Use the wardrobe to open the door and then look at the wardrobe to take your JACKET out. Look again to take your BOOTS. Open your inventory and look at the jacket. Inside is a WALLET that you take, the jacket will go back into the wardrobe. Use the painting on the wall to straighten it. Use the lamp on the nightstand to take the LIGHTBULB out. Leave the room on the left side.

Walk down the stairs and talk to the lady behind the desk. Ask her name and what she’s doing here. Walk through the door on the right into the dining room. There’s a big pot with soup but no one else to eat it yet. Walk to the left into the kitchen and meet Bill behind the stove. Talk to him and learn about his wife, his own job, the garden and the finances. Dinner will be ready in five minutes.

Walk back to the right again into the dining room and everyone is sitting already. Meet Melanie, Fred and Wim. There’s a lot to talk about over dinner but mainly background information about everyone. Fred will leave tomorrow but not without saying goodbye.

The next day Melanie is waking you. Fred is missing and you need to find him. Walk down the stairs and talk to Jane behind the desk. Ask her about Fred Bookman. Then ask for the key of his room but you’re not getting that. She’ll refer you to the housekeeper who may be in the basement. Walk into the diningroom and from there into the kitchen. Talk to Bill again who’s having breakfast. He doesn’t have the keys and refers you to either his daughter (which you already did ) or the housekeeper (who is unreachable). Leave the kitchen on the right and the dining room to the south.


Walk up the stairs and open the chute there. Talk to the chute and you’ll get an answer. It’s the housekeeper. Talk to her about the keys. She can’t give them. Then suggest to leave the room open after cleaning but that also isn’t an option. Use your wallet with the chute to accidently drop it. Tell the housekeeper she can keep the money if she forgets to lock the room later. She’ll notify you when she’s ready.

So now we have to wait. Walk down the stairs and walk into the hall. Wim Smith is sitting there drinking. Talk to him and ask all you can. Then walk to the south to go outside. Look at everything. There’s a lot to see. Especially look at the black spot next to the car.  Then walk inside again.

On the right side are two doors. The lower one is of Melanie, the other one is still unknown. Use the door and try to open it. The man sitting on the other side on the bench will tell you it’s his room. It’s Wim Smith. Talk to him and ask about the black spot. He can’t tell you about that but he can tell you what he saw last night.

When you’re done talking, Melanie will come downstairs to tell you that you-know-who is finished with you-know-what. Leave Wim and go upstairs. Walk to the other side of the hall and use Fred’s room. Inside you’ll have a quick search and you’ll come back with something like a BATTERY.

Walk back into the hall and use the closet door next to your door. It’s very dark in here. Next to the door is an empty socket. Use your lightbulb there to make some light.

Look in the trashcan to find a strange looking STAFF. Pick up the BUCKET as well. From the shelves on the other side take the CLEANING AGENT. Leave the closet and go downstairs. Then walk outside to check the black spot again. Inside the black spot is a strange BOX. Use the box to pick it up. Look at it in your inventory and then use the antenna on the box. Use the battery with the box and it seems to work now.

Take the box out of your inventory and it’ll fly away. Suddenly it starts talking. An alien will talk to you and explain what happened. Then he’ll tell you about the fuel he needs: 10 liters of water, protein, carbon and starch. In your inventort will be a RECIPE. Well, the best place to start is the kitchen. Go inside the house again and walk into the dining room. From there, go to the kitchen. Use the bucket with the tap behind the cook to get WATER. Use the cleaning agent with the bucket. Use the soapy mixture on the floor in front of the sink and Mr. Wilson will slip and pass out. You can now take the STARCH from the food supplies. Fill the bucket with WATER again and use the starch on the bucket. Use your boots with the bread cutter. Boots are made of carbon so you can use that. Use the refridgerator (next to the door to the private room) to get the EGGS out. Now that you have all ingredients, it’s time to make some fuel.

Use the ingredients in the right order: use the eggs with the water, use the yellow carbon with the bucket and then use the starch with the bucket. The fuel is complete now. There’s still some time left to enjoy your holiday.

At night, you place the bucket in front of the hotel and just as you think it’s all fake…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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