You must find some sheet music to play a tune.

But where to get the music? Walk to the hole and enter it. Take the EGG and use it on the pig. Take the PIG and take it to the rocket. Enter the rocket yourself and use the ramp to remove it. Use the door to close it and the rocket will take off.

When the rocket has landed, leave it and climb the stem on the right side all the way up until you reach a new world. A man is being stretched. There’s also your first SHEET of music.

Stretched man:


You have to play the tune by turning the wheel in the right direction. Use the red ends of the handles to show the notes. Use the left one (up) first to see the first note. Then use the right one (down) to tighten the string making the note higher. That’s your first right note. The next one should be lower so you should loosen the string by using the left side (up). Then three times the right side (down) to play the next three notes. The first piece is done.

A red beam will appear. Use it and it will go away, making two new ones appear. Use the one on the right and it will be replaced. Use the one on the right again and there will be four beams. Use the small one on the right to make two disappear. Use the one on the left to make two others show up. Use the top one on the right to leave only one. Use it and it will be replaced. Use the new one and five will show. Use the most right one and only the first will stay. Use that and all six will show.

Now comes the tricky part. You have to make all ‘arms’ extend by clicking on them several times. Be fast enough to make them all extend. When you’re too slow, several will shorten again. When they are all at maximum length, lightning will strike.

Walk to the right and you can see the closed slide being opened. Go north and you’ll see a flower and a bird on a rock. Talk to the flower to hear and see several notes. Note these. Walk back to the south and use the metal string to go to the other side. You can’t take the sheet yet but you are on the other side.  Use the slide to go down.

Stay on the left side twice, then on the right and you’ll land on a timpani.


A new SHEET. Take it. With the screws you can change the sound of the timpani. Number them from left to right from 1 to 5. Then to play the correct tune use the following sequence: 3, 4, 1, 5, 3, 4, 1, 5, 2. You’ll return to the start of the slide.

Go to the left side of the wire and go to the yellow corner at the bottom of the screen. You’re with the man and his chalk keeping record of how many times you came down the slide. Talk to the man and dots will appear on the black board.

Connect the dots in the right order. Start with the lowest to the right of the man. Then the one above it to the right. Then the first one above that on the left. From there upwards left, the second one above his hand. Then the one above it and to the right a little bit down. Downwards to the right again and then almost straight down. To the right upwards, from there straight up. Follow the dots that are left back to the hand of the man. The last one is the one you started with. You’ve created a cave entrance that you can enter.

The flower:

Remember the notes you heard when talking to the flower? There’s a flower here as well. Put the notes on the correct height by clicking on the bottom or top side of them: the first 2 down, second 5 up, third 2 up,  fourth 3 up and the last one 2 up. Once they are in place, use the piano and the melody will be played. The flower will react and produce a new SHEET of music. Leave the piano on the lower right corner and with the man walk to the left. Then follow the path to the north and talk to the flower on the rock again. The correct notes will play and you’ve got the next piece. The duck will fly away.

Walk to the south and you will see the duck fly towards the slide. Use the metal string again.

The tree:

Walk to the right and see the tree. There’s fruit in it. At the base of the tree is a SHEET of music. Take it and walk towards one of the fruits in the tree. Use the fruit and it will fall down. Repeat it four more times until all fruit has fallen down. You’ll then get the next piece. But to keep it, you need to be fast. Leave the tree quickly and go to the edge of the water. A monster will show and you’ll run to the left. Go back to the edge of the water again and the dart won’t hit you but the monster. The monster will be killed and the remote from his head will land on the beach.

The duck:

Walk to the left and on the wire on the left is another sheet. Click on the start of the wire and a little red square will appear in your note and you have to guide it over the wire to the sheet. Leaving the wire means starting again from the other side. Approaching from the right side (the slide side) is easiest because there are fewer bends and it’s shorter. Once you’ve reached the sheet, release the mouse and click again. Now you have the SHEET.

Exit the wire on the right side and use the slide. Keep on the left side so the bird that flew away earlier, will move again. Repeat the action two more times, making sure the bird flies away. When the bird is gone, have a final go at the slide, this time going past the birds to make the notes. Start on the right, keep right, go left and almost at the bottom turn right again. This should result in the correct melody for the duck.

When you landed on the timpani without a music sheet, use the screws 3, 4, 1, 5 and 2 to leave. You’ll end at the slide again.

The bells:

Use the wire to go to the left side and go south to the man at the cave. A ‘stone with legs’ will flee from the scene. Go to the left and see it run off again. Go one screen to the left and if will disappear once more. Go to the right and then to the north to visit the flower on the rock. Also here a creature will run off. Walk to the south to see it follow the first one and go to the left to see it disappear again. Walk to the right, use the wire to go to the right and walk to the right again. The last ‘stone’ will pop out of the sea and flee to the left. Follow it, use the wire to go to the left and go one screen left again. From here, go to the left and see three ‘stones’ piled on the left side. You can use them as steps to climb onto the wall.

If the stones are in the wrong order, they will fall down and you must collect them again: first at the cave, then at the flower and finally at the sea.

In the cave walk down the path to the lower right corner. You’ll hear a rattling noise. Walk back up the path to above the lake and you’ll hear the same sound. Go down the path to the lower right corner and there’s the sound again. Then walk back up to above the lake and scorpions will block your way. To leave them, use the orange glow on the right of the path to jump out. You’ll land on an egg.

Tap the egg very quickly in succession in order to break it and get another SHEET. Use the bells to make the same notes: from left to right, use bell 1, 4, 3, 5 and 2.

A spider will enter and he’ll have two different coloured feet. You must get them all blue. Number them from 1 to 6 from left to right (3 and 4 being the front legs): 1 5 6 1 5 3. The spider will leave, revealing another SHEET.

Use the biggest bell on the left and a pig will appear. You can control the position of the pig by moving left and right, the pig will do the opposite. When the rear of the pig is over one of the four circles at the bottom, use his nose to let the pig fertilize the circle. When all four circles have their dropping, grass will grow.

The crickets:

A cricket will climb the grass. Talk to it and another one will appear. Do the same with that one and with the next until there are four crickets in the grass. Make the notes from the sheet by clicking them in the right order: number them from 1 to 4 from left to right and the sequence is: 3, 1, 3, 4 and 2.

The Tube:

Another SHEET will appear. Use the bells to play the music: 5, 3, 4, 2, 1. A tube will appear. Use the tube to end up at the tree. Walk into the water and climb the tube to take the SHEET.

The sun:

Walk to the left and use the wire to go to the left. Walk to the south to visit the man with the cave again. His chalk is red now. Talk to him and another pattern appears on the cave. Use the dot nearest to the lower right corner. From there go up twice, then to the left twice. Then go left up and horizontal left. Twice down just below the previous ones. Then a far end to the left, the right most of the separate group. Follow round anti clockwise and then a large stretch to the right. A bit down, then left again and all others anti- clockwise in sequence. You should now have the outline of a guitar.

Use the guitar to play the first note of the sheet. Walk to the left to visit the wire again. You might want to save here, doing this one wrong makes you doing the guitar again as well. Walk to the right and get into the sea. Then use the rim of the glass to make note 2. Push the remote to get note 3, step into the water and use the rim of the glass to get note 4. Walk to the right into the water and continue to the right until you can stand on the rock. Use all the icons you’ve collected so far and an ear will rise from the sea.

When you’ve selected them all, there will be an icon on the rock. Use it to play note 5. Use the sun icon at the top to play the last bit and your cursor can now change to a ‘look’ icon. Use the look icon on the ear to sail away.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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