You’re Gary and the current took you to a different place. Now you want to get home. There is a locker with a panel next to it, but you can’t open it. Look in the drawer and take the FISHTOL with you. Swim to the left. Keep swimming to the left until you meet the Clown Fish. Talk to it and ask where you are (as if it matters) but more important, ask foir help to get home.

The Clown Fish can help you if you can open the rock in front of it’s house because there’s a treasure inside. Swim further to the left and enter the prawn shop. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask why there’s only one thing. Ask if you can get it and he’ll say: ‘no’. Keep asking, he’ll keep saying no. After he tells you you can’t even trade it for a fishtol, you can ask if you can just have it. He’ll agree and you get the PICKAXE.

Swim back to the right to the Clown Fish and use the pickaxe on the rock below it. Inside you find a GLOSTICK. The Clown Fish doesn’t want it so you can keep it. Swim further to the left untill you see the zombie fish. They are watching a chest of coins. Something you can use for your locker.

But how to get to the chest? You must distract those zombies somehow. You can talk to them and see if you can make sense of what they’re saying.


Swim further to the left, past the fishing lines and at the far left is a big thing of ice. Use the glostick on it to make it bright. Once it’s fully lit, swim back to the right, to the cult again. Use the stick on the rock on the right and the group of zombies will be distracted, although you wouldn’t say. Take the COINS from the chest.

Swim all the way to the right until you’re at the locker and drawers again. Use the coins on the panel and the locker will open. Take the BOOK and the SCISSORS out. Take the FISHTOL from the top drawer again otherwise you can’t leave the room.

Read the book to find out about the light (which you already knew) and the way the zombies talk. Swim back to the left, past the zombies, to the fishing lines. Use the scissors on thesecond line from the left, which is the weakest, and you can get the HOOK of.

Swim to the right to the Clown Fish. Use the hook to kill it, take a piece of FLESH and then return to the cult of zombies. Give the piece of flesh to the broken fish and tell him you killed the Clown Fish. But tell him backwards. The the reporter will translate what you have to do to get home. It’s all too easy.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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