After your conversation with Lord Blackwin where you tell him your profession, the hamster got murdered.

When he asks you to accept the investigation of the hamsters death you accept. Look at the hamster and notice the collar. Something’s missing. Pick up the hamster to find him already stiff. Look at the grating and find it loose so you can open it. Take the FAN from the desk. Walk through the door and pick up the VIOLIN standing on the table.

Look at the cat’s basket to notice the hair. Pick up the CAT’S HAIR. Open the laundry chute and look at it. There’s something stuck but you can’t reach. Walk down the stairs and open the door under the stairs. Look at the storage closet to find the PLIERS. Close the door again and use the door next to it into the kitchen.

Talk to Elsa about everything. Open the drawer left of the cooker and take the pair of SCISSORS out.  Look at the cat and her bowl. There’s something in it but you can’t take it. Leave the kitchen and in the hallway use the pliers on the hooks left of the stairs to take a HOOK. Walk up the stairs again and enter the door next to it. On the bed is a COAT HANGER. Take it. Use the scissors on the ball of yarn to take a STRING off. Use the string with the coat hanger to make a bow. Use the scissors on the ball of yarn to take another STRING and use that with the hook. Leave the room and use the string and hook with the laundry chute to get the HANDKERCHIEF out. Look at it to see the stains on it.


Leave the room and walk down the stairs. Use the door in the north to enter the kitchen again. Use the violin to play a bit and let the milk turn sour. You can now use cat’s bowl to take the LITTLE BELL out. Leave the kitchen and open the door on the right to enter the lounge. Give the little bell to Lord Blackwin. So now the cat’s accused of murder. But that can’t be true.

Leave the lounge and walk north into the kitchen. Talk to Elsa again and ask for her feather duster. Tell her you need it to prove the cat’s innocence and you’ll get the DUSTER. Use the duster on the open grate in the kitchen and it’ll turn black. So the cat didn’t go in there.

Leave the kitchen and enter the door on  the right to go to the lounge. Use the fan on the power outlet on the right and use the fan to turn it on. Use the cat hair with the fan and Dr. Hadley will sneeze because of his allergy. While sneezing he looses an ARTICLE. Pick it up and look at it to read it.

Present all the evidence so far to Lord Blackwin. Give him the hanky, then the black duster and the article. Leave the lounge and go north into the kitchen. Talk to Elsa again and talk about everything. She’ll tell you more background information on the cat and gives a combination of the safe. Leave the kitchen on the left, go up the stairs and go into the bedroom on the right.

Open the painting to reveal the safe and open the safe to apply the combination you practiced earlier that day. Look at the opened safe to find another hamster. This one is alive and explains a lot! Take the HAMSTER with you and leave the room. Go down the stairs. Walk down the stairs, go into the lounge on the right and give the hamster to Lord Blackwin. There you will also present your final theory.

Lord Blackwin will ask you several questions you have to answer:

– Who killed the hamster? A cat.
– How did the hamster die? Mr. Hadley gave it to a cat.
– When did the hamster get killed? It had been dead for al least a day.
– Why do you think that? There were dry blood stains on the hanky.
– Who brought the hamster inside? Dr. Hadley.
– Who swapped the hamsters? Lady Blackwin.
– Why the swap? It should look like the cat killed the hamster.
– And why? Because then the cat would go to the zoo.

The Lord Blackwin is satisfied and thinks the case is closed. But then the real truth is told.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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