You want to dominate the world. But then you have to start with extermination. Of Cat-erpillar that is…

Pick up the SHOE LACE from the floor. Use the shoe lace on yourself to cut off a short piece. Walk to the lower right corner and pick up the 20 Eurocent COIN on the trashcan. Use the trashcan to take a CRACKER out. Walk over to the bed. Look at the pillow and interact with it to take some COTTON. Interact with the bed to find an old match. Use the bed to pick up the MATCH.

In your inventory use the cotton on the cracker. Use the short string on the cracker and you’ve got an explosive. Use the explosive on the claw of the cat. Use the match on the explosive to let Cat-erpillar get the shock of his life.

Hmm… only his NAIL came off. Pick it up and use the nail on the cage of Ant-hony. It’s a pencil sharpener.


Interact with the crack in the wall to discover a wire behind it. Nibble the crack to make the opening bigger. Use the sharpened nail on the crack to expose the wires.

Use the long piece of rope on the piece of metal over the pipe. You should have some kind of grapple. Walk over to the bin on the other side and pick it up. Out comes a HOOK. Walk back to the crack and use the hook on the long piece of rope. Use that part on the metal over the pipe. Interact with the hooked lace to climb the rope. Use the coin on the screw at the bottom to loosen it a bit. Oops. You almost fell down.

Look at the waterpipe. Clear water flows through. Use the sharpened nail on the crack in the waterpipe to enlarge the hole in it. You create a puddle of water on the floor, running to the cat’s claw. Climb down the rope and pick up the crack in the wall. You have the end of the exposed wire in your inventory now. Use the piece of wire on the puddle of water for some fireworks.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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