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Mr. Danger’s Contest – Walkthrough (Bill Garret/2009)

By Leon | June 4, 2009

Mr. Danger's Contest Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

You must find Mr. Danger but are locked in a cell.

[NOTE: Right click to see a brief tutorial about your special power.]

The door is firmly locked, Use your power on the door to remove the HINGES (5/5). But the door still won’t open.  Use your power on the grate on the right to take a BAR that was loose (5/10). Use the bar on the front door to pry it loose and then use your power again to unlock the door. Use the door to open it and step outside into a hallway.

Meet Mike and learn about his special powers. Walk all the way to the right, past the two cell doors to find another pair of doors. To the right of them is a metal plate agianst the wall. Use your power on the plate to hover it (10/20) and walk back to the platform on the left side. Walk to where the slope ends and use the power on the plate again to put it down (5/25). Use the power on the plate once more to step on it and hover to the platform above. Walk through the doorway to enter the kitchen and meet Mary.

After your conversation and Mary has left, take the FORK (5/30) and the KNIFE (3/35) from the counter.  Walk to the south to leave the kitchen and.. find Mary again. Use her body to have a good look (5/40). After the butler has taken care of things and the game continues, walk up the stairs and use the middle door to enter your room. On the bed is a note. Pick up the note to see what’s on it (5/45).

Leave the room again and use the door on the right to enter the library. Look at the black book on the table (5/50). Note the author. Use the bookshelves to find books from the same author. On the right side, one shelf from the bottom, use the books twice to find a book that’s very interesting and opens a hidden passage (10/60). Walk through the opening to enter a small office. On the desk you find a torn note. Use it to see the partial contents. There’s also a paper. Use that to see the characteristics of the contestants. Also on the desk is a REMOTE CONTROL. Take it (10/70).

Leave the office and walk to the left to leave the library. Go down the stairs and talk to Mike about everything. He also has received a note in his room. Use the door under the stairs to enter the games room. Use your power on the bowling pins. There is some field behind it. In your inventory use the remote control (10/80) to reveal another secret passage. After Mike, use the passage to see what lies behind.

Mike has prevented you from falling down, but now you need to get across the pit. Walk back to the right to leave the secret passage and walk to the left to leave the games room. In the hall walk to the right into the kitchen and use the door on the right to return to the hall with cells. Use the power on the plate that’s on the floor to lower yourself.

Walk all the way to the right and enter the cell on the far right. Use your power on the grate on the floor to take the GRATE (5/85). Leave the cell and repeat this with the other three cells to get four GRATES (5+5+5/100). Walk back to the metal plate on the left and use your power to return to the platform.Go through the dooropening and walk south in the kitchen. Use the door of the games room next to the stairs and use the secret passage again to return to the pit on the left. Use  the four metal grates on the pit to let them hover over the pit (5+5+5+5/120). Walk further to the left.

You reach a computer room where you find Mike again. Look at his body to find the same marks as with Mary (5/125). On the floor is another note. Use it to see a part of a letter. On the right side on the desk is a box with a strange indentation on it. Look at the box to notice the shape.  It’s fork like but not quite. In your inventory use the fork to bend it in the same shape (5/130) and then use the fork on the box to open the heavy steel door on the left (10/140).

Behind the steel door you find  a curled piece of PAPER. Pick it up (5/145) and look at it in your inventory. It’s the code for the attic! (5/150). Walk to the right to leave the computer room, right again to return to the games room. Use the door on the left to go to the hall and climb the stairs. Use the door on the left to reach the attic. Here you’ll see a huge Mona Lisa and meet Randy again. Also the butler shows up to tell you the attic is ready.

Walk up the stairs and look around in the colourful room. There’s a white panel, a brown snowman, a black box and a yellow bomb. Strange colours. Also an empty bucket on the table. You need to open the black box. Note the wiring leading to the box. The white panel is agains a purple background. Pick up the BUCKET (5/155) and use the bucket on the blue paint tube. Use the bucket filled with paint on the white panel to make it blue. Use the empty bucket with the red paint tube to fill the bucket again and use the red paint in the bucket on the blue panel to make it purple. The first light on the black box lights up (5/160).

The brown snowman is standing in a yellow puddle on a green floor. Use the bucket on the blue tube and use the filled bucket with blue paint on the snowman to turn the yellow puddle green. The second light on the black box will turn on (5/165). The yellow bomb is against an orange background. Use the bucket with the red hose to fill the bucket and use the bucket on the yellow bomb to make it orange. The third light on the black box will become green (5/170).

Use the black box to find another NOTE inside (10/180). Look at the note to see what it says: you need to return to the computer room. Walk to the left and down the stairs when you hear mumbling. Use your power on the Mona Lisa painting to move it and find the secret room behind it. When you enter, you’ll find Mr. Danger. Use him to remove the gag (5/185). Then Randy and the butler show up.

You must decide who the vilain is. Use the metal bar on the butler and use it as projectile (5/190). Then the butler tries to strangle you. Use your power on the butler to manipulate the metal you inserted earlier causing the death of the butler (10/200).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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