The pixie asks you to go to the land of North and Pole and investigate.

Go to the left to travel through the portal to North and Pole. When you arrive you must go north but an Orge captured in ice is blocking your way. At the bottom right is something white sticking out of the snow. When you pick it up, you’ll see it’s a TROMBONE. Use the trombone on the chilled Ogre and he’ll disappear, leaving a CUP behind. But you can continue.

The two heroes who tried before you are frozen on the ice. Search the little one to find a MOULDY SANDWICH, a jar of MARMITE and some FROZEN CAKE. In your inventory look at the cup to find a TEABAG inside. Walk to the south at the right side of the frozen lake and meet a reindeer and a goat. Talk to the reindeer about everything and he can tell you what happened to Santa. Use the cup from your inventory on the soft snow next to the rock under the goat to fill it with SNOW.

Go to the south and read the signs at the entrance of town.On top of the tall sign is an oil lamp. Use the cup with snow on the lamp to melt the snow and create water. In your inventory add the tea bag to the cup with water. Go slightly down hill and search the snowman to find a rubber PIPE, two volumes of an ENCYCLOPEDIA and a SUMO WRESTLER. Read both volumes of the encyclopedia to learn that penicillin is made from mould and that reindeer can give directions.


Walk south again to return to the animals and talk to the reindeer again. Ask him for the house of Santa and he’ll give you a NOTE with the address. Use the cup with cold tea with the goat to add some MILK to the tea. Walk south again to return to the village. Use the cup of tea, now with milk on the oil lamp on the right once more to heat it up. Now you need to enter the village. It’s guarded by two huge guards. Use the bustle from your inventory on the guards to distract them and follow the path to the right across the town square and to the right to the bridge in front of Santa’s house.

Talk to the guard on the right and learn about the problem with the catering. Ask him what’s normally served. Give him the hot tea and you’ll get a PASS CARD.  Give the pass card back to the guard and you can enter Santa’s hideout. Now you need to get him away from there. Use the sumo wrestler with Santa to swap places and Christmas is saved.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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