You start behind your desk. You can read all the documentation but in the end you want your ticket. Pick it up. When standing in front of the door open it and go in. Watch the skeleton and talk to the housekeeper. You can take or leave the juice. Start looking around. In the corner is Henry sitting and working. Talk to him. When finished, look around the room. Look at the trophies and pick up the silver one. Take the lid of and find a glass eyeball (#1). There’s a cabinet on the right of the trophies. Open the middle lower drawer to find some files of writers. Look at the other bookcases in the room. There’s one with a chameleon on it that you can’t use. There’s one with four teeth and books you can pull but not take. Then there’s a similar case above but without the teeth. Strange… Talk to Henry again. Then go outside (despite the rain).

Open the doors to the garden just on the right of Henry and turn left. Talk to the Renee. She’ll tell you about the skeleton and the inheritance. Look at the spade hanging on the wall. Open your tasklist and tick the conversation with Renee and with Henry.

Go back in again and through the other double doors. Turn left there. On your left is the room where you saw the skeleton. Maybe we can find out something here. Take a good look around the room. There’s a fireplace. In it you find a piece of a receipt and a piece of coal. A bit to the right there’s a drawing on the floor of a bird. Again a bit to the right is the gallery with one picture missing. Turn further and you’ll see a miniature cemetery. Zoom in on it and look at every piece closely. There are some things you can find here: left from Sorrow Park (upper left corner) there’s a small building with etches on the roof. You can change them by clicking the arrows but change them into what?

Below Sorrow Park is a tree that can move. Just a bit to the left, in Writhing Roots Memorial, there’s a tomb with a bone jumping out. Just to the right of that there’s a fountain that can change colour. To your right is the Forty Winks Mausoleum. Look at the little house and open it. There’s another eyeball (#2) inside. Going north from there you find an alligator near the water and finally there’s an arch left of Terra Siesta. Leave the cemetery and look at the right in the corner. There’s a book with all people you can find at the cemetery including dates and position. Turn right again and find the table. There’s a game on it.


Solution to the game:

U R U R2 D2 L U7 L U2 R4 D5 R U L U5 R3 U R2 D L D2 R3 U L3 D R D R4 U R2 U4 R4 D L5 D L2 D R D R2 U L U2 R D R2 U L U2 R5 U R2 D5 R2 D2 L4 U3 L3 D2 R D L2 D2 R3 U R D L D2 R D R3 U R

U R U R2 D2 L U5 L U2 R7 D R2 D L5 D L U6 L U R D3 R8 L D4 L U L U4 R D R4 U R4 L U2 R D L4 U R D R5 U R2 U3 R3 D L4 D2 L2 U R2 U D R U L U2 R5 U R2 D5 R2 D2 L4 U3 L3 D2 R D L2 D2 R3 U R D L D2 R D R3 U R

Your reward: an eyeball (#3). Go back to the other room and talk to Henry again. Then go outside and walk straight ahead. On your right are stepping stones. Go there and find the tree with wasps. Use the exterminator to kill all those annoying buzzers but be careful not to let them get red otherwise they’ll sting. Take the loquat from the tree. Walk back to the main path and turn right to the fountain. Look in the fountain and in the drain. There’s a key. But beware, there’s also a dangerous spider. The strings around the hole make a sound. But what combination to play? Leave the fountain for now. Turn to your right. Walk to the tomb of Bruno and look on the floor to where his name is. Then look up. There’s a statue with red feathers. Turn around. There are four heads with red stones in them. When you touch them, the feathers will grow or shrink. But combination do we need? Leave it for now.

Walk back to the fountain and ahead, slightly turning right. There’s a path that turns right at the end. At the beginning you can look at the flowers on the right. Following the path almost back to the fountain, there are more flowers on the right to look at. Back at the fountain turn left towards the big gate.

Open the gate and walk straight ahead. At the fountain go straight ahead and also straight ahead past the tree. Then you’ll get to the mausoleum. (Mind you, you’re entering the screen from the right). The door’s locked but you can see the four stones in front. Just like on the roof of the miniature. But to get a copy, you’ll need some paper. Go back to Renee (leave on the right, past the tree, past the fountain, through the gate, past the fountain and in front of the house turn right) and talk to her. She’ll point you to some paper but can’t get it for you. Take the key of her room. Enter the house again and cross the room.

Enter the hall and go up the stairs. On the first level there’s an unlocked room. Enter it and look inside the drawer under the windows. Take the eyeball (#4). Leave the room and go up another level. Unlock the door with the key Renee gave you. Walk over to the night stand and take a piece of paper from the drawer. Look at the door below it and open it. Take the candy bar twice, one for Renee and one for yourself. You can keep eating them but beware, you can get sick later on if you eat too much. Look around. On the dressing table is a can of hiccup powder. There are glyphs on the wall to the left and there’s a chest with four pictures and 18 buttons on it. Pressing a button reveals a part of the picture so it’s obvious you have to reproduce the pictures.

Solution to the chest:

Using the top button as #1, you can reproduce the left top picture by pressing 1, 4, 7 and 15. The top right picture is 5, 8, 10 and 12. The bottom left is 2, 9, 16 and 17 and the bottom right is 11, 13, 14 and 18.

The chest will open and give you a book. A book with translation for HooDoo signs. So now you can translate the writing on the wall. It will result in Bah Zah Loo Pah Dee Moo Kah. Hmm. Leave it for now. More to the left of the chest is a doll sitting in a chair. Go back to Renee and give her the candy bar. Talk to her about the HooDoo. Leave Renee and go back to the mausoleum (past the fountain, through the gate, past the fountain, past the tree). Use the paper and the coal on each of the four stones to get four tracings. Go back to the house to the miniatures and look at the roof of the miniature mausoleum. Set each picture to match each tracing by looking at the borders. This will open the roof and reveal a brass key. Back to the real mausoleum again (you know the way by now). You’ll find Henry crying in front but when he hears you, he’ll leave. Use the brass key on the door. Inside you’ll find the missing picture from the gallery. Back to the house again to put the picture back in place.

Now lets make some phone calls. Take your phone and first call Ned to tell you’re all right and what has happened. Then call a cab to get to Bess. Oh. Call Bess to tell her you’re not coming and ask her to go to Zeke’s. While the conversation takes place, the scenes switch and you’re Bess.

Go over to Zeke’s and enter the shop. Walk all the way to the back where the man behind the counter can help you. Talk to him. When done, take a look around. You’ll find a coffin with a skeleton in it, next to a roman warrior. To the left there’s a cabinet with all kinds of lotions and powders. Take a look at each bottle. The sneezing powder may come in handy. Then there’s the tank with something in it. Tapping the glass a few times makes it move. On the other side are shelves and a scale. Maybe that can distract Lamont. Put the items at the right place: top shelf from left to right the bowling ball, the harmonica and the sneezing powder. Shelf below that the fan (next to the power socket) and the sailing boat. Below that the big book all the way left, then the pile of books, the hula girl and the gramophone. The monkey skull goes on the barrel and the teeth on the separate shelf on the far right. Then step on the scale to test the thing. If done correct, Lamont will be called for assistance and he’ll also step on the scale. This will make him sneeze. He’ll direct you to the back room to get his nose spray.Walk to the back and look around. The nose spray is on the bathtub but you can’t take it yet. Do not open the fire escape! It will end your game. Look at the books and look inside. There’s a trunk with a letter on top, two pictures and a skeleton outfit. One picture is of the iguana in pirate outfit with a loquat, the other is of Bruno and… ? Look at the trunk. Take the letter and read it. Inside there’s a note with codes of Hamlet. It appears that these refer to letters in the letter.

Solution to the trunk:

So start counting: the first is an L, three to the right is an E, thirty-two from there is a B. Then 8 from there is an E, three next is an N, six further is an U. Then eight right is an N, fourteen right is a D, four further is a T. One next is an O and twelve from there is a D. Try these on the lock.

When the trunk is open, you’ll find a letter inside about the Whisperer. Read it and you’ll call Nancy to update her. During the call, roles will be switched again.

Go to the room where Henry is. There’s a bookcase with an iguana in it. It’s alive. The bookcase will fall and you’ll have to put the book back in again.

Solution to the bookcase:

The two horizontal single green books at the bottom, next to each other. The vertical green and blue Thorpe books fill at the left side, the vertical double blue and vertical single blue about the crystal skull fill on the right. Now there’s a square left in the middle. The single horizontal red book with stars on the back will fit right in on the bottom on top of the green ones. The vertical red one with diamonds will fit left. Again there’s an empty square space. The single red horizontal one will go at the bottom again. The vertical orange will fit at the right side. Again a square space left. The horizontal double red one will go at the bottom, the green ones (both horizontal and vertical) can go next to each other in the space that’s left.

Now read the book about the skull. You’ll learn the phone number of professor Hotchkiss, about the whisperer and about the mystery around it. Take the note with letters and dots from the book. Lets call this professor. Since you can’t call from within the room go to the hall and call the professor. She’ll tell you all about the skull and the whisperer. After the conversation, go back into the room and talk to Henry. He’ll tell you about the death of Bruno and show the certificate and phone number of the doctor. Go outside and talk to Renee. She can tell even more about the doctor. Then head back to the hall to call the doctor. Hmm…. the service said French Quarter. That’s where Bess is. Let’s call her.

During the call, scenes change and Bess takes over. Go over to the doctor and talk to him. Ask everything and learn a lot about the death of Bruno and about Iggy stealing papers. Call Nancy and tell her all you’ve heard. During this, scenes will change again.

Go to the room with the gallery. Look at the gallery and look at what the pictures have in common. That reminds me of the note we found in the book, the one with the letters and the dots. They have the same layout. We can now move the pictures so if we hang them in the right order, see what happens.

Solution to the gallery:

According to the note it’s TBFM, LHAPU. Now on the pictures you can see a Toothbrush, Banana, Fan, Monkey, Lolly, Hat, Axe, Poodle and Umbrella. Now a secret door opens.

Enter the room and look through the hole. You can zoom in on a book. Turn left and you can hear Henry talk to Summer. Go upstairs and find a door. It has a spider lock. Hmm… Note the dashed lines going from one to eight. That must be the sequence. Go to the fountain in the garden and use the same sequence on the threads around the hole. There’s the key. Go back inside the house and look in the bookcase for the Eye of the Beholder. Take it and open it. It has an eyeball (#5) in it. Go back to the secret room and use the key on the lock. You can now enter the room. Inside you’ll find a bowling machine. Turn right and there’s a pirate doll with a box to make him talk. Familiar words there. Push them in order and then speak and an eyeball (#6) will pop out. It will also reveal a note with a riddle that must be solved in the graveyard and a coin.

Turn right. You’ll see a contraption with all kinds of little props. Above it is a vent: the one Iggy hides in? Go over to the desk. A lot to see here. Take the calender and browse through it. Especially note today’s date and the location. Take a look at the book with short stories. Browse through it and discover a picture of the statue with the feathers. So that’s the combination. Look at the letter from Dr. Brulot and look at the picture of the Jolly Roger. Look at the clickety clack with the eyeball on it. Give it a spin and make sure you get the eyeball (#7) before it gets back in. You have to be pretty fast. Look at the poster with the teeth. Open the book with short stories. Read “The History of Quincy T. Booker’s Teeth”. Note the the teeth mentioned here. For baby: 2nd molar (1st), central incisor (5th) twice and lateral incisor (4th). For adult: canine twice (6th), first bicuspid (5th) and 3rd molar (1st). You need these later on.

Turn right. The door in the corner is locked. Turn right again and look at the lamp above the desk. Pull it and a door will open. Look below and find the gumball machine. Push it and take a gumball. Use the coin from the doll and you’ll get an eyeball (#8). A bit to the right is a jack-in-the-box. But it won’t open at once. Turn the handle a few times and learn the notes until it pops (CCCDEEEDCDEC). Turn further right to the cabinet. Open it and take the eyeball (#9) out. The ones you’ve found so far will go in.

Go over to the bowling machine and start a game. The goal is to turn all cards to eyes. This is just skill. Keep trying to find out how the ball reacts and how to aim. When all cards are set to eyes it will result in an eyeball (#10). Just for fun: turn them all into chickens and you’ll receive an Easter egg. Pull the lamp above the desk to open the door and leave. It’s the empty room you’ve been before. Leave the room and go down the stairs. Go to the clock at the end of the hall. Read the book with the short story’s. The first comes in three parts and is about time. It can give you three eyeballs. After setting each time in each story, push the ball on the top of the clock.

Solution to the clock:

The first story gives you: 12, then +3, then +2, then -9, then -6 and finally +9. This gives you an eyeball (#11)
The second part tells you: 12, then -5, then +3, then +5, then 2 o’clock (so -1) and finally -1. This gives you an eyeball (#12)
The third part states: 12, then -4, then +2, then +6, then +5 and finally +2. This gives the last eyeball (#13).

Now read the book again and go to the “A Librarian’s Tale“. It tells you about the titles of a certain subject and adding up. Go to the file cabinet and browse through the titles. Note the number written down for every title that has to do with the eyes.

Solution to the file cabinet:

The Camel in the Needle’s Eye (608), Cat’s Eye (010), Eye Candy (004), Grinding Fake Eyes (511), Turn a Blind Eye (006) and My Eye and Other Tall Tales (401). Add those numbers up and you get a total of 1540.

Close the cabinet and look at the books above it. All the way to the right there’s “A Librarian’s Talewith a number lock on it. Enter the code you found and collect another eyeball (#14).

Turn around and look at the bookcase with the teeth. You noted the positions earlier. Take a look at the story again to see the exact position. The trick here is that it’s the Doctors own teeth he describes here so the view is from inside out, so left becomes right and vice versa.

Solution to the teeth bookcase:

For the baby: This is the case with the teeth-shaped book stands. Upper right second molar was the first, so in this case it’s the first upper left. Then upper right central incisor becomes the fifth from the the left (upper shelf). The upper left central incisor is the fifth from the right and the lower left laterol incisor is the fourth from the right on the lower shelf.

For the adult: Lower right canine is the sixth from the left on the lower shelf. Upper left first bicuspid is the fifth from the right on the upper shelf. Lower left canine is the sixth from the right on the lower shelf and the lower left 3rd molar is the first from the right on the lower shelf.

The bookcase will open and an eyeball (#15) is revealed.

Talk to Henry. Ask him for the key chain. In return keep a little secret for him. You get the chain with an eyeball (#16).
Go outside and talk to Renee. She can let you have the spade but wants 5 mushrooms in return. Take the little bag.

Walk to the fountain. Look at the drain again and at the strings around it. Remember the jack-in-the-box? Each string makes a sound. There are two almost horizontal strings at the bottom. The left one of those is de E. The one on the right of it is the D and the one on the right of that is the middle C.

Solution to the fountain:

Repeat the sequence learned earlier: C C C D E E E D C D E C. This will give you another eyeball (#17)

Go directly to your left in front of the fountain, following the path.

Solution to the mushrooms:

Pick the mushroom (#1) in front of yo. Follow the path to the fountain and turn left. Open the gate and walk towards the fountain. Turn right there and walk straight ahead until the T-section. Take a right there. In the swamp you can see the mushroom (#2) on the tree. Take it and beware of the crocodile. Turn around and back at the T-section go south. Straight ahead at the fountain and near the wall there’s another mushroom (#3). Turn around again and at the fountain turn north. Straight ahead past the tree and south at the mausoleum. Then under the arch going north and you can see the next mushroom (#4). Turn around and walk back the way you came (turn right at the mausoleum, straight ahead at the tree and straight ahead fountain). Go through the gate and a mushroom (#5) is on the grass. Bring these back to Renee and you’ll get the shovel.

Open your inventory. Read the note with the Jolly Roger on it. So we have to find these people. Go to the miniature cemetery and in the corner there’s the book with the list of names. Go to the last page. The last one buried on his watch was Tammy Tassleman. Enter this name in your note (do that for each name you find). Look at the miniature cemetery to find the right location. The directions given below are from the gate outside the gardens (so past the first fountain).

Solution to the cemetery hunt:

p91, Tammy, Tassleman, October 31 1975, Tierra Siesta, 1225
At the fountain right, Crossing straight ahead, Left at the T-section, North at the arched paths.
p79, Constance, Norring, September 18 1968, Crowing Crypts, 892
At the fountain right, Crossing left
p84, Justin, Thyme, September 16 1971, Sorrow Park, 1388
At the fountain straight ahead, at the tree straight ahead, at the mausoleum straight ahead.
p85, Manny, Kinn, February 29 1972, Writhing Roots Memorial, 1088
At the fountain straight ahead, at the tree left
p77, Owen, Moore, November 11 1966, Sorrow Park, 912
At the fountain straight ahead, at the tree straight ahead, at the mausoleum straight ahead.
p84, Neil, Down, December 11,1971, Crowing Crypts, 888
At the fountail right, Crossing left
p86, Myra, Maines, October 24 1972, Terra Siesta, 1273
At the fountain right, Crossing straight ahead, Left at the T-section, North at the arched paths.
p85, Rose, Winterspring, May 21 1972, Slumber Gardens, 1490
At the fountain right, Crossing straight ahead, Left at the T-section, West at the arched paths.
p78, Polly Ester, Givens, October 14 1967, Forty Winks Mausoleum, 1101
At the fountain right, Crossing right.

This will show a scroll with a riddle on it. Remember the photo of Bruno and a dog? Bess should know more about it. Go back into the house and call Bess.

Let Bess go to Zeke’s and talk to Lamont. Ask all you can and listen to the hint. Offer him a gumbo from next door. In your hotel room click on the right side to go to the gumbo stand. Order a gumbo to go but make sure before you put the lid on that you put some sauce on it. Close the container and go back to Zeke’s. Give the gumbo to Lamont and he’ll leave. Sneak into the back and open the cardboard box. Take the picture of Bruno and the dog and take it out of it’s frame. You’ll leave automatically.

back to the cemetery hunt:
p82, Derek, Grant, December 10 1970, Writhing Roots Memorial, 1000
At the fountain straight ahead, at the tree left

Push the stone and take the little pirate hat and the eyeball (#18)

Look at “Steps in the Right Direction” in the Short Story Book. There’s a Carlie Wicker mentioned there. Search for him in the big book.
p82, Charlie, Wicker, October 20 1970, Sleeping Meadow, 969
At the fountain straight ahead, at the tree straight ahead, at the mausoleum left. down the stairs (follow your path).

Use paper on the stone to trace the letters found there. You’ll have your directions. Walk past the tomb on the right. The hand will indicate how many, the letter on your paper the direction. Don’t be fooled by the number of fingers the hand shows after you’ve completed the steps.

Solution to the treasure hunt:

W4, N2, E1, S3, W2, N2, W3, S3, E1, N2, E1, N3, E4, S5, W2

Use your shovel to dig and use it again to open the box. Your shovel will brake. Take the shovel-arm. Now that the box is open you can take an eyeball (#19).

Go back to the fountain inside the gate (the one with the spider hole). Turn left twice and you’ll face the tomb of Bruno Bolet. Open your book with short stories and read the “Key to the Statues” This will show you what the statue must look like. Look up and look at the big head. If correct, you’ll start with 4 short ones. Turn around and face four little statues, each with a red stone. Each head will change the feathers on the big one in a different way. You can listen to the sound it makes to tell you which feather is effected. The heads are numbered from 1 to 4, left to right

Solution to the feathers:

Numbering the feathers from 1 to 6 from left to right: Head 1 will make the 3rd longer, the 5th shorter. Head 2 will make the 1st longer, the 3rd longer, the 5th longer. Head 3 will make the 1st shorter, the 4th longer. Head 4 will make the 3rd longer, the 6th longer.
Starting with the default position of 4 short feathers:
Head 3 1st shorter (no effect), 4th longer
Head 3 1st shorter (no effect), 4th longer (4 is correct now)
Head 2 1st longer, 3rd longer, 5th longer (1 is correct now)
Head 1 3rd longer (3 is correct now), 5th shorter (5th is correct now)
Head 4 3rd longer (no effect), 6th longer (6 is correct now)
Note that number 2 is never effected.

You’ll receive a feather key. Use the keys on the locks under the four heads. Each lock contains an eyeball (#20, #21, #22, #23)

Now that you’ve got your little pirate hat, you can dress Iggy. Walk back into the house to the secret room. If you don’t have a loquat yet or any more, take one (again) from the tree just before entering the house. In the secret room look at the vent shaft and drop the loquat there. This will get Iggy out of his hiding space. Open the little cabinet and dress Iggy as a pirate: pirate head, collar with parrot and sword. Leave the vent and Iggy will drop a chest. Open it. You’ll have to find the name that opens every Jolly Rogers meeting. Go to the desk and look at the calendar. Browse to the 31st of May (that’s today). Find that the meeting is where Bess is. Call her to let her infiltrate.

Go into the alley. Just before you get to the door with the jolly roger on it, turn left. It’s the entrance of Zeke’s. Look at the padlock. Use your powder on the lock to make the prints visible. The brighter the print, the earlier it was pressed. So the brightest is the 2, then the 8, then the 9, then the 0 and last the 5.

Enter the shop and look in the box. Take the skeleton costume out. Leave the shop by the emergency exit. Turn left and knock on the door. Say the password (scroll down the dialogues) and enter the meeting.

As Nancy, go back to the vent shaft and enter Jean Lafitte as name on the chest. It will reveal an eyeball (#24). Go back outside and get another loquat from the tree. Back to Iggy and dress him as optometrist: glasses on the head, name tag on his neck and a scope around his waist. He’ll leave you another eyeball (#25). Now let’s see what more we can dress him. Back to the loquat tree to get yet another loquat. Dress Iggy up as mail man: hat, tie and mailbag. This will give you a letter. Turn around and put the eyeballs in the cabinet. You can now rotate every eye. Open the book with short stories and read “Plentiful Pirates and Nautical Nonsense”

Solution to the eye cabinet:

Take every direction from the story. Words are hidden in the text:
1-5: south, west, south, east, left
6, 7: down, down
8-12: up, down, east, east, left
13-16: east, down, down, down
17-20: down, left, north, west
21-22: right, left
23-25: down, right, left

When done correctly, a panel will open and give you a skull and a drawing.

Go downstairs and talk to Renee about the letter. Go back in again and call the authenticator. So the skull was real. Go back outside again and walk past the fountain and turn left. With the path making a turn to the left at the end, turn right. You’ll see a wall with fireflies on it. Go there. Remove the leaves and push both stones. Turn around and go through the gate. Turn around and turn right. There’s the wall again. You now have stepping stones to reach for the pole. Go back to the tomb of Bruno Bolet. Put the pole on his tomb. Put the part of the shovel on top of that and place the skull you got from the eye cabinet in the hand. Watch the sequence and find The Whisperer!

After taking it, the tomb will close. Throw the skull up to get rescued…. NOT!. Solve the memory puzzle to open the tomb again. Once outside, follow the footsteps on the floor. Hear the boat and go to the swamp. (Fountain right, crossing straight ahead, T-section right). Find Renee in the boat. During the conversation, Bernie will show up. Try to push the log as soon as possible to make Bernie wanting the marshmallows. Hmm… expensive candy… Watch the rest.

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  3. Ok, I have 2 problems. I did the clock thing exactly right, but I get NO eyeballs when I press the top button. Also, I won the pinball game, but the “just for fun” part for an Easter egg, I don’t know how to cjange from mouthes to chicks. Please help me. Thanks.

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  14. All done on the legend of the crystal skull, now that I should have 25 eyes I put in to the box and I just have 24…dis all the way serching for some eye missed but couldn´t find…could you help me please?

  15. @CANDACE

    first have Iggy bring you the pirate chest and click the hotspots on it, has nancy made a remark when you looked at the calendar book?, call Bess and if Nancy asks bess if she can sneak into the meeting if not go to the universal hint system or uhs for short and you should figure out the rest from there. if yes then go to ZeKe’s and offer to buy Lamont some gumbo. Go to the van and order gumbo to go. before you take the gumbo add hot sauce and THEN give it to him. while he’s -you know what- go to the back room get the costume and then you should be able to get in the alley if not you know the rest. if yes go to the door at the end and after you have the costume on say to the man scuttled bones and watch the rest

    hope I could be of help
    remember you have a problem while trying to follow my hints go to the uhs and type in nancy drew select #17 from list and click bess then click how do i get into the back the second time or something like that then the writer of those hints will tell you how to do that and therest of the game if you need help and one last quick tip the writer likes to see the funny side of things

  16. Thankyou for the following post…i couldnt get anywhere, and here it was because i didnt READ the top of the jolly roger chest! Thanks so much for the help

    Helpful T Says:
    July 7th, 2008 at 6:32 pm
    This is the post i am saying thank you to:

    “ASKBASH”- Sometimes YOU know what you need to do next, but you can’t complete that next step in the game because NANCY doesn’t know what needs to be done next. The reason for this could be as simple as you not having read one tiny piece of paper on a desk! So go over to the desk next to the dresser filled with Iggy’s clothes (the desk beneath to dental poster). Look at everything on the desk and make sure to flip through Bruno’s date book until Nancy sees “today’s” date. If Nancy has seen that, looked at the other papers and photographs on the desk, and read what it says on the pirate box Iggy brought you… calling Bess should work out. Bess should have also talked to the Doctor about the Jolly Rogers by now. Good luck!!!

  17. since there are 2 letters on one button do i hav 2 press it twice to make it go onto the 2nd letter.
    also i asked ned for help but i can only ask him about the graveyard puzzle but ive already done that and checked it off on my check list
    plz help.

  18. I’ve done everything and have 23 eyeballs, but when I call Bess to have her go into the alley, the gumbo truck is still there. When I calll Ned for a hint, he still talks about the cemetery/gravestone treasure hunt thing (which I’ve already completed). All of the boxes in the “to-do” list are checked, and I’ve talked with everyone I can. I’ve walked around the entire game and picked up anything and everything I could. I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that Nancy had the May 31st “ah-ha” moment earlier in the game (and I didn’t know what to do with it at that point)? Any suggestions?

  19. Indeed a tricky one. But since it’s different for everyone once you’ve started it, there are three oiptions:

    1: Restore a game before you started this puzzle
    2: See if you can create a situation ‘half-way’ as described
    3: Send me the most recent save game. Then I’ll have a look.

  20. Katie, are you sure you start at the right one? The sequence might be right but if you start at the wrong one, it’s still wrong. If it still doesn’t work, send me the savegame and I’ll have a look.

  21. i use the correct order of strings and how many times to use it but i cant get the key its not working what ami doing wrong i need that key im tired of not being able to get it HELP!!

  22. hey. it wont work when i put all the peices in the exact order at Zekes. it goes like this right?
    bowling ball_harmonica powder_____ teeth
    barrel w/head_big book pile books_hula girl_record player
    i really want to do this!

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