You’re locked in your room.

Pick up the DIRTY SOCK. As soon as you do, your mother brings you some MILK. Take the bottle. Look at the Moto V3i in your inventory and try to use it. The battery is empty. Use the device with the battery charger on the floor. A few moments later the phone can be used. When you use the phone, it asks for a pin which you don’t know.

On the left side of the desk open the middle drawer and take the FLASHLIGHT out. Use the flashlight to discover it’s not a flashlight but a X-Ray beam. Use it around the room to see what you can find. On the right side of the desk  the top drawer has a pack of 8 KNOPPERS WAFFLES. The bottom drawer has a DIARY of your sister. Use the computer to find it’s not working.

Talk to the plant. Ask Chuck if he knows a way out. He can give you information if you can give him something to relax. Use the X-Ray beam on right of the door to see some markings. There are four numbers: 6416. Use that as pin on the phone and then press the OK button. Use the phone again to give Hoagie a call. He doesn’t want to understand you at first. Use the phone again for another try but he still won’t listen.


Talk to Chuck again to get some suggestions as what to ask. Use the phone again to call Hoagie again and he now knows what you want. He’ll be over in a second. In return he wants some juicy reading material. He’s outside the window but it won’t open. So we have to find a way to open it.

Look at the books on the shelf. When you were using the X-Ray you could see a hidden compartment there. Open the books to find the notch and open the hidden area. Look at the compartment to get the GRAIL DIARY and the MAGNESIUM PILLS.

Use the socks with the milk and add the magnesium pills to get a nice ACID. Use the acid on the window and it opens. Throw Britney’s diary out of the window and Hoagie will throw the JOINT back to you. Give the joint to Chuck. Ask him about the mechanism again and he’ll tell you about the desk. You made some PC stuff in there. But the PC won’t start because of Doors XP.

Use a waffle from your inventory. They’re quite tasty. Use another 8 waffles to find a KNOPPERS CD in the bag. Use the CD in the computer and the machine will start. Use the computer and activate the secret mechanism. Now you have to find the combination to open the mechanism. The shortest I’ve found: use the top drawer on the right followed by the bottom drawer on the right. The mechanism is activated and out comes a key. Take the KEY from the bed and use it on the front door. Walk to the left to enjoy your freedom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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