After your fall and standing on the cliff pick use the tree to climb back up. That doesn’t work but you can take a BRANCH with you. Pick up the ROCK. Use the rock on the floor to sharpen it and watch the sparks flying off. Use the sharpened rock on the overgrown entry on the right and walk to the right to enter the cave.

Walk to the right and you’ll automatically return because it’s too dark. Use the stone with the dry plants to create a fire. Use the branch with the slime and then use the slimy branch in the fire to create a torch. Now you can walk to the right. There’s a door with a sensor next to it. When you try the torch on the sensor the light isn’t bright enough so use the camera with the sensor and the door will open. Enter the next room. It’s a secret lab.

Take everything you can: THINNER and a BURNER from the shelves, PLIERS from the floor and ACID from the table. Look at the acid, it needs to be heated. Look at the burner and find it empty. Walk back to the left, then south to the entrance of the cave and use the burner with the slime. Pickup some extra SLIME for just in case. Use the torch with the burner to light it. Use the pliers with the bottle of acid to hold it and use the burner with the acid to heat it. Alternatively you might want to hold the acid with pliers in the fire on the ground. Either way, the acid is boiling.

Walk to the right and enter the secret lab again. Use the boiling acid on the plate against the wall to disolve it and reveal more cables.  Walk further to the right and find more equipment. In the floor is a CABLE. Take it. alk back to the left and use the cable you’ve found with the cable on the groud. It doesn’t fit. Use the slime with the cable in your inventory and then put the cables together again. Look at the papers on the tabel and read about rare plants growing faster with hot water. Walk to the right and see that the machine is on now. Push the red button and a portal becomes active and sucks you in.


Walk to the left to explore the area. There’s a strange plant. Take a picture of the plant and take the lower FRUIT from it. Walk back to the right and find the portal open again. Try to use it but you can’t reach it. Walk to the right and find a blue thing next to some lake. Give the fruit from the tree to the blue thing. It’ll eat the fruit, spit out the SEEDS which you take. Use the empty flask with the lake to fill it with WATER. Walk back to the left and use the seeds under the portal. The blue thing is following you. Use the seeds with the puddle of mud. Use the torch on the dry plants to make a fire and use the water on the fire or use the burner with the flash to boil it. Either way use the hot water with the puddle of mud to speed up the process. There’s your plant.

Use the plant to climb it and go through the portal. You’re back at the lab and here you’ll meet the doctor. Talk to him and eventually he’ll explain his machine. During the conversation you’ll hear noises and when you check out the other room you’ll see the purple tentacle and he’ll go through the portal together with the doctor. Now you have to get them back.

Walk to the south to the lab and to the left and south again to the entrance of the cave. Take some more SLIME. Walk back to the right, enter the lab and go right again to the machine. Use the slime with the blue thing so he hunts the tentacle. Follow the blue thing through the opening on the right.

Back at the Bernouilli’s you meet Britney. Talk to her and she asks you out for a date. The doctor and purple tentacle can wait.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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