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Mind’s Eye – Walkthrough (Shane Stevens/2005)

By Leon | March 5, 2010

Mind's Eye Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

Use your brain on the eye to start the game.

The Cell:

You’re in a strait jacket in your cell. A guard brings you food and talk to the guard about who he is and what you’re doing there. Talk about everything and when Roland has left, try to get out of your jacket.

Look at your legs. They’re skinny. And your toenails aren’t cut in a long time. Use your brain to get the trap of the jacket off but then Knox enters the room and takes you to the treatment room.

Treatment Room:

Look at the brain poster on the right. It seems vaguely familiar. Then look at the one on the left. Use your brain on the one on the right, then on the one on the left to create a memory. Then look at the one on the right, followed by the one on the left to know what they mean.

Look at the edge of the sink. There’s a book that Knox left. Use your feet to move the bed until it’s completely under the left poster. Quite a struggle but eventually you’ll manage. Then you can use your hand to knock the book from the sink and read a few pages. Then it gets dark.

The Cell:

Since you now know how to get out of your jacket, you’re quickly untied. But then you have a delirium. During that, pick up the BOWL and use the bowl to eat some food. Then you’ll feel better. Look at the door and then use your brain on the door to find out they didn’t lock it. You’re out.

Walk to the right until you find two doors. Look at the one on the left and use your brain on the door to realize you’re not the only one kept here. Use your brain on the one on the left to see a similar image. Walk further to the right. There’s a guard. When you walk further, he’ll notice you and you’re taken back to your cell. But Childs isn’t the friendly type.

When you come to, it’s Roland who’s trying to help. You quickly take control and knock him out. You can walk out of your cell again. Walk to the right again and at the security desk walk south. Look at the doors on the right. The one with the red label on the door is the treatment room.

Treatment Room:

Use your brain on the door and you’ll have another delirium.

During the delirium look at the characters and try to touch them. Afterward you wonder if the drugs can bring back the memory. You must find Dr. Mitchell. Look at the sink to see that the diary is gone. Leave the room by using your brain on the door and in the hallway walk south.

The dark hallway:

There are two men talking. Look at the doors in the hall and then use your brain on the doors. On the door behind the men talking you realize it’s a strange department for a hospital. The light is flashing on and off. Look at the lights when they are on and use your brain on the lights to see the pattern. Then look at the lights again.  When you stay close to the wall on the left and only move when the light is off, you may be able to walk to the south. Use very small steps at the time and only when it’s dark.

Look at the doors to see who are behind it. Look at the noticeboard and use your brain on it to figure out it must be a patients meeting. Keep walking  further south and look and think at each door. When you reach the storage room, turn left into the recreation room.

Recreation room:

Burke calls you and he’ll tell you about the drugs they can deliver if you can deliver cigarettes. Ask where you can find Dr. Mitchell and they’ll only tell you after you’ve brought them their cigarettes. Look at the sign behind the guards and then use your brain on the sign to remember the words. Talk to the people at the table.  Look at the lady and then talk to her. Ask about her and the man in the corner. Ask her for cigarettes which she doesn’t have.

Talk to Cotton and ask if he has cigarettes. He doesn’t. Talk to the boy in the corner and he’ll try to ignore you. Talk t0 Burke and Hare again and ask for Curtis’ hat. The hint is restrainers. Talk to Lena again and ask for Dr. Mitchell. She’ll tell you where you could look. Leave the room on the north, to the right of Curtis. In the hall use your brain on the door of the storage room on the left and inside use the shelves on the left to find Curtis’ HAT.

Leave the storage room and walk to the left at the bottom of the screen, back to the recreation room. Give the hat back to Curtis. Talk to him and ask him for CIGARETTES. He’ll give them to you. Give the cigarettes to Burke and you’ll ask for the amber colored drug Dr. Knox uses. They can provide it but want more than just cigarettes. Talk some more and ask what substantial they want and about Dr. Mitchell. So he doesn’t work here anymore and you need to see Dr. West instead. Leave the room on the lower right.

The hallways:

Talk to the boy standing next to the toilets and ask why he needs a priest. Suggest the girls room but he doesn’t want to. Walk to the right and find another guard behind the window. Stand next to the vending machine so he doesn’t notice you and watch his pattern in reading and looking.

Walk back to the left and left again into the recreation room. Leave on the upper right and walk north until you find the treatment room on the right. Use your brain on the door to enter and use your brain again on the medicine cabinet on the right to take the LITHIUM out.

Use the door again and walk back south to the recreation room on the left. Leave the room on the lower right and walk to the right to return to the guard. Quickly hide behind the vending machine again. When he’s reading, quickly walk towards him and use the lithium with his coffee.  If he spots you, you need to try again.  Walk back to the right to see the guard is asleep.

Walk south and look at the doors left and right to see the names and use your brain on them to see if the name is familiar. Walk further south and look at the door on the right. It’s the security office. Use your brain on it and search the office. Look at the guard and use your brain on the guard to get the set of KEYS. Leave the room on the south. Check the doors left and right by looking and thinking, then walk further south. Look at the door on the left. It’s Dr. West’s office.

Use your brain on the door to enter and look around. Look at the stuff on the desk and use your brain on the report on the table. There’s also a bottle of GIN. Pick up the bottle (not by thinking but by taking) and leave the office again. Walk north until the security desk and then to the left until the recreation room. Burke and Hare are ok, so give them the bottle of gin. They will give you a SYRINGE with the drug you wanted.

Dr. West:

Leave the recreation room on the lower right and walk to the right to the security desk. Walk south until you find Dr. West’s office on the left again. Enter his office and inside use the syringe on yourself. You’ll have another delirium.

During the delirium, look around the room especially at the pictures on the back wall. They are probably of Dr. Knox and Dr. Mitchell. The picture next to it is of a doctor you don’t recognize. Since you can’t find anything else, you recon Dr. Knox must have some files somewhere. After the delirium, leave the room on the right.

Dr. Knox:

Walk into the corridor on the right and look at both doors and use your brain on them. Look at the notes on the noticeboard and then walk further to the right.

Read the plaque next to the door to see it’s Dr. Knox’s office. Use your mind on the door to open it. Inside the office have a good look around. Look at the picture above the sofa and use your brain on it to see similarity with the ones you saw in Dr. West’s office.  Look at the file cabinet and use your brain to see there’s no real valuable information there.You must then get into his computer.

Look at the posters and awards on the wall behind the desk. Use the lamp on the desk to switch it on and then you see that you need a password to access the computer. Try all the ones that you can come up with. Nothing at all. Walk over to the projection screen and use your brain on it to raise the screen and reveal the images behind it.

Look at the images and then use your brain on them to figure out what they mean. Use the laptop again and try the new found password. It works and you find the documents that brings back all the memories… and the truth.

Alternative ending:

When you fail to remember everything, the game will end in a different, worse way.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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3 Responses to “Mind’s Eye – Walkthrough (Shane Stevens/2005)”

  1. Justyn Says:
    November 27th, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    This game really annoyed with the getting caught part. If you get caught, you can’t reload right away, you have to wait and watch the long cutscenes before it restarts. I wish you could skip it.

  2. Amanda Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 2:33 am

    @ Justyn. If you press the esc key at the cutscenes it will skip them.

  3. Justyn Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks, wish I knew that 8 months ago lol.

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