You need to help your granddad.

Enter the house in the middle and go to the first floor. You’re in the reception. Try to use the desk, it’s locked. Enter the office and use the desk here. There’s a set of KEYS. Pick them up and use the computer. 1 unread email but it’s just spam.

Leave the office and return to the reception desk. Use the keys on the desk and inside you’ll find the KEY to the basement. Walk to the right and leave the reception. On the stairs go all the way down to the basement and use the key to unlock the door. Then enter the basement.

You’ll find Succubus in the pentagram. She wants to be freed. Talk to her and ask what you can do to help. You must destroy the pentagram. Ask about your granddad. Try to take the Necrostaff but Succubus will prevent it.  Leave the room, go to the first floor and enter the office. Use the computer again and find the spell. You need a pen to write it down. Walk to the left and use the desk in the reception area to find a PEN.


Leave the reception on the right, go down the stairs to street level and enter the warshop on the left of the Necromancer. On the far right is a poster on the wall. Look at it and the shopkeeper will give you some smaller POSTERS. Talk to the shopkeeper and then ask him about the BattleAxe2000. The demofight isn’t available but instead you’ll get a PISTOL and a REPAIR KIT. Tell him you’d like that and it’s yours. There’s even a bullet in it.

Ask why he stayed and learn about the human rights movement. Leave the shop on the left and walk to the right in the street. Enter the buiding in the middle again and climb the stairs to the first floor. Enter the office again, use the computer and write down the  SPELL to get the necrostaff. Leave the office and the reception and go to the attic. Use the keys to unlock the door and enter.

Look at the posters. Especially the one with the number 666 on it because there’s also a name written. Leave the attic again and go to the basement. Use the spell on the staff to take the STAFF with you. Leave the basement, go back to the first floor and in the office use the computer again. Find the SPELL to bind Succubus to you. Leave the office and reception, go street level. On the wall on the building to the right is a flyer for some human rights moment. Take the FLYER, enter the building in the middle again and go back to the basement.  Use the poster of the human rights movement on the torch to burn it. Use the key on the door to lock it and use the spell on Succubus.

When she must obey you, you must say her real name so use the name you found on the poster. Use the pentagram to free Succubus. Go back to the first floor and find your new receptionist behind her desk. She has done all her paperwork and now you’re threatened to be evacuated. You don’t want to leave without a fight but there’s no ammo. You need to get some.

Walk back to the stairs and leave the building. In the street to the left of the Necromancer is a warshop. Enter it and talk to the shopkeeper. Ask him for ammo for a machine gun. He has ammo but the price is a bit steep. Tell him you need to think about it. Talk some more about the fall of the empire and you’ll learn more about your grandpa. After duscussing the vampire stuff ask the shopkeeper about the BattleAxe. Maybe some other time. Then ask him for more free stuff and he’ll give you a CROWBAR. Leave the shop and enter your own house again. Go to the attic and use the crowbar on the big box.

Once it’s open, take the MG out. But also no ammo. Go back to the stairs and go to the reception. Use the repair kit on the MACHINE GUN on the desk. If we sell this one and buy ammo for the MG it’s probably cheaper. Leave the reception and go back to the streets. Enter the warshop again. Give the machine gun to the shopkeeper and he’ll have the ammo for the MG delivered at your house.

Leave the shop and go back to your house. Go to the reception and Succubus will tell you about the ammo. She’ll ask you to wait in your office. Once the postmortis has left the office, go back to the reception and watch how he kills the zombies. Then he heads for the streets. Leave the reception and also go to the streets. Here you can see how the zombies are killed.

The necromancer will send them in batches. When there’s a pause in the stream of zombies use your handgun to shoot the necromancer. You won this battle. But the quest isn’t over yet..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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