Talk to the barman. There’s no cook on the ship and you’d like to get the job. But he won’t let you. So leave the ship and go on deck. Use the window at the aft of the ship. You’re in the kitchen after all. Walk around the kitchen. On the table is a KNIFE. Always usefull. On the shelves are a lot of ingredients but only the CHEESE seems interesting. Look at the stew. There’s something shiny in it. Turn off the stew by pushing the button. Still you can’t get it out. Push the on button to turn it on again. Before you do you take the NAILS out and you jammed the button.

Leave the ship through the window again and walk all the way to the left where you find Mad Marty. Below the Men Of Low Moral Fiber is a rat. It’s guarding a chest. Give the cheese to the rat so it’s distracted and you can take a look at the chest. Take the ID and the STICK out.

Walk all the way to the right until you see a plank. Pick up the PLANK. Walk back to the left and enter the first ship you get to. Talk to the woodsmith. Ask for a job. He’ll buy goods from you. Talk to the woodsmith again and offer him the plank , the stick and the nails. The plank earns 6 PIECES OF EIGHT, the stick 2 PIECES OF EIGHT and the nails 4 PIECES OF EIGHT.


Walk to the next ship. Wally is behind his desk. Talk to Wally and receive the MATCHES. Go back to the ship you started on but now enter through the hatch. Talk to the barkeeper. Order a grog. It’s gonna cost you 12 pieces of eight but hey… You don’t drink the MIX but take it with you. You also take a STRAW. Leave the bar and go to the ship on the left, the Inn. Look at the carpet. There’s something under it. When you try to pick it up, the innkeeper will prevent it. Give the mix to the innkeeper and he won’t bother you anymore. Take the white TICKET from under the carpet. Leave the inn and go back to Mad Marty on the left.

Talk to him and ask for some clothes. He’ll ask for the ticket and when you give it to him, you’ll get the SHIRT FULL OF HOLES in return. Look at the shirt. Give the shirt back to Mad Marty and ask for a refund. There’s no refund but there is a new SHIRT. Walk back to the street and all the way to the right. Walk past the sign and on the map select the swamp.

The Swamp:

Look at the sign and the coffin. Then use the coffin as a transportation device. Once inside the shop walk to the right to meet … LeChuck???

Theme Park:

Leave the theme park by walking north and on the map select Cannibal Village.

Cannibal Village:

Fortunately there’s nobody home. But someone left a BUCKET pick it up and leave the village on the right. Go to the beach. It’s on the south side of the map.

The Beach:

Use your bucket on the SAND. Now you have a bucket with sand. Go to the pond. It’s on the south side of the mountains, between the beach and the theme park.

The Pond:

Look at the hangman. You don’t want to play. Use your knife on the roots of the tree on your right. This will give you some ROOT. Use the root on the bucket so it’s a strong bucket now. Go to the dam.

The Dam:

Use the bucket on the LAVA. Go back to the island again and go to the fort on the map. It’s on the north side of the crater on the left of the map.

The Fort:

You’re standing in front of a cannon. Next to it is some GUNPOWDER. Pick it up and go back to the map again. Now let’s go back to the theme park.

Theme park:

Let’s blow the place up. Walk to the right until you can see a mailbox. Now use the gunpowder on the mailbox…

I’m not sure what you blew up here but the mailbox is still fine. And you found 1 PIECE OF EIGHT. Walk over to the right to the ticket kiosk. Use your shirt on the mix to make a molotov cocktail. Thn use the matches on the molotov cocktail. Finally use the piece of eight on the automatic ticket provider to buy a ticket for the rollercoaster and let the island explode.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Weird ending. I kinda liked the game though. It had some funny parts in it.

    Graphics were poor, but just either play in a small window, or try to get use to it. a few hotspots were hard to click.

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