad on the window to clean the lock. You can now open the window just a little bit. Use the dexcalibur on the cracked window to open it completely.

Look at your bed. It has a Star Wars comforter. Take the COMFORTER and look at the sheets. Take also the SHEETS from the bed and use the comforter with the sheets to create a ROPE. Use the makeshift rope with your bed to get out.

The gameshop:

Talk to Gamekeep, the shop owner and learn about your friends not showing up. Ask him where they are. You’ll decide to get them  so the game can continue. Walk to the left to leave the shop and turn right in the streets. Go to the traffic light to cross the street and on the map select your home.


Walk behind the stairs to the left to enter the laundry room. Pick up the HANGER from the rack and open the dryer. Pick up the QUARTER that’s inside. Use the washing machine and set the temperature to hot, the load size to large. This way other users will be short on hot water. Go back to the right and turn left in front of the stairs.

Grandpa will call you and tell you about his cane and hearing aid. Talk to grandpa to learn about the devices. But he doesn’t hear much. Use the door on the left to enter the kitchen and talk to grandma. Learn about dinner, the brownies and Rufus. In the right corner is the dishwasher. Use it and set the temperature to high temp scrub. Use the dishwasher again slide the little black switch at the bottom to the right to turn the machine on. Another scream from the bathtub.

Leave the kitchen on the left and walk up the stairs. Turn left to enter the bathroom. Take the SPONGE from the sink and open the shower curtain. Take the BATHROBE with you.

Use the door left of the bird. It’s the guest room. Lookat the plants. The look at the flowers. Especially look at the sunflower. It’s a little dried out. Push the sunflower to drop the seeds on the floor. Pick up the SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Open the green chest o’ drawers on the right. Inside is granny’s bra. Pick up the BRA.

Walk to the right and go to the other side of the hallway. Talk to the voice coming out of the room. Ask for the hearing aid. You can have it when you get grandma’s brownies. But she’s missing a secret ingredient. Walk to the right and go down the stairs. Go to the right in front of the stairs and enter the door to the kitchen again. Use the sponge with the greasy pot to get some GREASE. Use the door behind the worktop to go outside and go to the construction site.

Construction site:

On the right is a newspaper stand. Use your quarter on the coin slot and then pull the hatch. Pick up a NEWSPAPER. Walk to the right and enter the game shop. Look at the TV and talk to Gamekeep about it. So that’s why he’s not playing. On the counter below the TV is a receiver. Pull the TV wire and the cable wire from the box. Use the hanger from your inventory on the signal in-port of the receiver. Use the TV wire on the TV out port of the receiver.

Now that Gamekeep’s distracted by the TV take the CD-PLAYER from the counter. Open the CD-player in your inventory to get the CD-R out. Open the open CD-player to get the BATTERIES out. Use the door to leave the shop and walk to the traffic lights to cross the street. On the map select the fitness center to get your first friend.

Fitness Centre:

Enter the centre and look around. No friend yet. Only the receptionist asking for a membership card. Look at the finess supplement on the table on the left. Look at the sign which refers you to your paper. Look at your newspaper and find the COUPON. Give the coupon to the receptionist and pick up a jar of KABOOM! Leave the fitness club again and go to the park.


Walk to the right and look at the bird in the tree. It has grandpa’s cane. Use the dice with grandma’s bra to create a SLING. Use the sling on the bird. Pick up the CANE. Talk to the pedestrian on the bench. Use the Kaboom! with the pedestrian to change the taste of his coffee. When he’s left, you can take the one COFFEE still there. Walk to the left back to the streets and go to the dojo.


The door is locked. Look at the poster on the left of the wall. That’s a free workout. Walk further to the left and look at the vent. On the side is a hatch but it’s stuck. Use the greasy sponge with the air vent hatch and then open the hatch again. Talk into the hatch to get the attention of the master. He’ll open the door and you can enter the dojo.

Pull the chair to the door ao you can safely take the DOORSTOP. Look at the sign near the door and take a CARD for a free lesson. Leave the dojo and return to the streets to select home on the map.


Walk to the left in front of the stairs and give the cane back to grandpa. Now you have to find his hearing aid. Walk to the left to enter the hallway and open the cage door of Knuckles’ cage. Give the sunflower seeds to the bird and he’ll scare you away. Talk to your mum and tell her the bird got out of his cage. She’ll go upstairs and start vacuming. Walk downstairs and go to the laundry room behind the stairs.

Use the cat so he jumps off the dryer and see where walks to. Walk to the stairs to follow the cat and keep following him until he reaches the kitchen. Meanwhile you can take the POCKET KNIFE from the couch where grandpa was sitting. When Rufus is sitting in front of the kitchen door, use the doorstop with the kitchen door and Rufus can enter.

When Rufus and grandma are done, enter the kitchen and take the BROWNIES. Pick up the CUTTING BOARD as well and leave the kitchen again to go up the stairs to your brothers room. Use his door to talk to him and give him the brownies. In return you’ll get the hearing aid. Use the batteries with the device and walk to the right to enter the guest room. Give the hearing aid to grandpa. He’ll give you a DOLLAR.

Walk to the left back into the hallway and go downstairs. Walk to the right to go to the map and pay another visit to the park.

The Park:

Talk to the man behind the counter and ask for a HAUTE DOG. Also take the KETCHUP from the counter. Walk to the left to leave the park and go to the game shop.

Game Shop:

Give the haute dog to Gamekeep and you can take the COOLER. Lookat the cooler and find it filled with ice. Leave the game shop again and go to the construction site.

Construction site:

Look at the laborer. He’s a busy man. But when he looks to the right (his left), use the ketchup on him so it looks like he hit himself. When he’s gone, take the walkie talkie. The walktie talkie resists but try it again and the WALKIE TALKIE comes with you. Also take the GLUE GUN from the floor. Leave the site and go to the dojo.


Walk to the left and open the hatch of the airvent. Use the walkie talkie on the vent and it’ll start talking. The master is alarmed and you can walk around. Enter the dojo and use the bathrobe. Walk to the left and the master will return, not letting you leave again.

When you can ask questions tell the master you brought a board to break. You’ll use the cutting board and the master will give it a try. When he’s down, it’s time to get Morry.  Walk to the right and select the fitness club on the map.

Fitness club:

Give the card from the dojo to the receptionist. You’ll get your personal workout. Use your knife on the ball. So much for that workout. Walk to the right to the bench press. Use the glue gun on the bench press and then use the bench press. The professional will show you how to do it and be busy for a while. Walk back to the left and from the reception go to the left to enter the locker rooms.

Talk to Morry and when he doesn’t want to come use the cooler on the hot rocks.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Something is missing in this walkthrough.

    You must give the secret ingredient (THE COFFEE) to grandma so she can make the BROWNIES. If you don’t give it to her, RUFUS won’t enter the kitchen, and you will be stuck.

    Good luck.

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